Michao “Resurrection” / WeChat emoji take “No smoking” action / Apple Glass patent can automatically clean the lens

Morning report

  • Facebook compensates users for privacy violations of US$650 million
  • Apple Apple Glass patent can automatically clean the lens
  • China Life whistleblower speaks again
  • China's Internet penetration rate is 70.4%
  • Apple trains Siri to better understand stuttering users
  • Samsung launches PC messaging app
  • Michao "Resurrection": Become a voice chat app
  • Tao Piao ticket response free refund function
  • SpaceX accuses Amazon of trying to slow down Starlink deployment
  • Jiangsu Football Club ceases operations
  • WeChat emoji takes "no smoking" action
  • "Hello, Li Huanying" became the third largest box office in China's film and television industry
  • The anti-plagiarism fund proposed by Zhuang Yu was formally established
  • Hot discussion among netizens: Chinese residents' per capita assets are 360,000 yuan
  • Sugar Paper Public Test: Use "Apple Sports Equipment" to Unlock Healthy Life
  • Recommendation Monday: "Stanford Anti-Fatigue Act"

Facebook Signs Settlement Agreement for Privacy Infringement Case: Compensation of 1.6 million users US$650 million

According to Yahoo, the U.S. District Judge of California, James Donato, made a ruling on Saturday, approving a privacy class action settlement agreement valued at 650 million U.S. dollars filed by Facebook. The lawsuit accuses Facebook of using facial recognition technology on user photos stored on its iPhone app without permission. This is the largest privacy lawsuit in the history of the United States, and 1.6 million claimants will receive at least $345 in compensation.

Apple's new patent for Apple Glass: automatic lens cleaning

According to appleinsider news. Apple's latest patent shows how Apple Glass uses a microphone array to detect the sound position, and another patent also exposes the automatic cleaning function of Apple glasses.

According to the patent picture, the front of the glasses and the headband are equipped with a large number of microphones, which can listen to sounds from different directions, so as to locate the sound source on the head-mounted display device. The patent does not specify the specific application of this function. Foreign media said that it may be possible to find items with the Apple Tag Bluetooth tracker. The second patent is a device for automatically cleaning Apple Glass lenses. According to the description, the device uses mechanical vibration to remove dust, debris and other debris on the surface of the head-mounted display/glasses lens to avoid affecting the display effect.

China Life whistleblower speaks again, the chaos in the insurance industry may urgently need to be rectified

According to an interface message, on February 27, Zhang Naidan, the person who reported China Life by his real name, once again spoke up on social networking sites in response to questions from netizens. She said that the reason why she came out to report after 16 years of work was because she was young and didn't understand that there was a problem. Later, she checked the national laws and regulations to find out what was going on. In response to problems such as "Netizens claim that she misled her customers to surrender the insurance and cheated insurance company employees and sales staff", she said that she did not mislead or persuade customers to surrender the insurance. What he reported in his real name was fact, supported by evidence, and verified as true.

At the end of the article, she showcased her many achievements in China Life, saying that "grateful does not mean that we must abandon the bottom line."

The Internet penetration rate in China is 70.4%, and the number of people surfing the Internet on mobile phones reaches 986 million

On February 28, the National Bureau of Statistics released the 2020 National Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin on its official website: The annual mobile Internet user access traffic was 165.6 billion GB, an increase of 35.7% over the previous year. At the end of the year, there were 989 million people surfing the Internet, of which 986 million were surfing the Internet on mobile phones. The Internet penetration rate is 70.4%, and the Internet penetration rate in rural areas is 55.9%.

Latest epidemic figures

Some domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) published data : As of 24:00 on February 27, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 6 newly confirmed cases, all of which were imported cases from abroad (2 in Fujian) , 2 cases in Yunnan, 1 case in Tianjin, 1 case in Guangdong); no new deaths; 1 new suspected case, which was an imported case (in Shanghai).

Hong Kong : On February 27, there were 22 new confirmed cases and a total of 11,006 confirmed cases in Hong Kong.

Overseas : As of 8:00 on March 1, a total of 114.46 million confirmed cases overseas, a total of 2.536 million deaths, and a total of 86.407 million cases were cured.

Apple is training Siri to better understand stuttering users

According to MacRumors, Apple has established a database of 28,000 audio clips provided by stuttering users. This database will be used to train Siri and improve the speech recognition system's ability to understand users with language barriers. In addition to improving Siri's ability to understand users with language barriers, Apple has also added a Hold to Talk feature to Siri. Users can freely control the time Siri listens to voice, which can prevent Siri from interrupting users who are stuttering.

Samsung launched a PC-side messaging application that can send and receive text messages

According to mspoweruser, Samsung has released a new messaging application Samsung Messaging for its personal computer users, which is currently online in the Microsoft Store. Samsung Messaging can send and receive text messages using the built-in modem in Samsung devices with built-in LTE. It can also be used as an extension of the Microsoft People application, allowing the application to send text messages to the contact's phone number.

Michao "Resurrection": Become a voice chat app for professionals

Xiaomi's instant messaging app Michao released an announcement on its official website, announcing a new departure. The page shows that the new "Michao" is a voice chat app for professionals. "Currently, the new Michao is in a small-scale invitation beta stage. Users who have not received the invitation can register a new exclusive account first. The official Michao will You keep this account until you receive an invitation".

At present, New Mi Talk is in the small-scale invitation beta stage. Users who have not received the invitation can register a new exclusive account first, and Mi Talk will officially keep this account for you until you receive the invitation.

Tao Piao Piao responded to "Shanghai Consumer Insurance Commission asked whether to consider launching a free refund function": Actively explore implementation

Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee WeChat Official Account On February 26, Shanghai Tao Piao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. released an explanation on the surge in Shanghai film customer complaints during the Spring Festival in 2021, and Tao Piao Piao's optimization plan to enhance the consumer experience of movie audiences .

Regarding the description of the "free refund" function after the order is placed, Taotiotiao said that it has been communicating with the film bureau and theaters regarding the free refund function. However, due to the "malicious refund" first, a more complete supervision mechanism and solution is required. Only theaters can agree to a free refund. Tao Piao Piao will also strengthen communication with theaters and related departments to organize discussions on the policy and actively explore its implementation.

SpaceX accuses Amazon of trying to slow down Starlink deployment

According to cnBeta, in a meeting with FCC International Bureau (IB) members, representatives of SpaceX discussed the company's third modification of its Starlink satellite Internet constellation posture, which is currently facing opposition from many companies. In this modification, SpaceX asked the committee to allow it to reduce the elevation angle of the earth station and the height of the satellite, respectively, to make modifications on the grounds of reducing interference and improving safety. However, this proposal has been scrutinized and opposed by Amazon's satellite division Kuiper, DISH and other non-US registered companies, who believe that these changes will hinder their ability to operate.

SpaceX said that Amazon seems to have given up work on its nascent NGSO system, while at the same time trying to slow down Starlink.

Jiangsu Football Club: All teams to which they belonged ceased operations

The Jiangsu Football Club issued an announcement stating that due to the superposition of various uncontrollable elements, the club cannot effectively guarantee the continuation of the Chinese Super League and AFC Champions League. With immediate effect, Jiangsu Football Club ceases operations of its respective teams. This also means that the defending champion Jiangsu team (Jiangsu Suning) announced its withdrawal from the new season of the Super League.

Tencent took "No smoking" action on WeChat emoticons, smoking emoji was offline

On February 28, Tencent stated on its official Weibo that the new WeChat emoji quit smoking. Previously, WeChat had a built-in emoji that expressed "leisure" by smoking cigarettes. There was also a design of rising smoke on this emoji. Today, the emoji has "quit smoking" and turned into a cool smile with the corners of the mouth raised. ​​​​​​​Beijing Tobacco Control Association wrote to Tencent on September 13, 2017, hoping that it would take "non-smoking" actions on emojis on WeChat and Tencent QQ, which would be defined as "leisure" The cigarette smoking expression goes offline.

The total box office of "Hello, Li Huanying" surpassed "Wandering Earth" and ranked third in the box office of Chinese film and television

According to the real-time data of Maoyan Professional Edition, the total box office of the movie "Hello, Li Huanying" surpassed the 4.68638 billion yuan of "Wandering Earth", and currently ranks third in the box office of Chinese film and television.

The anti-plagiarism fund was formally established, the initiator Zhuang Yu has donated 460,000

Zhuang Yu released a reply letter from the China Chinese Education Foundation on the establishment of an "anti-plagiarism fund" on his Weibo account. According to the document, the foundation agreed to the "Anti-plagiarism Fund" initiated by Zhuang Yu and related parties and organizations. Zhuang Yu has donated 460,000 yuan to the Anti-plagiarism Fund. Guo Jingming later responded on Weibo and stated that he would immediately remit the 3 million yuan passed by Zeng and Zhuang Yugou to the fund account.

Prior to this, Zhuang Yu received a letter of apology from Guo Jingming for plagiarism. Zhuang Yu proposed to combine the proceeds of his "Circle Inside and Outside" with Guo Jingming's "How Many Flowers Fall in Dreams" to establish an "anti-plagiarism fund" to help original authors defend their rights and accept public supervision.

Per capita assets of Chinese residents 360,000 yuan

The National Finance and Development Laboratory of the Academy of Social Sciences and the Institute of Finance of the Academy of Social Sciences released the "China National Balance Sheet 2020". The report shows that the total social debt in 2019 reached 980.1 trillion yuan, and the net social wealth was 675.5 trillion yuan. In the distribution of social net wealth, government sector wealth accounted for 24%, reaching 162.8 trillion yuan; residential sector wealth accounted for 76%, reaching 512.6 trillion yuan, and the per capita wealth of residents was approximately 366,000 yuan.

Netizen: "Others are called assets, mine is called balance." "The assets of the richest man and I are only an average difference." "Thank you for the invitation, I was averaged again."

Title: "Stanford Anti-Fatigue Act"

Author: [date] Yamada Zhisheng

Number of pages: 240

Publication time: January 2021

Stanford University cracked and disclosed the truth about fatigue for the first time, as simple as an incredible daily zero fatigue plan for ordinary people. This book will explain why people get tired and introduce the unknown fatigue mechanism. This book will also introduce users to the world's most cutting-edge IAP breathing method, fatigue recovery method, first-class diet method and Stanford-style high-intensity work method.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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