Meizu Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker Picture Tour: Team up with Elvis to recreate a trendy speaker

Today (January 12), Meizu held a new winter product launch with the theme of "new energy".

At the press conference, Meizu reorganized the product line of the PANDAER brand, and solemnly introduced the next member of the Meizu PANDAER curious exploration alliance, Elvis Acoustics, after iQunix and Flash.

This co-branded customized product jointly brought by two "acoustic manufacturers" has a very long name: Meizu PANDAER × Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker. Let's just call it "Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker".

The Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker has a very recognizable appearance, but fortunately, it is not unfamiliar to us, because it is actually based on the Elvis XOG's mechanical light field Shell Cyber ​​Speaker.

The main armor part is made of expensive but more textured zinc alloy, and the appearance is covered with Meizu's "Platinum Unicorn" design coating. .

The main body color is white, and it is embellished with orange gold. The stripes and text elements are made of mecha gray. The bright-toned "Platinum Unicorn" visual design obviously has taken a different path from the dark style of XOG Shell, and it is more warm. The feeling of new life is in it.

The front of the fuselage is surrounded by a circle of UNICORN Halo light effect system. The built-in RGB atmosphere light can realize 64 kinds of color changes, and there are a variety of light effect modes that can be adjusted, including streamer, gradient, and always-on mode.

The top of the speaker is a "full metal Metal console" with built-in metal knobs and buttons. When using it for the first time, it is inevitable to compare the button prompts to figure out what functions these buttons of different shapes correspond to.

In order to achieve sensory immersion, when twisting the metal knob, it is also accompanied by the crisp feel and clicking sound of the mechanical gear.

It is worth noting that there is also a circle of ambient lights below the multiple metal knobs, which echoes the Halo light effect system on the front.

There is a USB-C charging port on the back of the speaker, and there is also a circle of status indicators around the charging port to show the charging status.

Under the appearance of cyberpunk, the functions of the platinum unicorn cyber speaker are also more comprehensive. Supports Bluetooth, LL (low latency), AUX, TWS connection modes. A 3.5mm to USB-C cable is included in the package.

If a user buys two platinum unicorn cyber speakers with a lot of money, they can also achieve a 1+1 stereo combination sound mode through the TWS mode. This speaker also supports Flyme connection, which can evoke quick pairing with the proximity of a Flyme Meizu phone.

It is also very appropriate to define it as a "desktop speaker", because its weight is about 1KG. Although it is small in size and the built-in battery is also portable, it still has a great sense of weight in the hand. If you put it in a bag, it is equivalent to taking an extra notebook to go out, and the pressure is not small.

Therefore, considering that most of the usage scenarios are used flat on the desktop, the Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker also has a mecha-style charging base with a homologous design. There is a USB-C charging port on the back of the base, which is connected to the speaker body. The contacts on the bottom are connected to supply power.

The Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker is equipped with a heavy-duty customized dual independent sound unit. This is an ultra-thin speaker specially developed by Elvis. It has a 48mm diameter, 10W power, and full-frequency sound specifications, thanks to its ultra-thin and smart design. , so that it can still emit a strong sound wave without occupying a lot of cavity volume.

The other side of the speaker is equipped with a bass passive radiator. After removing the orange protective cover, you can see the huge passive diaphragm. When the music is played, there will be a large vibration feedback. In addition to satisfying hearing, vision and touch will be satisfied by passive diaphragms.

Thanks to Elvis' exclusive Super Alive Bass acoustic technology, the Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker not only provides strong bass, but also ensures the sound effect of medium and high frequency.

The three-frequency separation is obvious, the vocals are relatively forward, and are not easily covered by the heavy bass, especially when playing female vocals, the middle and high frequency vocals still have obvious penetrating power, making the midrange full and the treble delicate.

In the top knob, you can switch between three Elvis special EQs, making it easy to control even the most stylized songs.

On the whole, with the blessing of the highly acclaimed Meizu "Platinum Unicorn" design elements, this Cyber ​​Speaker has been replaced with a new look that is very pleasing to users' attention. In a relatively portable and compact size, it still contains a huge amount of sound.

Of course, the sound alone is amazing, and the sound is amazing. At the same size, the sound quality of this speaker is already in the upper reaches.

As we mentioned in the previous article, when you hold this speaker in your hand, you realize that it is not intended to live on cost-effectively. After all, from the perspective of product materials and research and development, its product cost is not low. Therefore, it is suitable for users who have a unique pursuit of speaker design, are reluctant to settle on sound quality, and have ample purchasing power in their wallets.

In terms of price, the retail price of Meizu PANDAER × Elvis XOG Platinum Unicorn Cyber ​​Speaker is 1499 yuan, the crowdfunding price is 1199 yuan, and the base retail price is 199 yuan.

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