McDonald’s global changes packaging, this time to go minimalist style?

If you have been to McDonald's recently, have you noticed that it has quietly "transformed"?

Yes, after 4 years, this global fast food chain giant finally changed its packaging.

Recently, the international design brand Pearlfisher officially unveiled their brand packaging vision system for McDonald's . This new design will be launched in all stores around the world within two years.

Saying goodbye to the gorgeous publicity of the past, this time McDonald's has also begun to be minimalist and fresh.

"Minimal" McDonald's new packaging is here

In the past, McDonald’s food packaging was either food pictures or large texts, but this time they have directly turned into various simple illustrations.

For example, on the box of "Maiyu", you can only see waves of blue waves with a clean white background with a simple name written on it.

The breakfast sandwich "Mai Fen" only has a big egg yolk, but it is also very reminiscent of the rising sun in the morning.

The body of the Coke cup is filled with circles of bubbles, and there are different illustrations on different drinks, which visualize the taste of various drinks.

On Whirlwind’s packaging, the ice cream and biscuits have become small pink-orange dots, mixed in red waves of varying widths, bringing a little dreamy color.

The packaging of the Big Mac directly becomes a cartoon-style cross-section of a hamburger. The grains of sesame, lettuce, and beef on it look very rich, but the presentation is still clean and simple.

The original fries box, which is already very simple, has not changed much. It still has the red shell. There are also straight fries stripes in the box, which looks childlike and cute.

But the French fries are drawn in the fries box. This operation made netizens call "good guys":

I only hope that McDonald's will not take the opportunity to lose less French fries!

Some packaging designs have been updated in China before.

Among them, chicken wings and various chicken burgers are painted with cartoon chickens in different colors outlined in stick figures. They seem to run over the bag in the next second.

The double-layer cheeseburger directly dropped two slices of orange cheese flowing on the packaging, which seemed to capture the attractive core highlights of this fort.

In addition, McDonald's also announced the launch of a self-developed artificial meat burger McPlant . This is also the first time McDonald's has set foot in the field of plant burgers.

Looking at it as a whole, this time McDonald’s new packaging selects the most iconic and recognizable part of each food, and then uses multiple colors, simple flat illustrations, and basic geometric shapes to present it. People can think of what's in the box at a glance.

This modern graphic design is refreshing, and the overall vision has become brighter, relaxed and lively.

Matt Sia, Creative Director of Pearlfisher, said:

We hope that through simple illustrations, the packaging can be easily identified, minimized aesthetically, and most importantly, emotionally pleasing.

So for consumers, this is a design with great visual memory.

For the staff, the systematic visual design also helps them identify food quickly and improve work efficiency.

Of course, for McDonald's, they have once again activated their brand through a new visual design system. The new style design is actually a timely change for McDonald's to adapt to the current trend.

Prior to this, McDonald's had done many interesting iterations in order to "advance with the times."

McDonald's packaging that has been "following the trend"

Since its founding in Chicago, USA in 1955, McDonald's now has nearly 40,000 branches worldwide and has changed its packaging design many times during the period .

▲ McDonald’s first packaging design in 1955 was a chef named Speedee, which also meant fast food

In 1961, the color company Pantone selected the popular colors of that year: cinnabar orange, bright pink, grass green, lemon chrome, cyan, bright purple. That year, McDonald's also confirmed its own bright iconic Color matching: red and yellow.

At that time, under the hands of architect Stanley Clark Meston and assistant Charles Fish, the most classic golden arch shape was born.

In 1983, McDonald's product categories became more and more abundant, so it also produced more outer packaging. In order to keep food fresh and warm, McDonald's launched foam packaging boxes this year. But it didn't take long for the foam box to suffer a great public relations crisis in the market because it was not environmentally friendly.

The Republican Senator Robert T. Stafford of Vermont pointed out that the main chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) component in the McDonald's foam box will seriously damage the atmosphere and cause environmental pollution. Soon McDonald's foam box will withdraw from history.

McDonald's also began to learn lessons and became more concerned about current social trends.

So in 1990, McDonald's began to use brown paper bag design, and it has been used since then.

It was not until 2003 that paper bags began to return to white.

This year is also a year when McDonald's packaging design closely follows the trend of young people.

They put forward the marketing idea of ​​"I'm lovin' it" (I like it), and directly printed group portraits of contemporary young people on the packaging, showing their diverse lifestyles.

From trendy young people on skateboarding to astronauts wearing space hats, McDonald's also became one of the popular foods in the hearts of young people at that time.

However, in 2008, "health" began to become a new food trend. Fried fast food McDonald's was also regarded as the initiator of obesity, so over time, McDonald's became a representative of "junk food."

Although it cannot change the nature of food, in order to cater to this health wave, McDonald's also tries to make its food look healthier.

So they display a lot of fruits and vegetables on the packaging. The burger box is covered with green vegetable leaves, and the French fries box is filled with bags of freshly unearthed potatoes, which is very green at a glance.

In later packaging design, McDonald's also repeatedly emphasized elements such as recyclability and sustainability, including the first use of paper bags and the use of strawless cup lids. The packaging paper has always had a recyclable environmental logo.

The social trend is evolving rapidly, and then the mobilization wave swept the market and brought great turbulence to the fast food industry.

In 2013, McDonald's subsequently attached a QR code to the packaging bag. As long as you scan it, consumers can see the nutritional parameters of the food and many other information.

In order to promote sales and attract more consumers, on some special festivals, McDonald’s will also cooperate with major trend brands or fashion IPs to launch limited packaging and souvenirs, such as Minions, Doraemon, Pokémon, etc. .

It wasn't until 2016 that McDonald's launched the previous generation of packaging design: Dynamic Design.

Red, golden, purple, orange, light blue, bright green, rose red and other large fonts fill the bags and boxes, making McDonald's packaging appear bold and bold, and it is getting cooler.

In fact, every time it is updated, McDonald's not only follows the trend of society and fashion, it is also closely related to the development of corporate revenue, and packaging has always been a "speaker" at the forefront, a vane-like existence.

When the packaging design of an explosive product is at the center of the topic of young people and under the lens of mobile phones, it often means that they are becoming a new "social currency".

The design that McDonald's changed this time is also in the new trend.

Concise and flat new design style

The rapid progress of the Internet has made the world flatter and younger.

Therefore, in recent years, we can see that major fashion brands have simplified their logos and changed their fonts to simpler sans-serif fonts.

▲The old font on the left, the new font on the right

YSL's handwriting has become "sans-serif", Céline's French style has become "sans-serif", Burberry has also changed from the original knight image with serif fonts and various complex elements to "sans-serif".

McDonald’s new packaging font is also sans serif, which reflects the trend of increasingly modern, concise and flat design.

This trend also makes brands themselves more inclusive. When they walk into more diversified social networks, they can promote wider communication and be easier to understand by the public.

The designer of Hamish Campbell, executive creative director of McDonald’s packaging design, also said :

"Simplification" is a very important opportunity for McDonald's. It will allow McDonald's to resonate in different markets.

The aesthetics of the times are changing. In 2016, Subway hired Joe Tripodi, the former chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola, to try to get him to recover the decline in performance and revive the brand .

When Joe Tripodi took office, he first made Subway's original rich design combination logo more simple and modern.

▲The upper is the old version, and the lower is the new version

In January of this year, Burger King, who had fallen in love with McDonald's for decades, also kept up with this wave of packaging design trends.

They removed the original iconic blue arc in the Logo and replaced it with a simple design with only red-orange tones and rounded fonts. At the same time, a series of visual designs such as food packaging, restaurants, and employee uniforms were all updated simultaneously.

▲ The left is the old version, the right is the new version

This is also the first time Burger King has rebranded in 20 years .

They also try to convey to consumers that they are a brand that is constantly developing and following new trends.

The new visual framework of these giant brands, while constantly improving brand awareness, often also affects the way global icons are expressed.

New catering brands take this opportunity to rise to the wind.

Shake Shack , a popular hamburger brand that originated from the streets of New York, quickly became popular around the world. They not only advocate the health, green, and environmental protection advocated by contemporary young people, but also attach great importance to quality in terms of environment, service, and food itself.

Of course, what attracts young people more is their unique packaging. It looks simple, but very clean and clear. The pattern design is very flat, but it fits the fashionable aesthetic of modern people.

The fierce competition in the fast food industry has never stopped. But in this rapidly changing era, the importance of packaging design is becoming more and more unignorable.

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