Malware: Italy is the third most targeted country in the world

Trend Micro Research , department for data security and cybersecurity solutions, in its latest report highlighted a strong criticality in Italy related to viruses and malware. The data showed that Italy is the third country in the world most affected by cyber threats . In first place is the United States followed by Japan. Malware, highly malicious and hostile, is "deleterious" software specially designed by real cybercriminals. The latter with malware are able to intrude on other digital devices to take possession of highly sensitive information and be able to ask for monetary ransoms from the victims. The data sought by hackers can be of a financial nature but also related to medical records, passwords and personal emails.

Malware target Italy
Malware target Italy

The United States, Japan and Italy are the three countries in the world with the most Malware attacks with respectively 31,056,221, 30,363,541 and 4,908,522 threats per year. Following are India (4,411,584) and Australia (4,387,315). Our country has seen an exponential growth in attacks. Italy climbed the world rankings from fifth to third place, even ranking first in the European one. In October alone, Italy recorded a quantity equal to 285,5691 of cyber attacks.

Malware attack: how does it happen?

80% of Malware attacks arrive via email, but there are many ways of infection. First of all, malware accesses our systems through two ways: the internet and e-mails. We are under attack every time we are connected , when we download files (for example music) from the internet, we open an attachment in the emails, we configure a new software.

But the main cause of the introduction and invasion of viruses into our systems is the so-called " computer or digital illiteracy ". The Italian population is still poorly educated on the security and protection systems to be adopted to avoid threats and attacks. We are often reckless, we open any email and link that comes to us without paying the right attention. The key to malware is ourselves! Malware exploits our "cyber naivety".

The sector most affected by Malware attacks in Italy is banking

All sectors are constantly targeted by threats and viruses. Manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking, nobody is spared from malware attacks! But in Italy in October the most affected was banking. The most widespread malware was Emotet highly dangerous and harmful as it manages to steal highly critical data and credentials. We must also not forget about spyware, ransomware and keyloggers. These allow respectively to spy on the user without permission, not to allow the user to access his own device, to ask him for a ransom to regain its use and finally to store highly sensitive information such as passwords and credit card data by means of the key pressure detection.

Malware target all sectors in Italy. Among the most widespread and dangers is EMOTET
Malware targets all sectors in Italy. Among the most widespread and dangers is Emotet.

How can I tell if I have been infected with malware?

The symptoms as well as the routes of infections are varied . If you have suffered a malware attack, your computer will no longer have the same performance and you can experience slowdowns and sudden shutdowns. Not only! You will be directed to sites I did not want to access or you will frequently receive pop-up ads and warnings of probable infections. To avoid all this, make sure your system is always up to date , do not open suspicious links and emails, limit the presence of applications on your device and avoid browsing suspicious sites. Crucial is the presence of an anti-malware or anti-virus and computer security protection program that detects and scans the presence of malware in your system and is able to make changes if there has been an attack.

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