Made in Italy, a mania also online: the story of an announced success

Even if the world changes at an impressive speed, there is a concept that remains very strong on the markets and in the world. It is the "made in Italy", the typically Italian brand capable of reinventing itself even in a changing context that is radically rediscovered modified by Covid-19 and its devastating impact. Today, after more than forty years from what was a technique used to distinguish Italian products from counterfeit goods, Made in Italy is modernizing and is also strongly found on the web . A success that is not taken for granted but somehow heralded by a story that never ceases to surprise.

Made in Italy, the strongest brands on the web

Made in Italy

So, is it possible to select the strongest “made in Italy” digital brands on the web? Well yes. In the famous digital gaming sector is the case of Big Casino , today an international brand but entirely born and developed in Italy , in which it has operated since 2007 offering a playground consisting of 400 titles and counting collaborations with the main software houses in the world, from Novomatic at Microgaming.

Another example of digital success is that of "Mosaici Favret" , which has found a way to revive the Favret laboratory founded by the homonymous Luciano in 1933. Present on the web since 2007, today the Laboratory has focused everything on digital to become more competitive thanks to the help of Google and Unioncamere. Restored site and new online advertising activities have made the site a 45% increase in visitors.

An Italian story, like that of Gaia Società Semplice Agricola . Founded in 2008, the company produces and markets the Montoro copper onion: thanks to a more effective presence on the web, user traffic on the Gaia site has increased by 68% and the abandonment rate has decreased by 3%.

In recent years, the boom of Biorfarm , an agricultural startup born in 2014 engaged in the cultivation of citrus fruits, has been sensational . Through the site, the consumer can adopt a clementine, orange or lemon tree, choose its position in the garden, give it a name and receive the fruits harvested at home.

Among the companies we can finally include Tre Esse , born as a goldsmith laboratory in 1987 and today present with a new site where traffic has increased by 59% in Italy alone. Abroad, the increase was 41%, for a company that has marketed unbranded products and that in recent years has focused heavily on a recognizable brand and identity online. With these premises made in Italy is still destined to be successful.

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