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  • Someone made cereal in the shape of a womb
  • IKEA's most classic Billy bookshelf is getting a new design
  • Chopsticks that make food saltier, want you to eat less salt
  • Cat litter can actually be used to absorb methane
  • Ocean Bottle: a thermos bottle that will continue to write "story"

Someone made cereal into the shape of a uterus to make everyone no longer afraid to talk about menstruation

A survey found that half of women still use various "nicknames" to refer to menstruation because of embarrassment.

Menstruation is a very natural part of us, so it’s worrying that so many people are still uncomfortable talking about it, it’s really just a part of our health.

So says gynaecologist Shree Datta.

How to create a more comfortable and relaxed discussion environment?

Intimina, a Swedish startup focused on women's health, has come up with a new way to bring the topic of menstruation to the table – make breakfast cereal into a uterus shape!

The product, called "Period Crunch", contains 350g of uterus-shaped cereal. The red color not only represents menstruation, but also echoes its raspberry flavor.

When soaked in milk, they also make the milk red as well.

Menstrual-related knowledge is also quoted on the cereal box, so that family members can gain more knowledge and more topics to talk about after opening the chat box. After all, we all underestimate how ignorant most people are about women's health.

The brand previously conducted a survey of 2,000 adults, and the results showed that 48% were too embarrassed to talk about their period; 77% never mentioned their period in everyday situations.

Even more surprising, 82% of people were unable to correctly pinpoint where the uterus was in the body.

It is a pity that Period Crunch is not on the store shelves. Friends who want to buy can only write to [email protected] for consultation and registration.

In fact, yesterday was World Menstrual Day (also known as World Menstrual Hygiene Day).

The choice of May 28 took into account that women's average menstrual period is 5 days long, while the average menstrual cycle length is 28 days.

Launched by the German non-profit organization WASH United, it aims to enable all women in the world to manage their periods safely, hygienically and confidently by 2030.

"Menstrual Pride", a domestic social innovation organization focusing on menstrual health, shared a lot of information and related knowledge about "Menstrual Day" yesterday. Interested friends can go to see

IKEA's most classic Billy bookshelf is getting a new design

Originally launched in 1979, the Billy Bookshelf is one of IKEA's most beloved classics at affordable prices.

How popular is it?

Officially, it takes an average of 5 minutes for a set of Billy bookshelves to be sold somewhere in the world.

Because it is popular, it should be upgraded to be more durable and sustainable. Therefore, Billy will usher in a design update, and the Asian market will be the first to market in July this year.

Specifically, the new Billy Bookshelf will ditch the metal nails entirely and replace them with snap-on modules.

▲ The redesigned Billy Bookshelf

IKEA said that this not only simplifies the user's self-assembly process, but also improves Billy's "disassembly", which is more friendly to moving – no need to worry about how to remove the nails, and no need to worry about the nails damaging the surface.

Moreover, the Billy bookshelf is also one of the IKEA products that people like to "hack" – many people like to modify and use this bookshelf according to their own preferences.

▲ Billy’s bookshelf transformed by the user, pictured from My Domaine

Higher "removability" is also good news for these enthusiasts.

In addition, the wood veneer of the bookshelf, which was originally attached to the particleboard, will also be replaced with furniture wood grain paper, which has become increasingly popular in the home furnishing industry in recent years.

IKEA says the change allows Billy Bookshelves to have a wider choice of colors and patterns, as well as reduce waste in the production process. At the same time, the anti-scratch performance of wood grain paper is also better, and the overall is more durable.

It is worth pointing out that there will be a polyurethane coating on the surface of the wood grain paper. So while the redesign reduces the use of plastic edging, it also "introduces" new plastics from the wood grain paper.

Plastic isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, if it extends the life of your bookshelf.

Previously, IKEA announced that it will use renewable materials in all its products by 2030.

Chopsticks that make food saltier, want you to eat less salt

Recently, researchers at Japanese food company Kirin Holdings and Meiji University jointly developed a pair of chopsticks that can make food saltier.

The pair of taste-adjusting chopsticks is connected to a small watch-like computer that conducts electricity to the food, which activates the ions in the sodium chloride and sodium glutamate, making the salt taste stronger.

Researchers claim it can make food taste up to 1.5 times saltier.

This pair of chopsticks can help people on a low-salt (sodium) diet, such as those with high blood pressure, to enjoy their food better. In addition, a low-salt (sodium) diet can help reduce the risk of stroke, stomach cancer, and other diseases.

Statistics show that the daily salt intake of Japanese men is 10.9 grams, and that of women is 9.3 grams. In China , the average salt intake of residents is 10.5 grams – much higher than the 5 grams per day recommended by the World Health Organization.

Cat litter can actually be used to absorb methane

According to recent research by an MIT research team, "zeolite clay", often used as cat litter, can absorb methane from the air and convert it into carbon dioxide when placed in a low-concentration copper solution.

Zeolite has small pores like a sponge and is very absorbent, so it is often used to make cat litter.

Zeolite is very cheap and doesn't require heating to 600 degrees Celsius or expensive catalysts like platinum and palladium to use it, so it's more energy efficient to absorb methane this way.

Although converting methane to carbon dioxide doesn't sound great, project leader Desiree Plata says carbon dioxide has a far smaller impact on the atmosphere than methane.

Even if half of the methane in the atmosphere was converted to carbon dioxide, the amount of carbon dioxide would increase by less than one part per million, but global warming would be reduced by 16%.

Next, the team is going to put the "cat litter" in coal mine ventilation shafts and cowsheds (both burping and excretion produce methane) to catch the methane before it's released into the atmosphere, and try to Use the obtained heat to generate electricity.

Ocean Bottle: a thermos bottle that will continue to write "story"

Ocean Bottle has only one product, and that's a thermos bottle with careless function and design – the lid has two opening styles, is dishwasher-safe, leak-proof and portable, and is made of 90% recycled stainless steel.

However, this simple thermos can continue to write the "story" of the brand and users.

For each thermos purchased by a user, Ocean Bottle will fund residents of coastal cities through Plastic Bank, rePurpose, and Plastics for Change to collect plastic that will be returned to the ocean, with a weight equivalent to 1,000 plastic bottles.

What's more interesting is that the Ocean Bottle will have a built-in chip in the bottle, and users can register the bottle through the official app.

In the use after purchase, every time users bring their own cups to the recommended "refill" point on the app to buy coffee, they can not only enjoy the store's own cup discounts, but also increase the use of Ocean Bottle to clean up marine plastics. amount of.

Through this mechanism, the brand is encouraging users to bring their own cups, and each "refill" is a continuous connection between the user and the brand, and at the same time, it can bring more customers to the cooperative coffee shop.

Now, in addition to ocean plastic, Ocean Bottle has expanded its social responsibility program to fight for better treatment for local plastic collectors and mangrove conservation.

This kind of interaction is not limited to the "purchase" node, but also more conducive to strengthening the connection between users and brands.

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