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  • Microsoft engraves music on glass and wants to keep it for 10,000 years
  • Tmall teamed up with multiple brands to simplify packaging for "618"
  • BIG to create "the world's most environmentally friendly furniture factory"
  • The lamp is powered by sea water, and urine can also be used in an emergency.
  • Brewdog: A beer company that likes to say "our responsibility"

Microsoft engraves music on glass and wants to keep it for 10,000 years

Near the world's largest seed bank, someone is building a "Noah's Ark of human music" – the Global Music Vault (Global Music Vault), and Microsoft is testing a new storage technology in it.

In order to keep music data for 10,000 years, Microsoft has developed a storage technology called "Project Silica".

To put it simply, Microsoft uses quartz glass to create square "hard drives" that are 3 inches long, each of which can store 100GB of data and about 20,000 songs.

After "burning" with a femtosecond laser, a device equipped with laser reading technology and machine learning algorithms can transfer the data from the glass disc back to music, movies, or any other digital information.

Our goal is to store files and data in the volume of cloud storage.

Ant Rowstron, associate lab director at Microsoft Research Cambridge, concluded. For Microsoft, which has been turning its business to the cloud over the years and has been looking for a more secure physical data storage technology, the development of this storage technology is not only to promote music protection, but also meaningful to its own business.

However, in addition to Microsoft, Elire Group, the venture capital group responsible for managing the "global music library", is now also testing other companies' music storage technology solutions at the same time.

Currently, the music archives tested for storage are from the Polar Music Prize, the National Library of New Zealand, and the International African Music Library. In addition, some work by musician Beatie Wolfe will also be included, including work she wrote as a teenager on climate issues.

▲ Beatie Wolfe

For Wolfe, this library of music buried under the ice came at the right time, not only for climatic and environmental reasons, but also for cultural reasons:

Music is devalued too badly in the age of streaming, worse than it was in the age of iTunes. The music industry is too focused on commoditizing the art form. This project also serves as a reminder of the long-term value of music to our species.

Tmall teamed up with multiple brands to simplify packaging for "618"

The gameplay of this year's 618 is still complicated, but the packaging is a little simpler.

Tmall has recreated green and low-carbon packaging with more than 40 brands including OLAY, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, and Lego, so that consumers can choose "simple packaging" to help environmental protection when shopping.

Lego and Anmuxi have adopted an environmentally friendly design that reduces printing on the packaging box, and Lenovo even directly hides the logo in the embossing.

P&G and IKEA have made packaging fit and lighter by reducing packaging space, reducing packaging weight and making recycling easier.

In order to reduce plastics, OLAY put the QR code into the packaging box to realize the paperless instruction manual. Pepsi also directly removed the plastic seal from the bottle.

The previous designs are doing subtraction, and Oreo wants to "maximize" the packaging. Do it yourself DIY, Oreo's panda box can become a small storage box, and it can also help keep masks.

During the 618 period, consumers can search for "Green Paradise" in the search bar of the Tmall app, and enter to purchase products that provide simple packaging.

After purchasing the corresponding product, you can also get a small green flower, which consumers can use to redeem the brand peripherals in the reward mall, or to support public welfare.

BIG to create "the world's most environmentally friendly furniture factory"

On June 3, the self-proclaimed "world's most environmentally friendly furniture factory" officially opened.

The factory named "The Plus" was built by the architectural firm BIG and is located in Norway. It covers an area of ​​7,000 square meters and produces half as much gas as a normal factory. It is equipped with 900 solar panels on the roof and produces about a year. 250,000 kWh of electricity, recovers 90%-95% of water from the manufacturing process.

Paying homage to the Norwegian concept of "Allemannsretten" (the right to roam), owner furniture manufacturer Vestre wanted it to be the most open and transparent factory in the world.

Visitors can not only see the inside of the factory through the windows, but also walk on the green roof to see the factory or look out over the surrounding pine forest. In addition, the factory has a dedicated visitor center where visitors can learn about Vestre's sustainable strategies.

The Plus will be an excellent tourist attraction, both for locals and tourists, where people will be able to visit and experience a modern factory built in the most sustainable way possible.

The lamp is powered by sea water, and urine can also be used in an emergency.

As long as half a liter of sea water is required, this WaterLight can last for 45 days.

Developed in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Colombia design studio and renewable energy company E-Dina, this seawater-powered lamp is helping Wayúu, an indigenous community in South America.

Wayúu is located in the desert, but surrounded by sea, it is difficult to obtain electricity directly locally.

The lamp allows electrolytes in seawater to react with magnesium in the device to generate electricity, making it a portable light source. In an emergency, it can even be powered by urine.

Local children can use this lamp to study at night, and adults can continue to knit clothes and go fishing at night.

At the same time, it can also charge small devices such as mobile phones through the USB port.

The device is made of recyclable materials and is expected to last about 5,600 hours, or two to three years, according to the designers. Currently, WaterLight is preparing for a global rollout.

Brewdog: A beer company that likes to say "our responsibility"

British beer brand Brewdog was established in 2007 and produces various types of ales and lagers.

In addition to liking great beer, the company is happy to use the word "us" when talking about the social responsibility space – "our responsibility" "our carbon (emissions). Our problem."

In recent years, Brewdog has continued to try to reduce the carbon footprint of producing beer. In 2019, the converted emission figure was 113.4kg CO2e/hL, and the figure in 2020 was reduced to 93.3kg, and the goal is to reduce it to 73.7 in 2023.

In order to achieve this goal, after Brewdog has replaced the whole (company and cooperative suppliers) with renewable energy, it will be equipped with carbon capture equipment to recover the carbon dioxide generated during the fermentation process and use it to later inject beer; the transportation means will be replaced by electric trucks ; Cooperate with local wind power plants, direct electricity from the power plants to their own factories; build their own anaerobic treatment plants, and change to a more sustainable way to produce.

In 2020, Brewdog also bought 9,308 acres in the Scottish Highlands, with plans to start planting trees in 2022, kicking off one of the largest reforestation and peatland restoration projects ever.

As can be seen from the 2023 target, Brewdog still needs carbon offsets to neutralize emissions, but the company chose to double the value of offsets, so it is also more popular with the public.

In addition to environmental factors, Brewdog has also spoken a lot about employee rights – firmly opposed to modern slavery, in addition to providing employees with reasonable remuneration, it also attaches great importance to the audit of suppliers in this regard.

Text and pictures from Fastcompany, designboom, designweek, Brewdog

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