“Midea’s 25th Science and Technology Month” scene, Hongmeng Home Appliances and BYD, which can control home appliances, are here

On October 15th, Aifaner was invited by Midea Group to participate in the Midea Global Innovation Center in Shunde, Guangdong to participate in the " Midea 25th Science and Technology Month " event. The exhibition hall displayed a large number of the latest smart home appliances and smart industrial equipment. Midea and Huawei cooperated with Hongmeng smart appliances, and Midea and BYD cooperated with a car called "Han" that can remotely control smart appliances.

In this year’s "Science and Technology Month" event, Midea Group aggressively increased the total award amount to more than 41 million yuan, a record high. It also specially designated a large area at the exhibition site as the "Digital Intelligence Technology" exhibition area, and for the first time to fully display the world R&D layout and overseas innovative products.

As an "old" editor, I have never seen "big wind and big waves", but what I did not expect is that I experienced smart home products at the event site and became a super foodie and Hongmeng fan.

Live report

Under Midea’s "New Strategy", smart home appliances are more energy-efficient

My home appliances are basically smart. There has always been a question. Smart home appliances have more power consumption modules such as WiFi and Bluetooth than traditional home appliances, and they need to maintain a long-term network connection. Will they consume more power?

At "Midea's 25th Science and Technology Month", Midea Group announced that some of its smart home appliances innovated and developed are more than 30% more energy-saving than traditional home appliances. This statement makes me feel a little unbelievable, but after understanding the principles, I think it is completely possible.

"Traditional electric water heaters, if you set a hot water temperature, such as 65 degrees, as long as it is turned on, in order to ensure the bath (temperature at the time), the electric water heater needs to be heated and kept warm 24 hours a day repeatedly. This power consumption is unnecessary. Yes. Our Midea smart electric water heater will learn the user’s living habits. For example, if you take a bath at 8 am and 9 pm every day, the electric water heater will not heat up. When the smart predicts that you are going to take a bath, it will be cooked in advance Water achieves the purpose of smart power saving.” This is how a beautiful young lady at the scene explained to us.

In addition to saving electricity, intelligentization also has the advantage of saving trouble and saving "wallets". For example, a smart washing machine will determine whether or not to dry clothes according to the weather conditions, and the washed clothes will remind users to dry clothes through smart speakers.

Sitting in a BYD car, you can control Midea appliances at home

When I opened the door when I got home from get off work, the air conditioner had already adjusted the temperature of the home to a suitable temperature, the air purifier had also purified the air in the home, and the smart speakers were also playing my favorite music. This experience was simply overwhelming.

Now sitting in the "Han" cooperating with Midea and BYD, you can control the smart home appliances in one sentence on the way home.

The staff at the scene also said that in the future, it may open up cooperation with more smart home platforms.

Hongmeng smart home appliances debut, you can use it with a touch

According to the on-site staff, Midea and Huawei have conducted in-depth cooperation and launched a batch of smart home appliances equipped with the Hongmeng system. At the scene, we were also fortunate to see a mobile phone equipped with the Hongmeng system, which was made for us by another beautiful young lady. The demo.

It can be seen that it is more convenient to connect to smart home appliances than "detecting Bluetooth or connecting to WiFi" in some scenarios, and the future potential can be further tapped.

Smart robotic arm, battery, Yeezy, biscuits, power bank can do

In the Midea Science and Technology Museum, apart from BYD "Han", the second largest body is the smart robotic arm and related mechanical devices of KUKA China. When I first saw it, I said aweasome from my heart.

Car batteries, various shoes, biscuits, power banks, etc., can all be made automatically with smart robotic arms or replace part of manual production.

For example, this mechanical device resembling a "rattlesnake" has several robotic arms in it that can be fully automated to make power banks. Workers only need to put the raw materials into the designated area and wait for the finished power bank at the exit of the last box.

There is also this flexible robotic arm. It can be seen that the accuracy is quite high. It can quickly sort biscuits and put biscuits of different sizes into different biscuit boxes. The staff said that it is also possible to replace the biscuits with something else. For precision sorting, this set of robotic arms has a wide range of applications.

All-you-can-eat food on site is made by Midea smart appliances on site

After visiting the main exhibition area, more than 3 hours have passed since the appearance of interviews and information collection. When my stomach was groaning, I suddenly discovered that there is an area in the exhibition hall that offers a variety of food and drinks.

What impressed me more is that the people who cook the food are young staff, not professional chefs, but the food they make is not bad, basically reaching the level that can be set up outside. The design of this part of Science and Technology Month is very convincing. With Midea smart appliances, ordinary people can also make delicious food.

Midea's "new" and "changed"

In 2013, the two air conditioners installed in my home house were of Midea brand and have been used normally until now. Recently, at the venue of Midea’s 25th Science and Technology Month, I saw the latest Midea air conditioners and obviously felt the beauty of Midea. "New" and "Change".

This kind of "new" and "change" does not have a little bit of "marketing" and "gimmicks" like the 3C digital industry. Adding a piece of hardware and multiple functions will be the end, but it is really from the consumer's It is commendable to consider the usage scenarios and usage habits, and start research and development with helping users solve the pain points.

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