Marshall MODE II hands-on experience: compactness is the advantage, and the sound has surprises

Recently, Marshall launched the true wireless headset MODE II.

Although it has II in its name, MODE II is Marshall's first true wireless headset.

In appearance, Marshall MODE II earphones and charging box are full of Marshall elements.

The charging box of MODE II adopts a sandwich structure. The surface of the box is made with a skin-like effect. The handwritten logo of Marshall is kept on the top. The appearance is the familiar feeling of Marshall earphones. The Marshall Monitor II I experienced before has the same color design.

The middle part of the charging box is also dealt with in detail. The charging indicator is hidden inside the particles on the front, and the USB-C interface for charging is placed on the right side of the charging box, so that the charging box can also be placed flat on the desktop for charging.

It's just that Marshall flattened the flat bottom of MODE II, but MODE II does not support wireless charging.

Nevertheless, the charging case of Marshall MODE II was able to give me a very deep impression.

That is-small.

Compared with the common AirPods Pro, AirPods and other true wireless earphones in our hands, Marshall MODE II is almost the smallest charging box. The slender charging case has a design that can be placed steadily, and it is also very convenient to store.

Especially for those jeans users who have less pocket space, the charging case of Marshall MODE II is indeed a friendly design.

In terms of earphones, Marshall MODE II also uses a matte texture treatment, the appearance of the whole machine is relatively clean. The front of the headset engraved with the handwriting M is also equipped with a touch module to control playback and other functions.

There is a structure with a height difference below the touch area, and the lower position can just be inserted into the ear, so that the earphone can be fixed without the need for an external structure.

In addition, the volume of Marshall MODE II is not too large, and it won't be too obvious if it is inserted into the ear.

If you are accustomed to in-ear headphones, it should not be difficult to adapt to Marshall MODE II.

In terms of connection, Marshall MODE II is equipped with a transmission chip that supports Bluetooth 5.1. At the same time, it also surprisingly supports aptX. For playback devices such as players or Android phones that support this encoding, MODE II can provide higher specifications than SBC and AAC. Voice transmission.

The stability of the transmission, the connection stability of Marshall MODE II is also good. Under normal circumstances, you will not feel too obvious disconnection and delay when watching videos and listening to songs on your mobile phone. If you play games, such as "Glory of the King" and " "Tomorrow's Ark" and other games that do not require too much sound, Marshall MODE II can also meet the demand.

As for shooting games with higher sound requirements such as "Call of Duty" or "Peace Elite", the performance of Marshall MODE II is actually good. Considering that users who choose Marshall should not be too obsessed with transmission performance and wireless transmission experience during games, I personally feel that the performance of Marshall MODE II is actually sufficient.

However, in a multi-device environment such as an office, and a more complicated wireless environment, Marshall MODE II is still relatively vulnerable. In the face of older equipment, Marshall MODE II will also appear unstable when transmitting. This point should be paid attention to when using it.

In terms of functionality, there is little difference between Marshall MODE II and the conventional true wireless headsets introduced by audio manufacturers. Among them, it is worth mentioning that it does not support active noise reduction and it also comes with an ambient sound mode.

The ambient sound mode can be turned on by clicking the left earphone, and there will be a classic Marshall sound when switching. After it is turned on, the playback volume of Marshall MODE II will be lowered, and then the sound will be picked up through the microphone under the headset, and then the ambient sound will be played into the headset.

The effect of environmental sound playback is good, there is no too strong microphone sense, it is more natural to listen to music with music. However, when crossing the road or when you need to focus on an external connection, it is still recommended to turn off the music.

In terms of sound performance, Marshall MODE II uses a 6mm moving coil unit. The machine itself supports up to aptX encoding, and the sound still maintains Marshall's consistent style:

Similar to other Marshall headphones, the sound of Marshall MODE II is still full of rock and roll. The drum beat output is solid and powerful, and the default volume can actually be felt. The overall environment is relatively clear, and there will be no dull feeling after the low frequency is strengthened.

The performance of the human voice is not bad, and the output of aptX will make the headphones stand out a little bit more in terms of resolution and details.

When performing the performance, Marshall MODE II is not fuzzy, the basic analytical power is also there, and the musical instruments can also be separated, and the basic quality can be used to cope with the sense of hearing in the daily environment. If you love the sound of Marshall style, then the sound of Marshall MODE II is actually worth trying.

In general, Marshall MODE II is a good true wireless equalization choice for Marshall fans.

As its first true wireless headset, Marshall chose the most conventional mode for MODE II. The compactness from the outside to the inside, the 5+20 battery life mode, and the design of the pairing key built into the charging box are all very traditional practices.

As a user who has experienced Monitor II, I personally feel that the Marshall MODE II that supports aptX is a pleasant surprise. The overall performance of the sound and the style of Marshall can also form a clear listening impression. For users who buy this sound, guarantee The basic experience of Marshall MODE II is actually a "enough choice".

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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