Mazda 6 officially announced that it will stop selling, another classic model comes to an end, the next step: large displacement 6-cylinder

Zoom, Zoom.

This simple and powerful "engine sound" advertising slogan originated from a series of TV and print advertisements launched by Mazda in 2000. Accompanied by the background sound of "Zoom Zoom", Mazda's dynamics and agility are deeply rooted in people's hearts and have become the iconic elements of the brand.

Through this concise and powerful advertising slogan, Mazda has successfully regained its original intention of rejuvenating the brand. The core of "Zoom Zoom" has penetrated into all aspects of design and manufacturing from the beginning, injecting vitality and vitality into Mazda and opening the door to the future. To this day, this passion still flows through every Mazda.

However, today, more than 20 years later, Mazda's first model built based on the "Zoom Zoom" concept has officially come to an end.

Mazda recently announced that its mid-size sedan, the Mazda 6, will be discontinued in the Japanese market in mid-April, which means the life of the model has come to an end. Previously, the company had discontinued sales of the model in North America and the United Kingdom. At the same time, Mazda has also made it clear that it currently has no plans to develop a successor model.

In the Chinese market, the Mazda6 has not been updated for more than two years, and the latest model is still the 2021 Atez.

This model was discontinued in March last year. At that time, Changan Mazda also offered huge discounts. The top model with an official guide price of 218,800 yuan was only sold for 153,200 yuan, and other models also had discounts as low as 56,900 yuan. Subsequently, Changan Mazda launched the 2023 Enkesela (Mazda3) in July, but the Atez did not receive an update.

Perhaps because of this, the discontinuation of Mazda6 is not surprising at all. The model that was born with the dream of "Zoom Zoom" was ruthlessly eliminated by the market and had no choice but to pass into history.

"Common prosperity" between FAW Mazda and car owners

Atenza, also known as Mazda 6, its name comes from the Italian "Attenzione", which means "attention". This is indeed the case. After the first-generation Mazda6 was released at the 2002 North American International Auto Show, it immediately became the focus of the world.

As the first mid-size sedan in the new century, the Mazda 6 has completely subverted its previous stable shape, showing a strong sense of sportiness, and its interior is also significantly more fashionable.

This facelifted Mazda has naturally won many design awards, including "Second Place in European Car of the Year", Car and Driver's Top Ten Cars of 2003, and Australia's Best Cars in 2002 and 2003. The American Men's Journal magazine also I once spoke highly of the Mazda6 and believed that Mazda’s creativity cannot be overstated:

Mazda6 is the pinnacle of design and engineering!

Its configuration is equally complete, with multi-function steering wheel, electric sunroof, electric rearview mirror, DSC body stabilization system, single-disc CD, leather seats, front lumbar support, etc.

▲Picture from: NetCarShow

In terms of power, the first-generation Mazda6, the main sales model, is equipped with three engines: 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.3L. The maximum power is 126 horsepower, 145 horsepower and 168 horsepower respectively. In the US market where horsepower is paramount, Mazda6 still uses A Ford 3.0L V6 engine is installed, with a maximum power of 201 horsepower.

Mazda even launched a performance version of the Mazda 6, the Speed ​​Atenza, in the Japanese market in 2006. The model is called the Mazda 6 MPS in North America and Europe; it is called the Mazda Speed ​​6 in South Africa and Australia.

Speed ​​Atenza

This performance car uses a 2.3L turbocharged engine, which produces a maximum power of 272 horsepower and a peak torque of 380 Nm. It is matched with a 6-speed manual transmission and even a four-wheel drive system. With the help of this power system, the car's acceleration time from zero to 100 seconds was only 5.4 seconds. At that time, Mazda established this model's competitors as Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Mitsubishi EVO.

Of course, in the Chinese market where the car-playing atmosphere is not so strong, there is no such treatment.

In 2003, when Mazda and China's FAW Cars merged, the first model launched was the Mazda6. At that time, only the 2.3L model was introduced to China, and the 2.0L model was introduced in July of the following year.

The interior and configuration of the FAW Mazda 6 are not much different from the overseas version, and it basically maintains the "original flavor" of the overseas version. Relying on its strong product strength and steady presence in the Chinese sedan market, FAW Mazda has successfully made a fortune with only one model, the Mazda6.

Initially, Mazda 6 only had a four-door sedan version in China. However, with the addition of coupe and wagon versions in 2006, the strategy of Mazda 6 began to change quietly. The four-door sedan version gradually moved closer to the mainstream mid-size car market, and its sales volume It relies almost entirely on C-side personal consumption.

▲Mazda6 Wagon

The first-generation Mazda6 not only succeeded in making FAW Mazda "wealthy", it was also the starting car for thousands of families in China. Its popularity in the country is so high that Mazda even retained the first-generation model for sale even after the launch of the second-generation model. This also makes China the only country in the world where two generations of Mazda 6 are sold under the same roof. s country.

Entering the mainstream works better than any blue ocean strategy.

Yu Hongjiang, then deputy general manager of FAW Mazda, said on the eve of the release of the second-generation Mazda6 that he hoped to carve out a piece of the cake from the business car market while consolidating personal consumption. It is against this background that FAW Mazda introduced the second-generation Mazda 6 based on the GH platform, which is called "Rui Wing" in China.

▲Mazda6 Ruiyi

After the replacement, the Mazda 6 not only becomes more dynamic in appearance, but also looks younger in the interior. However, in order to take into account the public and commercial markets, Mazda enlarged the size of the Ruiyi. The vehicle length reached 4755mm and the wheelbase was 2725mm. At the same time, the original 2.3L engine was also replaced by a 2.5L engine with a larger displacement, and the highest power followed. Came to 169 horsepower.

Not only that, the safety performance of the second-generation Mazda6 has also been improved. In 2009, E-NCAP conducted a crash test on the second-generation Mazda6 and gave it a high rating of 5 points for its adult occupant protection. In 2010, it was also selected as the best car by the famous British magazine What car? Magazine. 2010 Car of the Year.

It was also from this generation that Mazda put forward the concept of "integration of man and horse". Because of its excellent chassis tuning and handling performance, it was dubbed the "King of Corners" by many car fans.

Former Mazda CEO Hiroaki Tsuruno said in an interview at the end of 2019 that in Mazda's understanding, vehicles are not only cold machines, but also have their own "souls."

When excellent drivers drive a car with a soul, a strange chemical reaction will occur between them, and they will enter the most ideal state together – this is "the unity of man and horse"

Perhaps, this is how Mazda's classic paint color "Soul Red" came about.

From peak to decline

In 2012, the third-generation Mazda6 Atez was born. It can be said that this is the mid-size sedan with the most Mazda character. The commendable soulful design and excellent handling have attracted much attention. At its peak, it was even comparable to the Camry and Accord.

▲Mazda Atez

In this generation of models, Mazda has introduced the new Chuangchi Blue Sky technology. Its 2.5L engine has two working modes: Atkinson cycle and Alto cycle. The compression ratio is as high as 14. While reducing fuel consumption, the engine torque is increased by 15%. promote.

At the same time, in terms of fuel economy, the 4-2-1 exhaust manifold avoids the knocking phenomenon caused by high compression ratio as much as possible, allowing Atez to add 92-grade gasoline. To give a counterexample, the compression ratio of the Volkswagen 1.4T DSI engine at that time was only 10, but in order to avoid knocking, 95 grade gasoline was needed.

In terms of actual experience, Atez's SkyCraft technology took into account fuel consumption, power and the needs of the earth. At that time, only Honda's Earth Dream could compete.

For the body part, Canadian Solar uses ultra-high-strength steel with a maximum strength of 1800Mpa. The usage of steel with a strength of 780Mpa or above is close to 20% of the steel used in the entire body. The usage of high-strength steel with a strength of above 440Mpa in the entire vehicle has reached 61%. The improvement in body rigidity also brings Atez one step closer to becoming a driver's car.

We have to admit that in terms of sales, the Mazda 6 can be called a legendary model. Since its launch in 2002, its cumulative sales worldwide have exceeded 2 million units. However, as time went by, Atez's problems were also exposed. In 2020, Mazda's sales in China have declined for three consecutive years, with cumulative sales of only 214,500 vehicles.

At that time, Mazda was showing a polarizing trend in the Chinese market. Changan Mazda was gradually recovering with the support of a variety of new cars and new technologies, while FAW Mazda was still lingering at the bottom – the problem was precisely Atez.

Data from Car Quality Network shows that Atez ranked first in the car complaint list in 2020. The most serious problems are abnormal noises in the body and center console. The cumulative number of complaints about the 2020 models has reached 3559. As a result, Atez became a veritable "Atez".

Another reason for Atez's failure is space.

In order to enhance sports performance at the structural level, Atez's interior space is completely uncompetitive among similar models. The vibration filtering and sound insulation performance required for mid-size sedans are also relatively average, and its wind noise control is not even as good as Mazda's. Compact sedan Angkesela. What's even more fatal is that Mazda has encountered independent brands with continuously improving product capabilities and the surging electrification wave.

When times are bad, great talents are hard to come by.

In August 2021, FAW Mazda officially announced its withdrawal from the stage of history, "Yes, this is our last push." FAW Mazda reviewed everything in this push. In the end, it could only sigh with emotion, "The road will be long and the years will be long. Don't forget each other after we say goodbye."

Electrification or premiumization?

The rapid increase in the number of electrified models has deeply stimulated our parent company, Mazda.

At the 2022 Chongqing Auto Show, Wang Hui, executive vice president of Changan Mazda, did not shy away from Mazda's lagging behind in electrification. He admitted frankly that Mazda, which emphasizes ultimate control, is now aware of its own predicament.

However, their response is not to pounce on electrification.

Jeremy Thomson, managing director of Mazda UK, once revealed that Mazda’s goal is to become a true luxury brand, “What Toyota Lexus can do, Mazda can do the same.”

▲Mazda CX-80 imaginary picture, picture from: Carscoops

Just last month, Carscoops revealed more details about Mazda’s upcoming mid-to-large luxury SUV CX-80. The new car will have a variety of powertrain options, including:

  • 3.3L e-Skyactiv D inline six-cylinder diesel engine + mild hybrid
  • 3.3L e-Skyactiv-G inline six-cylinder gasoline engine + mild hybrid
  • 2.5L four-cylinder plug-in hybrid

It should be noted that Mazda also hides a 3.0L SPCCI engine called e-Skyactiv , realizing the self-ignition compression ignition process of the diesel engine.

Mazda believes that this is one of the important ways to achieve efficient, clean and economical engines, and the CX-80 will not be the only model using this engine. Mazda also plans to put it in a new luxury rear-wheel drive sedan inside.

Yes, high-endization is the path Mazda wants to take. Letting Mazda owners no longer be stuck in traffic jams may be their goal.

With no one to take over the Mazda6 banner, it can only go with the wind.

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