Meizu POP3 true wireless headset is light experience, regular upgrade after extreme price-performance ratio

On October 26, Meizu launched the Meizu POP3 true wireless headset. This is one year after the launch of POP2s, Meizu has brought a major update to the POP series.

Compared with the previous Blus, which focused on all-round and cost-effective, Meizu POP3 can be regarded as a regular upgrade in the Meizu POP digital series. This time I switched to a 13mm "big moving coil" unit to improve Bluetooth support and battery life, and supplemented with a waterproof body and new phone adaptation. This combination constitutes a new generation of Meizu POP.

Meizu POP3 uses Meizu's long-awaited rounded pebble charging box. The charging indicator is placed above the "meizu" logo, and the bottom has a USB-C charging port. The box body is covered with a bright white texture as a whole, which is a familiar Meizu effect.

It may be to compress the space of the charging box as much as possible. The earphone slot of the Meizu POP3 box is just right. After putting the earphones on, there is basically no room for digging. With the headset shape and sleek body that Meizu officially advertises as a "chess piece", it is not easy to remove the headset with bare hands.

Unless you want to "pry" the earphones out from the side, otherwise if you experience gloves or slippery hands, the earphones are like a child in the kotatsu, and they will never get up.

The shape of Meizu POP3 is composed of two parts.

The outer part is shaped like a "chess piece". The rounded curve and the smooth white surface look a bit like a Go chess piece. If Meizu POP3 has black and white colors, maybe a few friends can get together and play a simple gobang.

The inner part of the earphone is the half-ear part, which is more or less familiar.

In terms of wearing feeling, this familiar semi-in-ear structure allows users to "turn" to a suitable fixed position by rotating. There is a smooth groove between the circles on both sides of the earphone. This position can just block the ears, and the stability of wearing is not bad. Simple daily commuting scenes and sports can be satisfied.

The weight of the earphone is only 4.5g, and there is no obvious sense of fatigue due to the weight.

Just this way of wearing, the headset will have a more obvious foreign body sensation. Users who are accustomed to wearing them without feeling before, may need to pay attention here.

In terms of functional performance, Meizu POP3 is equipped with Hengxuan BES 2500 chip and supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection. The stability and delay control during connection are not bad. It is not a big problem to watch videos daily and simply play games.

However, Meizu did not add high-standard transmission support for POP3, but the two modes of SBC and AAC are not outstanding in the market of 200 yuan.

After all, there are many players who support aptX at the 200 yuan file.

For battery life, Meizu POP3 stand-alone supports 6 hours of playback, and with the charging box, it can achieve 24 hours of playback time. Although it is not outstanding, it is still enough for a product with a 200 yuan positioning.

In terms of sound configuration, Meizu POP3 traditionally uses a 13mm moving coil unit. This "large" size is rarely seen today when micro-moving coils are widely used. Meizu said at the release of the headset that the replacement of a large-size dynamic unit is to enhance the low-frequency performance and enhance the fullness of the sound.

In fact, the sound of Meizu POP3 is basically based on low frequency performance, and full low frequency has become the main feature of the style.

In terms of hearing, the low-frequency output of Meizu POP3 is full, the drum beats are strong enough, and the low-frequency dive volume is also sufficient, which can be a good package for the sound.
As for the vocals and high frequencies, Meizu POP3 is quite satisfactory. The human voice has a tendency to stand out, but it is not enough. But the fact that the sound is not blunt can already make the listening feel a lot more comfortable.

The amount of high-frequency details is quite enough. Although there is no sense of outstanding resolution, it is not "fuzzy", and there are still details to speak of. On the whole, Meizu POP3 sounds much more comfortable than Blus, which is similar in price, and its sound completion is several levels higher than the former.

In general, compared to the very aggressive all-round player Blus, Meizu POP3 is the recent player that Meizu has played steadily.

It is focused on the most basic functions, such as Bluetooth 5.2, basic AAC encoding, 6+24 battery life combination, ENC call noise reduction and life waterproof… Various daily life uses, Meizu POP3 are all I can give it to you in its entirety.

With a good sense of hearing and a price of 229 yuan, Meizu POP3 is undoubtedly more suitable if it is to become a good product for young people close to reality.

If you are not obsessed with noise reduction, but also want a more normal and comfortable listening experience, then Meizu POP3 is undoubtedly a better choice than Blus. At least, after experiencing two new products, you will find:

Sometimes, a single amount of money is not enough to do two things well.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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