McDonald’s said that the homophonic terrier, LV let you touch the tiger’s tail, the advertisement is better than the Spring Festival stall? |Spring Festival Special

New Year's Eve, who doesn't want to watch something good to relax and unwind?

But as netizens complained, "Before there was the Spring Festival Gala and New Year's Eve, and then there was the National Football Team that blocked the first day of the new year."

Walk into the cinema and you are greeted by a bloody bombardment or a hokey literature of pain.

In contrast, some Spring Festival advertisements for the Year of the Tiger are more interesting.

Are you busy visiting your door for New Year's greetings, are you overwhelmed by all kinds of "Gong Xi Fa Cai", "Happy New Year", "Tiger Tiger Prosperity" and "Tiger Tiger Shengwei", do you need to take a breath?

Today, the Spring Festival Fishing Special is here!

Take it easy~ We have integrated some interesting and interesting marketing ideas for the Year of the Tiger, and we plan to take you to open your mind to see the commercials that are better than the Spring Festival stalls, the tiger's tail that you can touch, and the quirky "Love Tiger Post". Weird homonyms.

Want to see a hilarious New Year's card? You don't have to go to the cinema. A 9-minute commercial that includes Huang Bo and Xu Zheng can also be better than a Spring Festival comedy.

It is precisely the Wanfu Jinan 2022 micro-movie "Tiger Spirit" jointly launched by Jin Dian and An Muxi.

The story begins with a misunderstood "layoff notice" and a secretly competing red tie.

Xu Wanfu and Jin An are two bright-faced company executives who suddenly faced a workplace crisis in the year of the tiger. In order to resolve the crisis, the two started a prosperous "change of fate"——

Wearing red long pants, red underwear and red jacket? Not enough, you have to eat wolfberry, red dates, red peppers and tomatoes… From the inside out, from head to toe, the red is dazzling, red to the extreme, every corner cannot be missed.

In such a ridiculous and exaggerated competition, who won in the end? The suspense is left to you, I laughed anyway.

Every Spring Festival, why does my cousin disappear mysteriously, and why is my cousin always entangled?

The 2022 Chinese New Year advertisement of "League of Legends" filmed the daily life of a pair of "cat and mouse" cousins. Every Spring Festival, my cousin will try every means to pull my cousin to the Internet, saying, "This time I will never cheat you", but the reality is that I can't bring the sky and I have never won.

This year, my cousin finally managed to escape from my cousin's "claw", only to find that…

The tone of the film is fun and fun, and it's about games, not just games. For us, it has already become an operation full of festive flavors to have a black game with relatives and friends whom we haven't seen for a long time during the festival.

At this moment, do you remember which brother cheated on you?

The fluffy tiger tail, do you dare to touch it?

The new LV store in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu has recently become an "Internet celebrity check-in place" because of a special installation for the Year of the Tiger.

The total area is more than 2,000 square meters, including modern and modern glass retail space, and the classical and traditional Cantonese Guild Hall. The huge tiger tail surrounds it, which not only has the New Year atmosphere of the Tiger, but also is naughty and funny, and it also skillfully integrates traditional Chinese culture and modern art.

According to the Ideal Life Lab , this is the third Louis Vuitton home in mainland China. It not only has a retail function, but also a space for culture and lifestyle, carrying the brand history, spirit and heritage of LV.

This year of the tiger, Nai Xue's tea is based on the theme of "holding a tiger cup, like a tiger adding power". In cooperation with the intangible cultural heritage paper-cut artist Yu Ping and Ren Ren, they hand-cut 6 colored paper-cuts for use in the design of limited-edition products for the New Year.

The 6 "cute tigers" are vivid, with the artistic conception of traditional Chinese paper-cutting, and at the same time, the colors are bright and cute. Coupled with the copywriting such as "One operation is as fierce as a tiger, I will earn him 150 million first", "The cute tiger comes out of the mountain and takes off the list in place", "The tiger's head and the tiger's brain are not troubled", "The wallet is bulging, I will never be a paper tiger" and other copywriting, it has brought the intangible cultural heritage closer. The distance between art and young people.

According to the official introduction , the comprehensive "painted paper-cut" was created by the two artists who combined traditional folk paper-cut art with contemporary art concepts and techniques such as collage, color matting, rendering, rubbing, texture, spray painting, and water washing. The purpose of this cooperation is to make intangible cultural heritage art into daily life, and to let intangible cultural heritage blossom into vitality today through inheritance and innovation.

In addition to the tiger pattern on the cup body, Nai Xue also launched a tiger-shaped cup stopper, which can be obtained by purchasing a designated tea drink + 1 yuan (also used as a data cable protective cover). In addition, Nai Xue also launched new Chinese desserts such as small mochi, butterfly crisps, and sesame chips.

It is obviously the Year of the Tiger, but BMW has gained popularity with its nonsense.

"BMW is full of power, and it will be even more powerful immediately, the tiger will be full of wind immediately, the year of the tiger will be auspicious, and it will be happy now!" Just looking at the description of the copywriting is so-so, but after clicking on the video for more than 1 minute, you will doubt your own Eyes: What the hell did I just see!

Unexpectedly, the first time I watched it, it was a bit addicting the second time, and I couldn't stop the third time.

Netizens' reactions to this Chinese New Year advertisement are quite polarized. Some think that BMW has no connotation, and it's so embarrassing.

To be honest, I thought I would see the same cookie-cutter micro-movie of a warm car owner again, or a blockbuster car ride. Unexpectedly, BMW unloaded its burden and ended up playing with the young people, which was a bit of a surprise.

The homophonic stalk is here, and this prosperous world is as Wang Jianguo wished.

In early January, McDonald's cooperated with China Post to launch "Love Tiger Post" limited stamps for the Year of the Tiger. The set contains a total of 12 stamps with a face value of 1.20 yuan, and there are also five classic elements printed with McDonald's logo, Mccafe, McWhirlwind, Big Mac and McNuggets.

A set of stamps is priced at 88 yuan, limited to 5,000 sets, and McDonald's fans are overjoyed. It's sold out when it's on sale.

It's not just McDonald's that has launched "Love Tiger Mail". Recently, the United Nations has also launched commemorative stamps for the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar.

The Year of the Tiger stamp edition consists of 10 stamps, each with a face value of $1.30 and a set price of $15.95 (approximately RMB 101). The main stamp of the stamp is a picture of "Tiger Sniffing Roses" created by Chinese designer Pan Hu, and the secondary stamp is the emblem of the United Nations.

The global design director of the United Nations Postal Administration said that this set of stamps not only maintains the classic Chinese design elements, but also shows a strong sense of modernity and the future. While the tiger represents strength, majesty and prosperity in the Chinese zodiac, the stamps of the Year of the Tiger also convey a positive message.

Sorry to bomb your eyes with red again.

Beginning in 2018, Bananai will launch the "Red Project" every New Year, recruiting artists to cooperate, re-creating the traditional Chinese zodiac signs, redesigning the basic red models, and packaging them into panties that can be transported and socks that can become popular , lucky nightgowns, and more.

This year, Jiao Nei collaborated with artists Zhu Jingyi and Fansack to launch a limited-edition gift box for the Year of the Tiger with the theme of "Tiger Mountain". Clearing the fog and seeing the light, the indomitable tiger mountain walks, the cool visual effects add a little more national tide temperament to Bananai.

In addition, Bananai also promised to donate part of the sales of the Red Plan products to the "Partnership Program" of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to help young people who have been relocated from poverty alleviation and relocated to adapt to their new lives.

In the past, the family's New Year's Eve dinner and cleaning were all decided by parents. But now, the young man is in charge!

In Procter & Gamble's "New Year, Home for Love" commercials, young people personally control a table of delicacies from mountains and seas, shouting for parents to wash their hands and eat; lift the quilt at 6 am and ask parents to get up to clean up together; Mom and her boyfriend have a reverse marriage push.

You see, Uncle Wang next door is right in and out all day long, everyone is waiting to give you some money!

Imitating the way of shooting vlogs, with cheerful copywriting and post-production close to the tastes of young people, this 4-minute film has reached 1.065 million views on station B.

Behind the fun and laughter, P&G captured the insight that young people are experiencing the "transposition" of family identity – we who have walked out of the campus and entered the society are no longer the children of the family, but the pillars of the new generation of the family. You and I both resonate with this.

Balenciaga's Chinese New Year advertisement for the Year of the Tiger is very simple, playing with dislocation and humor.

You thought it was the aunt reading the newspaper and the uncle playing on the phone, but those body proportions that did not conform to normal human body proportions made you feel that something was wrong…

The clever thing about this ad is that it needs to be "together" to be perfect.

Orange and leopard print echo the Year of the Tiger, and the dislocation just means reunion, just like a naughty family in front of them, who staged a tacit New Year's prank for the audience.

Let's have another "New Year's film", open your mind, and watch the fun.

"Jiang Dongming", who became popular in the "Annual Comedy Contest" with his magical dance, this time turned into a man from the Three Top Caves, and suddenly crossed into the modern age at the moment when the flag was established in the new year.

In the 7-minute commercial of Xiaomi Smart Ecology, they saw "sweeping the floor", fell in love with "drinking more hot water", learned to eat snail noodles with an air purifier, and were reluctant to go back to the one with nothing. cave…

Still the taste of trap comedy, absurd but inexplicably fun.

Some Year of the Tiger marketing has been played as "cat marketing". For example, recently, MUJI has joined hands with Ant Forest to launch a series of co-created products from the Big Cat Forest.

The inspiration for this Year of the Tiger series comes from the rare wild animals in the Ant Forest Reserve. Designer Xincun Zeren designed big cats such as Siberian tigers, desert cats, and snow leopards into lifelike animal patterns, and then printed them on bags, sweaters, water glasses, tableware and cushions. It is hoped that consumers can pay attention to rare wild animals while feeling a good life.

According to SocialBeat, MUJI also plans to donate funds to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to plant 50,000 sylvestris pine trees in the Xilin Gol League area of ​​Inner Mongolia to contribute to a better ecological environment.

How is it, do you like today's fishing special?

Not much to say, creative .patch is here, I wish you a prosperous and prosperous year of the tiger!

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