MEIZU Watch Picture Tour: “Three Good Students” with good-looking dial, friendly interaction, and excellent shock sense

As a result of the Guangzhou epidemic, I have been working from home recently, and Meizu's all-smart watches, which have been in the company for a long time, have also been "ashamed." It wasn't until last week that I had the opportunity to return to the company, and after a few days of hands-on experience, did I have this "late but come" out-of-the-box picture reward.

As Meizu's first smartwatch, can the MEIZU Watch, which is priced at 1499 yuan, "a blockbuster"? We will explore with you from the four aspects of appearance, health management, special functions and comprehensive experience.

The decoration of a watch may be as good as its functionality. The design of MEIZU Watch is more square. The watch body uses a right-angle frame cut by CNC technology, and the material is recycled aluminum. The surface is a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass, which is naturally connected to the watch body.

The MEIZU Watch watch body is very simple, with a symmetrical double thin-line speaker on the left and a physical button with a rounded rectangle on the right. If you count the heart rate bump, the thickness is about 1.3cm. (For reference, the thickness of Apple Watch Series 6 is 1.04cm).

Move your eyes to the back. MEIZU Watch uses a ceramic bottom cover. In addition to the conspicuous sensor, there are four charging contacts.

The dial size of MEIZU Watch is 46mm, and the large dial is more user-friendly for gesture operations. This screen has several parameters that are more eye-catching. One is that it supports a 60Hz refresh rate, which is much smoother than a common 30Hz watch. Second, the peak brightness can reach 500nit, which can be seen clearly under strong light. The third is the 326PPI AMOLED screen, which looks very delicate.

The Flyme for Watch system built into the watch has many beautiful dials. There are many styles such as pixel style, cyberpunk, classic totem, new national style, etc. It is not an exaggeration to call it a landscape of gestures.

MEIZU Watch is available in two colors: black rock and azure. The azure color is very fresh, the same as the azure color on the Meizu 17 Pro. What we got was a more versatile black rock color, equipped with a fluorine rubber strap of the same color, which was flexible, skin-friendly and oil-resistant.

Asking the reasons why friends around you wear smart watches, there is a high probability that you will hear the answers to record exercise and health data. MEIZU Watch currently supports not many types of sports, only more than ten types, including common sports such as running, walking, cycling, and badminton. More sports modes still need to wait for subsequent updates to come online.

However, in terms of health monitoring, the daily needs of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, pressure, sleep and other monitoring are equipped, and support 24-hour automatic monitoring. When the heart rate is too high or too low, the watch will automatically warn and jump to the SOS emergency contact interface.

The core reason why MEIZU Watch is called "full smart watch" is to support the eSIM function. If it is activated, the monthly fee is 10 yuan. After opening eSIM, MEIZU Watch can send and receive text messages and make calls independently.

Currently, the applications that support eSIM include QQ, Baidu Maps, NetEase Cloud Music, Air Travel, etc. WeChat has not yet supported it.

MEIZU Watch also has several interesting functions. One is that when the mobile phone notification is synchronized to the watch side, if the message is viewed on either end, the other device will not repeat the notification again. Second, it can be linked with Lipro home. For example, when the watch detects that the user is asleep, it will automatically turn off the light. The third is to cooperate with the Te Nengxing app to control smart cars with watches.

After a comprehensive experience, the memory points left by MEIZU Watch are still very clear: a smooth and easy-to-use system, a fine-sensing motor, fast charging, MEIZU Pay, etc., let's look at them one by one.

In terms of system, the interactive experience and design style of Flyme for Watch are the same as those of Flyme on mobile phones. Since the phone has only one physical button, most of the operations are done by gestures. Of course, it can also be operated through the Aicy intelligent voice assistant, which is equally convenient.

Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 flagship processor, Flyme for Watch is very silky, opening and closing the app is very simple, and can maintain a stable frame rate when sliding the page, and the smoothness is close to that of a mobile phone.

In terms of functionality and aesthetics, Flyme for Watch is remarkable and can be said to be the best partner of Meizu mobile phones. If it is paired with a mobile phone of another system, some functions may not be experienced. For example, health data such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation cannot be synchronized to the mobile phone.

The mEngine vibration sensing system of MEIZU Watch is very powerful, and the fineness of vibration may be one of the best in the Android watch camp.

Of course, a better motor system also means an increase in power consumption. The official battery life is 36 hours. In actual experience, with automatic health monitoring turned on and message notifications synchronized, it can be charged once every two days.

MEIZU Watch supports fast charging. It can be used for about 9 hours after charging for 15 minutes. It can be fully charged in 45 minutes. Its detachable charging base is convenient to carry around, and it supports magnetic attraction, so it can be attached to table legs or other metal objects to make the tabletop more tidy.

In addition to the commonly used Alipay QR code for receipt and payment, the NFC of MEIZU Watch supports adding access cards or transportation cards. With eSIM, you don’t need to bring your mobile phone for a walk downstairs or to a store.

In general, MEIZU Watch, as the first general in the Meizu wearable device camp, has achieved a pretty good degree of completion. The price of 1499 yuan, which brings eSIM function and mEngine vibration sensor system, can be described as full of sincerity. It is expected that subsequent system upgrades will bring richer sports modes and more applications that support eSIM.

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