Messenger and Instagram one chat, the news of the messaging app

Messenger and Instagram will use the same chat. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has announced the feature that will make the marriage of his services even stronger. The new integration will allow users of one platform to send messages to users of the other and vice versa . In addition to the ability to send messages, there will also be the possibility to participate in video calls simply using your Instagram account.

"We've been working on it since I shared our vision for a privacy-focused social network early last year."

Zuckerberg himself says in his post published on Facebook, announcing this small revolution.

Making this possibility feasible will therefore allow users not to necessarily have to download two applications. For example, from Messenger it will be possible to contact an Instagram user directly without having any account of the latter platform. Surely it cannot be excluded that this revolution may soon embrace the other component of Zuckerberg's companies, Whatsapp.

"We are starting to roll out these new features on Messenger and Instagram in some countries and will be releasing them everywhere in the coming weeks and months."

We must therefore wait a little longer before this possibility is made operational.

Some news of the new Messenger and Instagram

Let's start with the first obvious novelty: the new icon of the DM (or the so-called direct ) located at the top right will be replaced by that of Messenger . The chat will be unified, so you will not have the feeling of losing the thread of the conversation just because you are using two different apps. It will be possible to create more and more customized Emoji, choose the theme of your chat and other numerous customizations. The possibility of watching movies and TV series together will also be maintained in order to comment on them comfortably from the sofa. Below is a video presentation of all these news.

The video posted by Zuckerberg on his Facebook profile shows a preview of all the news

All in one account, Accounts Center is born

That the Menlo Park company wanted to unify its platforms more and more was evident from the announcement of Accounts Center , currently in testing. It is a project whose goal is to unify all the potential of Facebook satellite products in a single account. The choice could have arisen from a growing removal of the young population from Facebook which gradually migrated to Instagram. In this way, in fact, it will be enough to have a single account to take advantage of the advantages of both applications. A story posted on Instagram can be instantly uploaded to Facebook as well. Also in this case the possibility of using a single account remains at the discretion of the individual user.

Accounts Center will allow you to synchronize information from the Facebook and Instagram platforms in a single account
With Accounts Center it will be possible to manage your social profiles with a single account.

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