Microsoft working on proprietary ARM chips like Apple: will it soon say goodbye to Intel?

Since the new Apple Macs with the new ARM M1 chips are available on the market, we have seen several news online regarding its capabilities and the huge performance boost they present when compared to older Macs with Intel processors. However, a few hours ago, news has leaked that Microsoft is working on new proprietary chips also based on ARM architecture, just like Apple .

The work at Microsoft would be proceeding in great secret in their laboratories , following the path of Apple with its new M1 or even what Amazon did with the CPU used in the Graviton data centers. If officially confirmed, the news would certainly shake up the processor market. This would give Intel a move which would therefore be "forced" to rethink its actions for the future.

Microsoft ARM Apple

Microsoft imitates Apple: ARM processors inside the Surface?

This news leak is reported by Bloomberg , and originating from conversations between some Microsoft employees. The sources in question confirm that the works are already well under way as regards the introduction of this architecture in their data centers , and an introduction is also planned in the future line of Micrisoft Surface.

“As silicon is a core element of technology, we continue to invest in our capabilities in areas such as design, manufacturing and tools, while promoting and strengthening partnerships with a wide range of chip suppliers,” he said. Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw.

However, Microsoft currently uses chips based on ARM, but designed by Qualcomm. It is used in some of its Surface devices. For the uninitiated, in fact, Windows for ARM was born mainly for this reason: to run Windows on these types of chips, which have typically been used in smartphones. This is also why users are very attracted to the ability to run this version of Windows on Apple's ARM chips .

Microsoft ARM Apple

Intel's response

Intel's range of Xeon server chips currently power most of the datacenters found at the heart of the Internet and corporate networks, generating the company's most profitable source of revenue. These are processors that still occupy about 90% of this market, despite the recent entries into the sector by other giants such as AMD.

“The tremendous demand for computing fueled by new workloads such as Artificial Intelligence is driving more silicon experimentation in the cloud world. Building on decades of innovation in the x86 ecosystem, we are committed to providing customers with the world's best CPUs and new products, from GPUs to AI chips, ”Intel said in a statement. "In this growing market, we expect to gain market share in many areas such as AI training, 5G networks, graphics and autonomous driving."

Given Microsoft's deep partnership with Intel, AMD and even Qualcomm , bringing proprietary ARM chips to its Surface would mean abandoning its partners, and that would be a heavy and delicate change for the Redmond giant . Leaks like these are quite sensitive to the market, and it is therefore difficult to predict how the situation will evolve in the future. All that remains is to wait!

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