MagicOS 7.0 in-depth experience: “Best Worker System” Award

With the advancement of digital life, I wonder if you have noticed that more and more smart devices are used in our hands.

For me, the original intention of devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets is to make my work and life more efficient and worry-free. They have different shapes and run different operating systems, and they should perform their duties Serving my work and life.

However, with the deepening of usage scenarios, the functions of multiple devices have gradually become separate battles.

Especially when we need to deal with multiple tasks, we often need to face multiple devices at the same time. These devices require me to use different interactive operations to deal with them. Different services also have different entrances, and the flow of data and interactions is also different. Not as smooth as imagined.

Therefore, the experience gap between multiple devices has begun to bring me a certain sense of anxiety. Such anxiety mainly exists in two aspects:

  • The more functions, the deeper the entry, and the increasingly cumbersome operation steps;
  • The more devices, the different systems, the less handy the interaction.

At this time, it is difficult for me to distinguish whether these devices are serving me, or I have to serve these devices well.

Obviously, ecological interconnection is a good way to alleviate the anxiety of multiple devices. In the past month, I have deeply experienced the "family bucket" equipment equipped with the latest MagicOS 7.0. Although the number of equipment has not decreased but increased, it has allowed me to regain the "relaxation" that I have not seen for a long time.

High-efficiency weapon: a set of keyboard and mouse, computers, mobile phones, and tablets can all be controlled

Although Honor has launched the "multi-screen collaboration" function in the early years, which puts the mobile phone screen into the computer screen, allowing the computer to control the operation of the mobile phone, but this kind of experience must sacrifice part of the screen space, and the interaction is not enough. Intuitive and fun.

The most ideal way to interact with multiple devices is naturally that where my focus is, the operation will be there; it is also equivalent to where the pointer points to, and the keyboard operation should follow.

That's right, MagicOS 7.0 has such a "keyboard and mouse sharing" capability. With only one set of keyboard and mouse, I can control the Honor laptop, Honor mobile phone and Honor tablet in front of me. And with this function, the work processing becomes smooth and natural, especially when faced with urgent needs, it can free us from various transmissions and exports in a hurry.

For example, if you have unfinished documents on the commute, you can directly use the mouse to drag and drop the documents on the mobile phone to the computer to continue completing them while sitting at the workstation; Input and send without re-logging into WeChat on the computer; documents that need to be handwritten and signed on the computer can flow to the tablet or mobile phone with the pointer, and then complete the writing with a stylus…

In this way, the efficient workflow of viewing materials on a tablet, typing documents on a computer, and maintaining communication on a mobile phone is completed in front of me.

You may ask, will there be a noticeable delay when the keyboard and mouse shuttle between these screens? Let's put it this way, every time a red envelope reminder pops up on my mobile phone, I can use the mouse pointer of the computer directly, quickly cross the edge of the computer screen, and then directly click on the red envelope on the mobile phone's WeChat. The speed is very fast , never misses.

As the first system to incorporate mobile phones into keyboard and mouse sharing, the keyboard and mouse sharing experience of MagicOS 7.0 is already quite perfect. Compared with SideCar of iPadOS, Magic OS can not only control the mobile phone with the keyboard and mouse, but also allow the computer to automatically recognize the relative position of the mobile phone and the tablet. The automatic networking reduces the intervention of manual operations, and it is more worry-free to use.

In fact, this ability to break the boundaries of different devices and different systems, allowing services to freely cross the edge of the screen and flow freely between multiple devices is based on the Magic Ring trust ring technology, one of the four major root technologies of MagicOS 7.0.

To put it simply, this is Honor's first set of technologies in the industry that allows multiple devices to self-organize and connect to each other. Multiple devices are interconnected based on mutual trust. Thanks to the fact that interconnection power consumption has been reduced to a negligible level, the trust ring can keep adjacent devices connected without interruption.

When the WiFi and Bluetooth of each Honor terminal device are kept turned on, and the My HONOR ID is logged in, these devices will be included in the trust ring of the same account, and the devices can be automatically identified and connected to each other, and then information and services can be shared among the devices. , flow freely.

For MagicOS, the transfer of files and texts in the trust ring of the same account is nothing new. Drag and drop with the mouse can naturally realize the transfer of files or pictures. Keyboard Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V copy and paste images and texts across devices No problem. But when it comes to the interconnection function that can most eliminate the sense of system fragmentation, it must be the "application connection" function. At present, MagicOS is first adapted to the application connection function of several mainstream software such as WPS, Kugou, and Youku.

In addition, based on the platform-level AI capabilities of MagicRing and Magic Live, Honor MagicOS 7.0 also prepares us with two major productivity tools: Honor Notes and MagicText text recognition.

The further Magic Text text recognition function can not only support handwriting recognition, but also automatically understand the semantics of the specific content in the picture, and provide one-step direct related services. For example, ID number, mobile phone number, address, flight number, courier number, etc. can be directly identified. If you click on the courier number, the corresponding courier progress query result will pop up, saving a lot of steps in the middle.

The newly upgraded Honor Notes is defined as a "personal knowledge center". It not only opens up the collaboration between the mobile terminal of the mobile phone/tablet and the PC terminal, but also supports the collection, editing and archiving of various types of materials such as text and video. For example, when we read a well-written official account article, use three fingers to swipe to the bottom of the screen, and the article can be stored in different note folders in the form of notes. Bookmarked articles will automatically remove advertisements, which is more convenient for us to read and organize again.

And Honor Notes is an end-loaded application, which can view and edit the content of notes even when the network is disconnected and offline.

In addition, there is also a voice shorthand function, which can directly record audio during meetings or interviews, and Honor Note will also convert voice into text and store it in the note. This is not the end, if you want to look back after the meeting, you can quickly locate the timeline position of the recording by clicking on the text content of the note, so that the work will be more effective with half the effort, and you will relax in a proper way.

In the past multi-device interconnection experience, people always need to be familiar with various connection protocols, and then remember all kinds of touching and continuous interactive operations. The dragging and dragging in different ways is actually really complicated. This level of complexity will accumulate as the number of devices continues to increase.

The greatest value of MagicRing is that it has done an absolute "subtraction" in the small matter of connection; it has done an absolute "addition" in the coordination and integration of different devices. Based on the mutual trust of the devices based on the trust ring, the devices can automatically achieve a nearly insensitive "hand in hand", so that we no longer need to follow the instruction manual to carry out a series of operations such as networking and pairing step by step.

In addition, the MagicRing that connects the devices is like the seven-color lotus in "Calabash Brothers", so that various brother devices can be integrated. For example, mobile phones and tablets can use the keyboard and mouse of the laptop to input; It can be said that the more devices you have, the stronger the capability of a single device after interconnection. This is the effect that multi-device interconnection should bring.

Keyboard and mouse sharing, Honor Notes, application connection, these functions are based on the MagicRing trust ring, which integrates different Honor devices into one, making trivial matters in work more orderly, and users no longer have to worry about sorting out data and transmitting files back and forth. Anxiety helps us save the energy wasted due to adapting to and from multiple devices, and allows us to produce more efficiently. It can be said to be a must-have weapon for efficient workers.

It is foreseeable that in the future, MagicOS 7.0, a set of interconnection functions based on the MagicRing trust ring, will become a learning object for other manufacturers.

The more you use, the more you understand your YOYO, making your work and life more orderly

In my impression, Honor is one of the mobile phone manufacturers that mentioned AI the most. The Honor Magic mobile phone, which was unveiled as early as 2016, was the first to bring AI smart assistants and the concept of "service to find people". Actively presenting various services is an effective way to awaken relaxation.

With profound accumulation, YOYO living in MagicOS 7.0 has acquired the MagicLive smart service engine. YOYO is more clear about the dynamics of my daily life, and can always appear at the right moment to provide service access in one step.

When I am about to step into the subway station, "YOYO Suggestion" will push the entrance of the bus code to the top position.

Whether I am about to enter the company when I go to work, or I am about to leave the company when I get off work, YOYO will remind me to check in. At this time, a small pop-up window button will appear in due course, click to jump directly to DingTalk’s check-in page, saving me the cumbersome steps of finding and opening the APP, and then clicking step by step to enter the check-in page.

Honor has also carried out in-depth cooperation with Fengchao. MagicOS 7.0 can not only remind courier information synchronously in real time, but also YOYO will actively push the pick-up notification when I arrive near the residence and I am about to pass the courier cabinet, reminding me to take out the courier on the way.

After a long-term experience, I found that YOYO is as caring and reliable as the butler Alfred in Batman, and most of the time he will take the initiative to solve my problems.

With the automatic appearance of services, and intimate reminders, many operations that you want to complete no longer need to call services and applets in multiple APPs, saving various searches and clicks, and reducing the need for users in complicated APPs. The frequent switching between them and the problem of too deep entrance make the smart device in my hand more convenient to use.

MagicOS 7.0 can automatically recognize the scene I am in, understand my current needs, and then actively present the services I need, further shortening the distance between me and digital services. Annoying things have been greatly reduced, and my life has returned to a relaxed and calm state.

From UI to OS: focus freely, relax freely

Building an ecology is easier said than done. Throughout the many glory conferences in 2022, the software part is always placed at the very core.

Regarding the question of why Honor launched MagicOS, Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview with the media: "Hardware determines the lower limit of a product's performance and experience, and system design capabilities and software experience determine the consumer experience. upper limit."

Compared with the all-in-one closed system collaboration logic of friends and merchants, Magic OS, which evolved from MagicUI, wants to create cross-device and cross-system collaboration with the concept of open collaboration, and the attitude will be more friendly and friendly. tolerate.

This open attitude means that Honor does not intend to reinvent the wheel, but to polish the wheel to make the car run faster. And the four root technologies make MagicOS 7.0 more like a "four-wheel drive system", allowing multiple rounder wheels to run more smoothly.

In order to make the wheels more round, Honor has made many new attempts in MagicOS, especially the emergence of Magic Ring and Magic Live, which for the first time truly seamlessly connects the keyboard and mouse interactions of mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Compared with the "Super Terminal" of Hongmeng system and the "SideCar" experience of Apple's ecology, the continuous experience of MagicOS 7.0 is obviously more insensitive and comprehensive.

The interconnection experience between multiple devices has never been so handy.

In fact, MagicOS 7.0 is not an OS in the traditional sense. It is not to fight against Windows and Android systems, but to stand on the shoulders of giants and use a more intelligent platform architecture to integrate the The services in the system are connected in series, and then actively presented around the user.

In our opinion, the presentation of MagicOS is a bit like a concentric circle. The outermost layer is surrounded by various terminal devices. Although the systems they run are Android, Windows, and LiteOS, the chain that pulls them together is at the top MagicOS on top of it.

The user is always in the center of the circle, no matter which side the user is facing, the device in front of him will respond, and the position of the "main device" will change continuously with the change of the focus of the user's sight. , it will become the "master device".

Thanks to this, although the multi-device and multi-system faced by MagicOS 7.0 is very complicated, it becomes very senseless and efficient in actual use. The active service that is smart enough, coupled with the keyboard and mouse sharing function that can be linked to the mobile phone, are all the reasons for following the heart flow and giving me a "sense of relaxation".

In particular, I don't need to deeply understand its rules and methods. I just need to place the device in front of me according to my intuition, and no matter how many devices are connected, they will automatically connect and understand what I need and what I think. The mechanical cost of communicating with the equipment is saved, which is enough to keep me in a peaceful emotional state, and I can relax and immerse myself in the sway and collision of inspiration and creativity.

Edison once said that genius is composed of 1% inspiration and 99% sweat. With the help of MagicOS, the "best part-time job system", migrant workers who dream of becoming geniuses may be able to sweat less and spend more time. Find that 1% for inspiration.

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