Meta Connect 2023: all the news from chatbots to viewers

Meta Connect 2023 was a stepping stone to the future of human interaction with technology. This year, the main focus was on incredible innovations in artificial intelligence and the personalization of digital interactions through chatbots based on real VIPs. There has been no shortage of new mixed reality devices that promise to change the way we live and work.

Meta Connect 2023: the future of human-machine interaction

Meta Connect 2023 marked a revolution in the world of technology. The innovations presented range from cutting-edge artificial intelligence to augmented reality devices. All these innovations promise a future where the barriers between the digital world and the real world are practically invisible. In fact, these technologies are not only advanced, but have been defined as revolutionary. They are leading us towards a future where our interactions with technology are seamless, immersive and incredibly lifelike. The future is now and Meta is leading the way towards a new era of human-machine interaction.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: beyond conventional vision

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, presented with great fanfare at Meta Connect 2023, are not just smart glasses: they are a revolution in human-machine interaction . These glasses integrate an advanced audio system and five microphones to capture audio clearly. The 12 MP wide-angle camera allows video recording in 1080p at 60 fps, capturing every moment in extraordinary quality. Thanks to Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip, these glasses can seamlessly blend augmented reality elements into the real world, creating a fully immersive viewing experience.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses
Credit: Meta

Emu: the evolution of artificial intelligence

Meta Connect 2023 turned the spotlight on Emu, an innovation that has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence . Emu, an acronym for Expressive Media Universe , was born as Meta's answer to DALL-E and MidJourney. What distinguishes Emu is the implementation of the “quality tuning” technique, a revolutionary approach that has brought text-to-image AI to new standards of excellence. The “quality tuning” technique is a revolution in the field of artificial image generation. Thanks to this innovation, the images created by Emu are incredibly realistic and detailed. Indeed, every nuance, every color and every detail is rendered with extraordinary precision. This is not only a breakthrough in the generation of artificial images, but a breakthrough that opens a universe of possibilities in virtual and augmented reality applications.

Meta Quest 3: Mixed reality becomes accessible

Meta Quest 3 , defined as "the first mixed reality headset designed for the general public", is a technological masterpiece . This device is completely independent, so it requires neither computers nor consoles, nor external batteries. Featuring Qualcomm's powerful Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform, the Quest 3 can automatically map its surroundings. This feature allows for more natural and engaging interactions with the virtual world. Furthermore, the introduction of “interactive objects” will further fuel the experience, bringing augmented reality interactions to levels never seen before.

meta connect 2023
Meta Quest 3
Credit: Meta

The new chatbots of Meta Connect 2023

Emotion and personalization have reached a new pinnacle with the introduction of “AI Personas”. This innovation is much more than just a chatbot – it's a compelling and incredibly realistic digital representation of the celebrities themselves. Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg and other VIPs, thanks to Meta's advanced technology, come to life in our digital devices, bringing with them their charisma, their humor and their authenticity. These digital personalities aren't confined to a remote corner of the web. They will be accessible on a number of platforms, including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. This means you can open a chat window on your phone and actually talk to your favorite celebrity.

Generative image editing

The innovative generative image editing feature on Instagram is much more than just a photo editing option. This powerful feature, powered by Meta's artificial intelligence, allows users to transform ordinary images into extraordinary digital works of art. With the AI ​​behind this feature, users can change the background of a photo, immersing themselves in fantasy worlds or placing subjects in unusual and fascinating contexts. You can add surprising effects, turning a cloudy sky into an explosion of colour, for example. But that's not all: you can also change the entire atmosphere of the image, creating tones and shades that perfectly fit the mood you want to convey.

Cover credit: Meta

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