Meta unveils ‘only half’ Horizon Home, making people look forward to Apple’s headset

It's not uncommon to invite friends to be a guest at home, and it's not uncommon to watch others climb the world's peaks on the screen with friends, but for Meta, who wants to create a metaverse experience, what to do is to be in the virtual space of the metaverse. implement these scenarios.

Not long ago, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the upcoming v41 update for the Quest 2 headset will include "Horizon Home", a feature that allows you to "virtually drop by" with friends.

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Through the Quest 2 headset, you can invite your friends to your virtual home, and you can use your virtual image to play with your friends in different scenes, such as watching the sunset together, and going to a space station outside the universe (but this one is only half body). The avatar is slightly creepy).

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In Zuckerberg's presentation, he and rock climber Alex Honnold watched "The Soloist VR," a 360-degree documentary about Alex Honnold climbing the cliffs of the Dolomiti, a virtual reality documentary available in Meta Watch on Oculus TV on the Quest headset.

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Although the exact timing of the v41 update is still uncertain, "Horizon Home" has already appeared in Meta's Connect 2021 review last year. In Meta's vision, VR is a social platform, and Horizon Home is a social space where players can hang out with friends, watch videos together…

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Even software like Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram will later run in VR as 2D panel apps in Horizon Home that players can access without taking off their headsets.

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Not only that, but in the future Meta hopes to make it easier for anyone to build and customize their own space as if they were in their own home. Reflect the player's personality with the corners of the virtual world. However, for the current Meta, this can only be a VR development direction to be realized in the future.

Meta believes that the metaverse will eventually encompass work, play, and everything in between, so Horizon's social experience continues to expand. In addition to mentioning "Horizon Home", which represents a home space, there is also a new feature designed for businesses, "Quest for Business", which allows you to customize your environment in Horizon Workrooms.

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As well as "Horizon Worlds" focusing on games and experiences, and using Horizon Venues to participate in concerts, sports events and other activities, players can enjoy the atmosphere and vitality of live events from the comfort of their homes…

Although Meta's metaverse ambitions are not small, after the announcement of "Horizon Home", there are some rough and frightening virtual characters and scenes and experiences that do not seem to have many highlights. Not only did it not arouse too much curiosity, but it made some people look forward to the mixed reality headset that Apple may launch in 2023.

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple's mixed reality headset, which can easily switch between virtual reality and (VR) augmented reality (AR) modes, may be one of the headset's main selling points.

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It is worth mentioning that Meta's security function in "Horizon Home" is set up such that the organizer of the party can unilaterally remove guests from the party and "Horizon Home". Additionally, as with other Horizon apps, guests can log out of the social space with one click, instantly disconnecting from voice chat and the general environment.

Due to some harassment phenomena that occurred in the virtual space before, no matter which product or software it is, it is good to have rich functions, but the security issues of users need to be carefully considered.

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