Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T experience: Will it be better with ToF?

Humans have invented many tools for "laziness". Most of the tools have the effect of helping you save effort, but humans are still not satisfied in this way, so automated machines were invented. The phrase "free hands" can be said to be in the era of intelligence. slogan.

From brooms and mops, to vacuum cleaners of various shapes, to sweeping robots, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, which is also a direction for the money of smart home products today.

Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T is the flagship sweeping robot launched by Xiaomi. Like all other sweeping robots, it tries to help us "free our hands".

Installing ToF on robot vacuums is a new trend

Unlike the previous products, this Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 1T adopts a black glossy design as a whole. The traditional design style of Mijia is generally clean and beautiful white, so the first impression of this product is not so "Mijia".

Since there are some differences in appearance design style from the past, the skill tree should be focused on functionality. The official focus is the S-Cross 3D obstacle avoidance function.

In terms of navigation technology, the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T uses visual navigation technology, so the top part will not be protruding for laser scanning. It will be more friendly to the bottom of the low home. Visual navigation and recognition should also be a direction for high-end scanning robots in the future.

The Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T is characterized by the addition of a ToF camera to scan the surrounding environment, combined with the S-Cross algorithm, can greatly improve the obstacle avoidance ability and the visual ability of VSLAM.

For the sweeping robot, there has always been a contradiction in itself, that is, when the machine is cleaning, due to the constant noise and movement, the user is actually very annoying to stay at home at this time.

But on the other hand, these little guys are prone to problems, and sometimes get stuck because they suck in the data cable or hit the bottom of the home. Have to rely on people to rescue them.

At present, there is no good solution to this problem. The only thing we can do is to rely on hardware or software to try our best to improve the robot's ability to recognize obstacles and achieve better obstacle avoidance capabilities. The ToF camera is a popular attempt on high-end sweeping robots this year.

How does it actually work?

The question is, is it useful?

This question is actually a bit difficult to answer, and more statistics may be needed to get an accurate answer. But judging from my use in the past few days, it is useful, but it needs to be iterated and further improved

Theoretically, the capabilities brought by the ToF camera should be able to bring more accurate and better recognition capabilities. According to official data, compared with the infrared method, the accuracy of the ToF camera has brought a 10 times improvement. It can effectively detect from the nearest 0.1 meter to 5 or 6 meters away.

In addition to avoiding large items such as walls and wardrobes, the official said it also has a good ability to recognize small household items such as toys and slippers. Including the perception of space will also be more accurate, to avoid being stuck in the bottom of the cabinet.

▲ Many sweeping robots will get stuck in similar places

One of the major advantages of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T is its low height. Since there is no raised laser navigation device, it can drill into the bottom of lower sofas and cabinets to clean, and many furniture are really not so high. .

Judging from the actual obstacle avoidance ability, the current obstacle avoidance ability of the Mijia sweeping robot 1T can indeed avoid small things like slippers on the ground in the sweeping path, and it is more flexible than the laser-navigated sweeping robot. Another point is that the positioning ability is much stronger. After you pick it up and put it down, you can generally locate the position within 10 seconds, while the used laser scanning generally takes about half a minute.

But it does not mean that collision judgment is not at all. When visual recognition is difficult, such as encountering transparent objects and black objects that can absorb light, collision is the most effective method.

Because many people now put routers, NAS and other equipment under the TV cabinet, it is better to divide a restricted area like this fixed area.

From the basic hardware point of view, the overall specifications of this sweeping robot are quite outstanding. First of all, the suction power is very large. The suction power of 3000Pa is the largest among the previous millet sweeping robots. It also supports the carpet pressurization mode. For ground dust, the greater the suction, the better the effect. It can also be seen from the picture that it is really fierce, and it sucks up the hair under the sofa and the bed.

The capacity of the dust box is not small, reaching 550ml, which is only slightly smaller than the Mijia sweeping robot 1C, which was made by the last foundry, and ranked second in history. However, I still suggest to clean the dust box frequently, because the capacity of the dust box is quite large now. If the house is clean every day, it may not fill up quickly, but if you inhale oily objects, the dust will last longer. The box will be difficult to clean.

In terms of mopping, the water tank of the Mijia sweeping and mopping robot 1T still uses the external method. The 250ml electronically controlled water tank is larger than the previous model. The official said that it can wet a house of 160 square meters at a time.

I live alone and rent a house. Because the format and structure of the studio are relatively simple, but at the same time the entire area is relatively small, the area that can be mopped with more than 20 square meters per time is almost the same. The medium-level water volume is set to run out after 4 drags There should be no problem around 100 square meters. The water output also seems to be relatively uniform, and some people have not encountered the water stain problem.

However, just like the dust box, the water tank is not recommended to be used up slowly. It is safer to replace the clean water frequently.

However, after the external water tank is attached, the sweeping robot will only mop the floor, so it is necessary to remove the water tank frequently in daily life. After all, it is better to have the same frequency of sweeping and mopping.

The software and firmware are still in the internal test version, so there will be some imperfect problems. For example, the problem I encountered is mainly that the presentation direction of the map is opposite to my usual habits. Due to the lack of map rotation function, drawing restricted areas Waiting for the operation will be a bit awkward.

In addition, it is also a problem that the map cannot be edited by itself. This makes many open kitchens connected to the living room, which is still not perfect in terms of personalized cleaning.

The performance of the “Neuro Knife'' sweeping robot is not stable

From the current point of view, the obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot with the ToF camera is indeed improved, but there is still a certain distance from the ideal situation. At present, I can't rest assured that it will be completely handed over to it when going out. Of course, it is a good choice if it is only turned on when going out for a walk.

Since I was on a business trip a few days ago, in this case, the creation of the map has not progressed, so he asked him to clean it one night. When I remembered the next day, I looked again and found that the device was offline.

Through the camera at home, it was found that the sweeping robot had stopped at a place where there were no obvious obstacles. This made me a little curious. After I came back, I found out that I had sucked in a data cable which caused it to operate abnormally. I still need to pay attention to this small and tough thing.

During the period of using it, I did not pick up the cordless vacuum cleaner and Mijia wireless electric mop at all. This combination can be said to be the best combination for manual cleaning at present. The sweeping robot saves me half an hour every day, and I only need to help it get out of the stuck place occasionally and clean the dust box and water tank every few days.

In basketball games, there is a kind of unstable players called "nerve knives." They often jump horizontally between superstars and role players. This kind of player often brings surprises, but if the team wants to be truly powerful, it must be a stable superstar.

At present, people are still needed to play this role.

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