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If you want to require feedback on every word in your life, and your voice echoes, it’s really difficult. When short videos are so exciting and streaming media sucks our time like a whirlpool, not everyone is willing to listen carefully to what you say and give you feedback.

People can't give it, but things can be given.

"Cracking, crackling." This is not firecrackers, this is the keyboard feedback from the fingers to the soul, the crisp sound, and the feedback from the fingers, all of which make mechanical keyboard enthusiasts want to stop. They actively compared the differences of the various shafts, used them one by one, and finally chose their own "destined keyboard". It is best to have one where codewords are needed—including the office.

"It's noisy, it's noisy." This is not a scolding war, but the common voice of colleagues within 5 meters of the mechanical keyboard user.

The user’s eyes are full of feedback, which is noise in other people’s ears. Because of its existence, the office is no longer a quiet place to move bricks. It is a Syrian battlefield full of bombs and fires; it is the despair of your staying in bed on weekends and the decoration next door; it is the wings of mosquitoes flying in your ears when you are sleepy to the extreme.

When your colleagues on the left and right took out their mechanical keyboards, the left and right channels are all mechanical keyboard sounds, do you just want to shout: "Mechanical keyboard out of the workplace?"

But colleagues who use mechanical keyboards are also very aggrieved. I deliberately didn't choose the green axis. The office uses productivity-enhancing tools. Am I wrong?

Liu Xuewen, editor-in-chief of Ai Faner:

Our editorial department should be regarded as the hardest hit area using mechanical keyboards. In addition, I am also a person who needs heavy input work at work. Looking at the statistics of input methods before, it seems that I input more than 3000 characters on a working day. So for me, mechanical The keyboard is the office equipment I just need, not one of them.

In the office area of ​​the Aifaner content team, the mechanical keyboard seems to be a reasonable and necessary existence. I often encourage my colleagues to add mechanical keyboards and monitors to enhance the work experience. At least from the efficiency and experience level, the addition of these two devices is still very good. The big one, after all, from a supervisor who doesn't care about things most of the time, I still hope that everyone writes efficiently and happily.

▲ There are often different mechanical keyboards on Aifaner desk

CEO Secretary Li Xiaoxiao:

From two angles, as a user, I must feel that the mechanical keyboard feels very comfortable, and I feel happy for office use. But as a bystander, you will find the mechanical keyboard (especially the blue axis) very noisy, especially during a nap, when you hear the keyboard tapping, you can't wait to kill the typing person.

There is a colleague in our office who knows he is typing on the keyboard. Someone reported to me that he was too noisy and felt that he was killing the enemy by typing on the keyboard. This feeling is not appropriate.

Dachang Business Zhang Yiyue:

I use it both myself and my colleagues, and I think it's quite normal. Because the office is not very quiet, there are often discussions in many departments, so there is not much feeling.

State-owned enterprise employee Lin Haixin:

Very noisy and annoying. Have been Amway, but did not attract me. Why do you have to be so loud to work? When you want to settle down and do something, it is really noisy for others.

I think it's best not to use it if it can be used or not. In the eyes of people who are accustomed to mechanical keyboards, this sound is not exaggerated, but for those who are not using it, it is noise pollution. Just like cigarettes, if you smoke, do you feel the smell of smoke choking people, others will be miserable. Do you smoke in the office?

The lovely King Chunlei, a full-time charity worker:

I am a full-time charity worker. Compared to the current Internet environment, my office environment is relatively backward. The keyboard in the organization is Shuangfeiyan’s blue-axis keyboard. I don’t like the office’s blue-axis keyboard, and it feels soft and loud. . In the workplace, I actually pay much attention to the quietness of the environment. I myself chose a non-glazed version of Pennefather’s V500 Pro. The typing sound is relatively small, and the hand feel is not weak. For me, the trigger key travel is relatively slight. It will not be very conspicuous in the office.

I have discussed with my friends what mechanical keyboard they would use in the workplace. Most of my friends answered similarly to me. The mechanical keyboard is not expensive, feels good, and suitable for typing and office work. Most of them choose 107-key tea within 100 yuan. Axis mechanical keyboard, and the reason for this choice is to consider economic factors on the one hand, and the ideas of colleagues and leaders on the other, so I think if you want to work with code for a long time, it is recommended to use a 107-piece tea-axis mechanical keyboard that feels good. , Office will not be particularly tired.

▲ Different shafts have different percussive sounds

UI designer LiG:

I am a fan of mechanical keyboard from black to powder. I have been very sensitive to sound or smell since I was young, so it is difficult to accept noise. When mechanical keyboard first appeared in my office environment (green axis is very popular) The meeting), I really couldn’t stand it. Once I sent a "small report" to the leader to tell the colleague not to use the mechanical keyboard, which really affected my office mood.

But after the craze of the green axis faded, various axis bodies appeared. By chance, I opened a red axis ASMR video, and then my impression of the mechanical keyboard was completely changed, and I began to be fascinated by the sound of various axis bodies. Live and start to buy various shafts to try.

Brand Manager Xiao Miao-Hai:

As a media person, I am immune to the sound of a mechanical keyboard. By coincidence, the colleague I faced was using a mechanical keyboard.

Office workers will not be disturbed in daily office situations. Moreover, the keyboard feel of most enterprises is too bad. It is understandable for friends who want to choose mechanical keyboard for office work. I personally do not dislike this. Of course, if you really care about the loudness of the mechanical keyboard, you might as well think about whether it’s just a matter of focusing on your own office and just making excuses for yourself~

▲ NetEase Cloud once launched a fish fishing calculator

Ai Faner Editor-in-Chief Liu Xuewen

As mentioned earlier, I rely heavily on mechanical keyboards and buy a large amount of experience mechanical keyboards. I often use Amway mechanical keyboards. Many colleagues and friends think of me when they want to borrow, occupy, or buy mechanical keyboards. So, if you ask me how I look at it, it depends on which mechanical keyboard it is. Some spicy chicken keyboards make my eyes hurt.

From my personal experience, other people's use of any mechanical keyboard with a shaft will not affect me. I am probably very accustomed to that sound. But objectively speaking, I still recommend that you don't use the click-and-click cyan-axis and green-axis keyboard in the office. The red-axis and silver-axis will have much lower noise.

If it is the kind of occasions that require mute, then mechanical keyboards really should not be used.

CEO Secretary Li Xiaoxiao:

If the overall environment is noisy, it certainly doesn't matter. But if the whole environment is relatively quiet, the percussive sound of the keyboard will affect people's emotions, making people very irritable, and may even beat people.

My overall view is that the mechanical keyboard can be used in the office area, but the volume of tapping needs to be controlled. And, the green shaft got out of the office.

Dachang Business Zhang Yiyue:

I think the mechanical keyboard feels good, and I like to use it. After using it, I am more willing to type and communicate. For occasions, as long as you don’t use it during lunch break, I think it’s okay.

State-owned enterprise employee Lin Haixin:

Of course, it’s just that I don’t think it’s mandatory, it's all based on personal self-consciousness. We call out of the office to make a call, and we smoke out of the office to smoke, but if someone uses a mechanical keyboard in the office, you can't blame it. Because it is related to work, you really seem to have a small mind when you say it, and it is difficult to define whether it is noisy or not.

In fact, I think it's okay to use the mechanical keyboard normally, but some people like to use a strong tap to match the mechanical keyboard, and every time they type is very loud. I don't know if they want to show that they are working hard, but every time the sound of the mechanical keyboard disappears, I feel that the person is fishing again.

UI designer LiG:

If there is no one in the office using the blue axis, it will not be very noisy, so I think it should be "the blue axis should get out of the workplace." In addition, for some people who are particularly sensitive to sounds like me, I suggest that they try to experience various shafts that have good small sounds and no sense of passage. It may not be surprising that they will be pulled into the pit.

Liu Xuewen, editor-in-chief of Ai Faner:

Most people should not have the sound of mechanical keyboards that I am so used to, and the need for a relatively quiet office environment, plus someone vigorously knocks on the green axis, it will indeed disturb the people. A long time ago, it seemed that a colleague used the keyboard to really feel like practicing vigorously. Other colleagues protested.

If you talk about the relationship between mechanical keyboards and workplace etiquette, I think it’s appropriate not to use the green axis and try not to hit vigorously. In addition, you have to look at the compatibility of the office environment and colleagues.

Could this topic be a tactful protest against my use of the Amway mechanical keyboard?

CEO Secretary Li Xiaoxiao:

I like to use mechanical keyboards very much. Those who don’t like it probably think that mechanical keyboards are loud, and some keyboards require a lot of percussive force, so they don’t like it.

But I don’t think it should be restricted. There is freedom in the workplace. Only if you control the volume without affecting others, you are free to use any keyboard!

▲ Mechanical keyboard is related to workplace freedom

Dachang Business Zhang Yiyue:

The main reason for dislike is that some people feel that the sound is relatively loud, and the noise that affects their daily work thinking/rest time is too loud.

I think the use of a mechanical keyboard is one of etiquette as long as it is divided into occasions.

State-owned enterprise employee Lin Haixin:

meeting. To be honest, I would have a bad initial impression of a colleague who knocks loudly in the office. But whether to make friends with them from colleagues has nothing to do with mechanical keyboards.

My close colleague is also a mechanical keyboard lover. I also told him a few times that he was very loud and really wanted to hit him. Sometimes when he encountered work troubles, the keyboard sound was completely audible. As I said, he will not change it, but he will pay attention to it in the short term. I don't know how to use a mechanical keyboard in the office, but to my colleagues-I can only say that I have made do with it.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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