Marshall Willen Light Experience: 15 hours of battery life plus Stack interconnect mode, suitable for personal small speakers in your bag

Remember, when Marshall launched the Emberton II, it also released a small box-shaped speaker called Marshall Willen, priced at 999 yuan.

Marshall Willen uses a square design with rounded four corners, and the Marshall golden handwritten LOGO is added to the speaker grid on the front. The golden parts on the upper right side are actually the joysticks that control playback and volume. The volume display bar and the Bluetooth pairing button and the microphone are kept in upper side of the fuselage.

Like Emberton II, Marshall Willen has also added the most common lychee skin texture on Marshall, and it is all realized in the form of detachable silicone. The feel of the two is very similar, with the silicone part providing friction when Willen holds it in his hand.

However, the size of Marshall Willen is larger than the 140W charger used by the MacBook Pro, and it is still a little difficult to hold it with one hand as easily as the official picture. Although the 310g body is not too heavy, it is still a bit tiring to hold it like this all the time.

Fortunately, there is a fixing strap structure on the back of the fuselage, which can help the user to fix the fuselage on the shoulder bag or some strip-shaped objects. The scaffolding that is not too thick can actually be fixed, and Marshall can also be reflected here. Willen's advantage in lightweighting.

The only interface on the fuselage is the USB-C interface on the right side, which supports up to 5V 3A charging input.

For battery life, Marshall Willen's built-in battery can provide 15 hours of playback, and it takes 3 hours to fully charge. In fast charge mode, you can play for about 3 hours after charging for 20 minutes.

As a speaker for outdoor use, 15 hours of playback time is not really good. But considering that Marshall Willen is smaller than the Marshall Emberton II, and its positioning is a little lower, it seems unlikely to achieve the same battery life as the Emberton II.

Another point is that the interface is placed where the lychee leather texture silicone is covered, which means that it cannot add a waterproof and dustproof cover like other waterproof speakers.

As for the waterproof performance of the fuselage, the Marshall Willen fuselage also supports IP67 waterproofing, and there is no problem when it suddenly encounters heavy rain outdoors.

Functionally, both Marshall Willen and Marshall Emberton II are standard equipment for the new generation of Marshall.

The fuselage is equipped with a wireless chip that supports Bluetooth 5.1 and supports Marshall's new Stack function, which can connect as many speakers that support Stack as possible while maintaining stability. Stack connections are not the same as stereo combos, they are simply connected and play sounds simultaneously. Users can connect multiple Marshall Willen directly, or have Marshall Willen and Marshall Emberton II connect.

In terms of sound configuration, Marshall put a 10W full-range unit and two passive diaphragm units in the small box of Willen. The Bluetooth transmission encoding support is the same as Emberton II, which only has the most basic SBC.

In terms of listening, Marshall Willen's style is dominated by low frequencies, and the overall tendency is similar to Emberton II. The drums are relatively powerful, but the fullness and elasticity will be slightly less than the Emberton II. In the early listening, it was a little stiff, and it felt like hitting a tight drum head with a little force.

In a low volume environment, Marshall Willen will not have the feeling of being enveloped by the low frequency of the Emberton II, and occasionally one person can listen to it at a low volume. But it should be noted that the output of Marshall Willen in the first few paragraphs of volume will be relatively thin, if you want to suppress the volume, you should pay attention.

For mid-high frequencies, Marshall Willen is also a bit stiffer. The high-frequency part is also prominent to a certain extent, but the prominent part sometimes sounds a little jerky.

But in fact, everyone knows that listening to speakers outdoors is mainly to listen to the atmosphere, and it will not be as detailed as listening to audio at home, so Marshall Willen is also enough. If you can pull a few friends who also bought Marshall Willen to go out together, and use the Stack mode when using it, it can still have a considerable volume performance.

In general, as a new generation of Marshall speakers, some of the contemporary features of the Marshall Emberton II are also retained on the Marshall Willen.

For example, the new generation of lychee leather texture and golden four-way rocker button design, the same solution that supports Bluetooth 5.1 and waterproof body, as well as the Stack mode that has been emphasized many times, if you want these elements and Marshall's golden handwritten LOGO, That Marshall Willen can also meet the demand.

But Emberton II is different from Willen, Emberton II is more inclined towards more people-oriented activities. For small gatherings like camping, and some small events that don't require a lot of fanfare, one or two Emberton IIs can be connected through Stack.

Marshall Willen is more of a piece, a piece that fits in a bag and meets individual needs.

Just like GR2 has abandoned the street shooting attribute and turned it into a tool for daily life recording, many brands with professional attributes in the past have been freed from the shackles and went out to other different fields. The fit of the current Marshall with the camping environment and the change of the product in the user's impression can also illustrate this point.

So I think, rather than saying that Marshall Willen is a serious little speaker, it is better to say that it is more focused on making a fashion item. You can use it as a personal speaker during personal camping to meet some listening needs that do not require loud volume, or you can show it when visiting stores and punching cards, making it a small object to decorate you.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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