MG Cyberster was dismantled at the first car show on the Internet, and Chinese sports cars began to take off

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show, which opened on June 1, is not the main venue for car manufacturers to launch new cars because it immediately follows the Beijing Auto Show. However, because the venue is more spacious and there is no distinction between media day and audience day, this auto show is more suitable. To carry out publicity and science popularization for ordinary consumers, for example, NIO’s booth was moved to a battery swapping station to demonstrate on-site how to swap batteries for electric vehicles, attracting many curious children and parents.

MG is dismantling the car on-site, giving the audience and live broadcast a "MG Cyberster zero-distance live dismantling".

At the 2024 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show, MG brought its convertible electric sports car Cyberster Trophy Edition, B-class coupe MG7, electric steel cannon MG4 and other models. At the same time, with the launch of MG Cyberster, the cumulative sales exceeded 1,000 units in half a year. On this occasion, MG also gathered 10 prospective car owners in Shenzhen to conduct a collective car handover ceremony.

In the mobile phone or consumer electronics industry, because the cost of dismantling is relatively low, live broadcasts of dismantling are more common. However, live broadcasts of car dismantling at car shows are indeed uncommon. MG used live broadcasts to dismantle the Cyberster at close range and invited engineers and car reviewers. From a professional perspective, from the vehicle design to the component structure, focusing on the Cyberster's body posture, convertible scissor doors, body structure, suspension structure and adjustment and other product details and processes, the convertible electric vehicle is explained to the general audience and netizens. Run with design, performance and quality workmanship.

Immediately afterwards, the MG Cyberster will be exported to Europe. Not long ago, 153 units of the MG Cyberster boarded a ship at Fuzhou Port and sailed to Europe, becoming the first batch of Chinese sports cars exported overseas on a large scale. The MG Cyberster will then land in the Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. which opened in July. The Durwood Festival of Speed ​​returns to the mecca of racing at the historic moment of the brand's centenary anniversary. The reason why I say it is a return is because last year the MG Cyberster was unveiled here, and this year it became the main sponsor of the Festival of Speed. After the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​last July, the British twin brothers ROSS and HUGO drove the MG Cyberster across the two ends of the Eurasian continent, from the UK to China, which lasted a total of 233 days. This was also a highlight moment for Chinese sports cars.

Because it is positioned as a convertible sports car, the MG Cyberster is destined not to be a mass-market product suitable for mass consumers, but its current user data is also quite interesting: the sales volume of mid-to-high-end models of the MG Cyberster accounts for as high as 75.3%, and the average bicycle price exceeds 350,000. Yuan, Cyberster's sales volume in Guangdong ranks first in the country. Over 70% of the additional purchases came from luxury brands, with BMW and Mercedes-Benz ranking among the top two, accounting for more than half of the total; 9% of users purchased additional purchases from ultra-luxury brands such as Porsche.

Among car owners, the ratio of men to women is 6:4. Dads born in the 1980s are the representative group of male users. More than half of the female users are independent women born in the 1980s, which shows that everyone also needs some speed and passion outside of family and workplace. adjust.

Another set of data is that in the six months since its launch, the cumulative sales of MG Cyberster have exceeded 1,000 units. According to MG, this has achieved a breakthrough in China's sports car market share from 0 to 15%, ranking among the top three in the domestic sports car market during the same period, together with Porsche 911 and 718 side by side. Of course, the price of the MG Cyberster is still far from that of traditional fuel-powered luxury sports cars. However, as a niche category, it can sell well and be marketed globally. This actually illustrates two problems. First, electric vehicles can come in various forms; It is not necessarily a large space or a pure money-saving tool. The second is that Chinese car brands (although MG originates from overseas, it should still be considered a Chinese car brand) can go out and sell well. MG has become the single Chinese car brand for the fifth consecutive year. Export champion, MG sold 840,000 vehicles globally last year, accounting for the majority of SAIC Group's total exports. MG also occupies three of the top ten passenger car export models: the small steel gun that focuses on driving fun. The pure electric sedan MG4 EV has become the main model of Chinese electric cars overseas with a sales of 138,700 units, and has become the pure electric compact market champion in many countries.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too many pesticides once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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