Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition experience: its true face is actually “Mi Game TV”

Recently, the second season of "Deadly Woman" has reached the fifth episode. The heroine Alma tried her best, but still has not been able to enter the Garden Club (a local socialite circle).

▲ Actress Alma

The situation of the Mi TV Digital Series is similar to that of Alma.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro hopes to use quantum dot technology to make it one of the high-end TV clubs. However, the lack of partition backlighting and the lackluster dynamic range make it unable to cross that threshold.

After two years of polishing, the 6th generation of Mi TV digital series is officially here.

The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition has emptied the technical expertise of the Mi Digital TV series. From the point of view of the parameters, all the regrets of the previous generation are almost made up for it.

So how does the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition perform? Can you lead the digital series into the high-end market? Let's experience it first.

High-end club, this time it's stable

Every light is bright, and every dark is dark, which is a natural defect of traditional LCD TVs.

The partition backlight technology divides the entire backlight panel of the LCD TV into multiple cells. These cells can emit light independently without interfering with each other, so as to achieve ultra-high brightness in the area, or deeper dark parts.

The more the number of partitions, the better the light control effect in theory, and the better the dynamic range performance.

Flagship LCD TVs generally have more than one hundred backlight partitions, but the price is generally more than 10,000 yuan.

The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition, which starts at RMB 5,999, said harshly during the promotion stage, saying that it "challs the new height of the 10,000 yuan picture quality ceiling." One of the reasons for his confidence is the "Star Screen Sharp Shadow" 100-level partition backlight system.

To put it simply, the 55-inch Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition we experienced has 100 partitions. In the 65-inch and 75-inch versions, the number of partitions has reached 224 and 255.

Each partition can show 4096 levels of light and shade changes. The 55-inch version has a peak brightness of up to 1000nit, which is a double improvement over the previous generation. The peak brightness of 65 and 75 inches is higher, up to 1200nit.

Thanks to the ultra-high peak brightness, the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition has obtained the certifications of Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, HDR 10 and HLG, achieving the HDR certification grand slam.

When playing a 4K HDR source, the naked eye can see the transparency of the picture. For example, the highlight part of the snow mountain in the picture below is bright but not exposed. The shadows are dark without losing details.

When playing host games that support HDR effects, you can also feel that the high dynamic range picture is more realistic, and the immersion during the game is also improved simultaneously.

The high-brightness screen makes it less stressful when watching movies with mainly dark tones. For example, when playing the third episode of the seventh season of "Game of Thrones", you can see the dim scenes in the cave, still clear and sharp.

▲The source resolution is 720P

If the excellent dynamic range is the first intuitive experience brought by the 100-level division, then the second is the excellent black control ability.

We played a lot of videos with strong contrast between light and dark, and no obvious halo was observed.

When connecting to Xbox to play the game "Battlefield 1", the sight of the scope and the blind area of ​​the outer circle have a clear relationship between light and shade, and it even gives the illusion of watching an OLED TV.

It can be said that the 100-level partition backlight system is the "entry ticket" for the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition to enter the high-end club. What kind of status can be achieved in the club depends on its comprehensive ability.

The parameters are full, but there are some small regrets

The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is in the confidential stage, and the internal code name is "Uncrowned Master".

This seems to reveal that Xiaomi wants to align it with its own master series. And the way, just as its propaganda slogans-"one cut is not cut."

The Xiaomi Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition, which has a "no cut" hardware configuration, does bring an excellent experience in many aspects. But this does not mean that it is perfect, it still leaves a few regrets, we will talk about it later.

Let's first look at some of its praiseworthy places.

1. The appearance is high

The change in appearance is discernible at a glance. The base adopts a mid-mounted solution, with a thickness of only 4mm, and the front looks as if the screen is floating.

The all-metal body and the narrow bezel are also standard for high-end models. At the bottom of the front logo, there is a translucent breathing light bar, which is more flexible.

2. Quantum dot technology, brilliant colors

The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition inherits QLED quantum dot technology. This 4K screen has a P3 color gamut coverage of 97%, and an NTSC color gamut coverage of 103%. Visually, the colors are very gorgeous.

As mentioned above, the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition supports Dolby Vision IQ. It can dynamically adjust the tone mapping according to the TV under different ambient light, retaining more details. While the dynamic range is high, the colors are also more pleasing.

It is worth mentioning that this TV also uses a calibration scheme on a per-unit basis. Delta E 1.5, color accuracy comparable to professional monitors.

3. Great image quality optimization

The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition was first released with the MTK 9950 (Enhanced Picture Quality Edition) chip. Quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU, clocked at 1.8GHz, GPU is Mali-G52 2EE MC2, clocked at 800MHz.

This chip supports hardware-level AI-SR super-division technology, which can optimize low-resolution film sources to a standard close to 4K.

▲The source resolution is 720P

▲The source resolution is 1080P

▲1080P online video

In addition, after the 120Hz MEMC motion compensation is turned on, combined with the 120Hz screen refresh rate, the low-bitrate film source can also enjoy a smooth look and feel. Especially suitable for friends who love to watch sports events.

4. Good game companion

An important feature of the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is that it has passed the FreeSync game smart display certification. It is more friendly to AMD devices and can maintain a high frame rate, no tearing, and low latency when connected.

With two HDMI 2.1 ports (one of which is eARC), the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is still very attractive to gamers.

It is worth mentioning that this TV has also been officially recommended by Xbox. After we connected the TV with the National Bank version of Xbox Series X, the experience was indeed silky, with satisfactory picture effects and delays.

5. AI dual camera, smarter interaction

The camera on the TV also began to "roll up". The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is equipped with an AI dual camera. One of them is responsible for capturing gestures and other actions.

The clarity of the main camera is not bad, and it is enough for video calls and family portraits.

The other camera supports AI gesture control. For example, you can play/pause by raising your hand for two seconds. Just make an OK gesture to take a picture.

Although it is not a very useful function, it is still very useful in certain scenarios. For example, just after eating fried chicken, the hands are full of oil, and it is inconvenient to use the remote control, so you can use gestures to control it.

6. Global 4K UI

Xiaomi TV has finally launched 4K UI. The UI is much finer than the previous 1080P resolution, and with the 120Hz refresh rate, it is clear and smooth.

With 4.5GB + 64GB large memory, you don’t have to worry about lag when running multitasking and downloading many applications.

After talking about the highlights of the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition, let's talk about its regrets.

1. General sound tuning

To be honest, I was looking forward to its sound performance. Because of the 55-inch version, the audio power is up to 90W and supports Dolby Atmos 4.1.2.

▲ Woofer on the back

But in the actual experience, I only feel that the volume is loud, and the sound cohesion is average. The sense of hearing is a little loose, and the sense of atmosphere is not satisfactory. This should be a question of training.

▲The sound hole of the speaker

Of course, the sound preference is more subjective, and the size of the space will also affect the sound performance. If you value audio quality very much, it is recommended to try it in a physical store.

2. The colors in standard mode are too bright

The default setting of the TV is standard mode. Under this algorithm, the tones of some movies and TV series look a little weird, the saturation and contrast are a bit too strong, and the skin color of the characters will appear relatively large deviation.

▲A certain web drama in "standard mode"

▲A certain web drama in "Movie Mode"

It's like going downstairs and throwing rubbish, with heavy makeup and evening gowns. It's really unnecessary.

It is recommended to adjust the color to "Movie Mode" after getting started. After repeated comparisons, the colors in the movie mode are much more accurate, and the skin color of the characters is back to normal.

▲ The girl group MV in "Standard Mode"

▲ The MV of the girl group in “Movie Mode''

Of course, if you have a heavier taste, you like exaggerated saturation and contrast. You can even choose the "brilliant mode."

▲ The MV of the girl group in the “Gorgeous Mode''

3. Cable management design is still absent

A small detail of high-end TVs is the cable management design on the back, so that the power cord and other wires will not appear messy.

Although the back design of the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is pretty, like the previous generation, there is no reserved cable location. The power cord can only sag on the back, which affects the appearance.

Considering the starting price of Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition at 5,999 yuan, these small regrets seem acceptable. After all, the core image quality performance has reached the ten thousand yuan level. In the club of high-end LCD TVs, the digital series of Xiaomi TVs is a fledgling, but it is a blockbuster.

Have choice difficulties? look here

At today's press conference, in addition to the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition, Xiaomi also brought a "light flagship"-Mi TV ES 2022.

It is also available in three sizes of 55, 65, and 75. It is also a 4K LCD panel with partitioned backlight technology. The starting price is 3399 yuan.

▲Xiaomi TV ES 2022

We carefully studied the parameters of the two and found that the difference is quite obvious. Taking the 65-inch version as an example, the main differences between Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition and Mi TV ES 2022 are shown in the figure below.

If you just look at the parameters of the Mi TV ES 2022, it can actually be played. In the same price range, it is already the best.

The main difference between it and the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is the image quality (number of partition backlights, peak brightness, chips, refresh rate, etc.), and attractiveness to gamers (HDMI 2.1, FreeSync certification, 120Hz refresh rate, etc.).

▲ Host game players must have HDMI 2.1 interface

So whether it is necessary to spend more money to buy the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition depends on whether you have higher requirements for picture quality and games.

And the size of the choice, it is recommended that the larger the budget, the better.

For both models, the larger size means more partition backlights, higher peak brightness, and more surging sound effects. For a normal-sized living room, 65 inches or larger is recommended.

On the whole, the two models launched by Xiaomi today indicate that this year's partition backlight system will be popularized across all TV product lines.

It just so happens that a major upgrade of Windows 11 is the automatic HDR function. Using the TV as an external monitor to play HDR's 3A masterpiece, the corners of the mouth of the game enthusiasts have begun to rise wildly.

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