Martell, “Five Three”, Yellow Crane Tower, how can everything be made into ice cream?

If you count an online celebrity food ranking based on the number of times food is shared on the Internet, its competition should not be inferior to the celebrity popularity list. Every few months, there will be a big rotation of online celebrity food.

The Liuzhou snail noodles on the list with the taste buds of "smelling the smell and eating the fragrance" have not yet gained a firm foothold, they ushered in the "cross-provincial challenge" from Nanchang mixing noodles; sugar-free soda with the name of health Water has not yet secured the top spot on the hot beverage list, and it has been questioned by consumers about sugar, and the heat has cooled down.

Consumers are constantly pursuing freshness, and food is high-frequency consumption. Only by constantly creating new online celebrity products can merchants compete for the precious attention of consumers. What is interesting is that many online celebrity foods are constantly changing brands. You can always see ice cream.

Ice cream, the "top stream" in the food industry

Ice cream is probably the easiest Internet celebrity food. Every once in a while, you will always see a new flavor and new shape of ice cream in social circles such as Weibo, Moments of Friends, and Xiaohongshu.

Growing up eating small puddings, we seem to be tired of the sweet combination of milk and ice cream. We are keen to see everything combined with ice cream, which also makes the sudden explosion of ice cream seem irregular.

Before our tastes have become tricky, the ancient Internet celebrity ice cream still stayed in the authentic flavors such as matcha and Hokkaido milk. Over time, the shape and flavor of the ice cream began to "roll".

The industrial-style cement-shaped coconut ash ice cream, the cherished milk ice cream that solidifies the joy of milk tea, and the salted egg yolk ice cream that combines salty and sweet challenges. Judging from the popular Internet celebrity ice cream these years, its shape and taste are rich in plasticity. It is far beyond the imagination of consumers. It seems that the more outrageous the taste and shape, the higher the traffic.

However, what is faster than Internet celebrity ice cream is the speed at which it is abandoned and forgotten by the market.

Take the salted egg yolk ice cream that exploded last year as an example. At its peak, more than 100 manufacturers followed suit and launched various salted egg yolk ice creams. After consumers’ curiosity faded, the sales of salted egg yolk flavors plummeted and are now on the market. There are only a handful of salted egg yolk ice creams.

In an interview, Aoxue, who created the salted egg yolk explosion model, said in an interview that the cold beverage industry is the most brutally competitive among fast-moving foods. A company introduces more than 20 new products to the market every year, of which only one or two new products can survive. One, the others will be eliminated by the market.

The ice cream circle is a bit like a Vanity Fair. The tide is ebb and flow, and the "cake" is coming and going. This summer has not yet arrived. The battle for the top brand of ice cream has quietly started. Judging from the popularity of online sharing, a new generation of Internet celebrity ice cream The most powerful competitor is probably the "park ice cream" that you dismissed when traveling.

Click on Xiaohongshu and other popular grass-growing communities, and you will find that wearing big sunglasses and going to Haagen-Dazs in the big shopping mall to order a fruit ice-cream cup is outdated. Going to Yuyuantan Park to eat a cherry blossom ice cream is that. The new trend of the trend.

When you come to Yuyuantan in the spring, perhaps the most eye-catching thing is not the pink flowers blooming on the trees, but the 15 pieces of cherry blossom-shaped ice cream in the surrounding shops on the corner of the street. Judging from the number of likes in the photo, the "ice flower" does indeed require More floral than real.

When I came to the Yellow Crane Tower, standing at the best shooting point to take a full picture of the Yellow Crane Tower can only be called for a tour. Go to the cold drink shop next to buy an ice cream in the shape of the Yellow Crane Tower and brush it under the same frame as the Yellow Crane Tower The secret to bursting into a circle of friends.

The Forbidden City has Rui Beast ice cream, the West Lake has Broken Bridge meet ice cream, Leshan Giant Buddha has pagoda ice cream… Ice cream is becoming the new business card of these tourist attractions, as long as you can be called the famous 5A scenic spot, you are all trying to combine your own. With cultural characteristics, to create their own unique cultural and creative ice cream, the various scenic spots secretly wrestle and look like elementary school students who compare their scores with each other.

According to the statistics of bloggers on Xiaohongshu, there are 21 kinds of cultural and creative ice cream in Beijing alone. The collection of these unique ice cream guides is like a complete guide to Beijing travel.

Wenchuang ice cream uses an innovative perspective to better integrate its own cultural concepts into the product, and uses distinctive external representations to serve customers, allowing customers to spontaneously spread and share photos on social networks. After sharing again and again, I got a freeze on the Internet.

And Wenchuang ice cream has replaced the exotic flavor as the new internet celebrity of ice cream, which shows that after the curiosity trend has passed, consumers have begun to pay more attention to the quality and aesthetic needs of ice cream.

Changes in the habits of Chinese consumers in consuming ice cream

Realizing the freedom of ice cream should be a childhood dream of many people, because when they were young, parents would always reject their children’s desire for coldness on the grounds that they would eat bad stomachs. They can only get it on major festivals or when the test takes 100 minutes. pardon".

Eat a bite of hard-won ice cream in the summer, the world of ice and snow in your mouth makes people forget the burning sun above your head, and every bite of ice cream will be transformed into happiness after swallowing.

Little puddings, ice factories, and green tongues constitute the children's initial understanding of happiness. When they grow up, this happiness will become the driving force for them to go to the freezer to consume.

When these children who grew up eating ice cream became the main consumers of ice cream, people's consumption habits of ice cream were quietly changing. One of the most obvious changes is that people love ice cream more and more.

According to survey data from the China Catering Industry Association, China's ice cream market reached 138 billion yuan in 2019 and is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan this year. The growth of the consumer market may be related to the way people buy ice cream.

In the past, offline convenience store shopping was the main purchase scene for ice cream. Purchasing ice cream was like a random consumption. Only when you passed by the convenience store, you would enter the store to buy it.

With the maturity of cold-chain logistics, online ice cream "hoarding" at home is becoming a new channel for ice cream shopping, and ice cream has become a "just-needed" product for families like rice, grain and oil.

If you want to eat ice cream, you don’t have to wait until the sweaty summer. More and more people want to experience ice outside of summer. Intermin’s consumer report pointed out that changes in consumption situations have redefined ice cream and it’s no longer ice ice. Instead of beverages, it is an enjoyable food that can bring happiness and well-being. The transformation of product attributes has gradually normalized the consumption of ice cream.

Ice cream is no longer only ice and sweet

The rise of high-end ice cream is an intuitive manifestation of the continuous expansion of the ice cream market. Now when you think of ice cream, you may not think of small puddings or old popsicles at the first time, but a piece of cherry blossoms falling in Yuyuantan, a century-old cold drink shop on the streets of Harbin, and Or the thick tutorial book in high school.

The "Five-Three Ice Cream" jointly launched by Su Heshan and "Five-year College Entrance Examination and Three-year Simulation" has recently gained people's attention. The weather in April was still slightly cool, and ice cream has already ushered in the first hot outing of the circle.

"Five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation", the word art logo that can be comparable to the word design of Coconut Coconut Juice is an indelible psychological shadow in the heart of every high school student. It is printed on the ice cream that represents happiness and collides. The contradictory effect can indeed bring people a lot of visual impact.

From the discussion of netizens, many people still want to try the "Five-Three Ice Cream" to recall the hard work of school youth, struggling with ice and sweetness, and every bite of ice cream is a time of peace. Unconventional packaging design can arouse people's desire to buy. Co-branding with familiar IP is a specialty of ice cream manufacturers.

Oreos, white rabbits and other common desserts and snacks are the most common combination with ice cream. The white rabbit flavored ice cream launched by Guangming and Godiva can bring back the sweet memories of eating white rabbit toffee in childhood.

Desserts is also very keen on co-branding with familiar desserts. The Snickers-flavored ice cream launched last year restores the packaging and taste of Snickers, German dark beer flavored ice cream

Compared with the established manufacturers, the rookie ice cream manufacturers have to be bolder in the choice of joint names. Zhong Xuegao, who has risen in the past two years, has started to "add new bricks and tiles" to it after letting people remember his unique tile shape with Huizi.

The large-span joint names of Zhong Xuegao and Wahhaha AD Calcium Milk and Luzhou Laojiao make it unpredictable whether Zhong Xuegao’s audience is a 5-year-old child or a 55-year-old veteran; and with Wufangzhai and Martell’s The joint name proves that food is always the best carrier for cultural differences between the East and the West.

IP consumption is a new trend in the ice cream economy. The stronger the contrast of the brand, the easier it is to collide with unexpected chemical reactions, which will burst out consumer surprises.

In order to allow consumers to "eat more" of ice cream, some manufacturers have also worked hard on the ingredient list. Ice cream, which is high in sugar and high in fat, can be said to be a sweet trap in the cold drink world. Under the trend of healthy consumption, coldness seems to be equated with the guilt of gaining weight.

Mintel recently released "Health Food and Beverage Ingredient Insights", showing that 84% of Chinese consumers are willing to spend money on high-end food and beverages that claim to be good for health.

Komiku's "sugar control" strategy, which focuses on sugar-free ice cream, is aimed at consumers who want to satisfy their taste buds and maintain their shape at the same time. Komiku uses maltitol liquid and erythritol instead of sucrose as a sweet source to reduce the calories of ice cream and meet the health needs of consumers.

Heluxue’s light ice cream also focuses on the concept of 0 sucrose. The lower calorie burden makes ice cream more rations.

Consumers' pursuit of the concept of natural food is also the driving force for the upgrading of ice cream quality. The slogan of natural milk ingredients launched by Zhongjie 1946 has made Zhongjie 1946 also leap into the frontline camp of Internet celebrity ice cream in the past two years.

The maturity of cold chain online shopping and viral sharing on social media have allowed ice cream to reduce its dependence on the offline market in the past. From the performance of the online market, various ice cream manufacturers have different ways to create online celebrities. , Or upgrade the taste, or upgrade the quality or IP, the purpose is to promote ice cream to a wider audience and more scenes.

Becoming an Internet celebrity is not without cost. Price increase is a common phenomenon of Internet celebrity ice cream. Its average unit price has crossed from a cost-effective snack of less than 5 yuan to a high-consumption single product range of about 20 yuan. fact.

Food marketing expert Wang Haining mentioned in an interview with "China Business Daily" that under the premise that the price ceiling of the overall ice cream market is raised, the current ice cream competitors are no longer ice cream manufacturers, but the same price. Snacks such as milk tea and tea drinks in the price range of 10-20 yuan.

Ice cream has become an Internet celebrity, and it also wants to drive market share through fission sharing and spread, and win this attention war.

Ice cream is no longer only carrying ice and sweetness, but also quality, IP, craftsmanship, etc. Next time you go shopping, will you push the freezer and choose to become an Internet celebrity?

Higher and higher

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