Lynk & Co’s first pure electric car, Z10, debuts, breaks 100km/h in 3.5 seconds, charges 573 kilometers in 15 minutes

Gothenburg, the pearl of Sweden's west coast, is located on the sparkling Bay of Gotland. The busy port has witnessed the prosperity and development of this city.

This is a city where history and modernity are intertwined. Ancient canals and ancient buildings bear witness to Gothenburg's history, while modern facilities and innovative spirit demonstrate its status as Sweden's economic center.

This is not only the transportation hub of Northern Europe, but also the center of cultural exchanges, embracing every soul with the vastness of the sea.

The city also embraces Geely and Lynk & Co with an open attitude. The modern R&D center has injected new vitality into Gothenburg's industrial development and coexists harmoniously with the city.

Tonight, Lynk & Co ushered in its pure electric debut in this poetic city, and the veil of Lynk & Co Z10 was officially unveiled.

From concept to mass production

Our creative journey begins with a sketch.

Olinvier Denamur, head of Lynk & Co's exterior design, said at the press conference that the design of the Lynk & Co Z10 is inseparable from The Next Day concept car.

In June 2022, Lynk & Co launched the concept model The Next Day with a unique "electronic music party". Like its name, The Next Day is a new interpretation of Lynk & Co’s urban oppositional aesthetic design.

▲The Next Day concept car

We can see the shadow of The Next Day concept car in the previously launched Lynk & Co 08 EM-P and Lynk & Co 07 EM-P. However, due to model positioning, the two hybrid models failed to fully restore the concept car. The power and beauty presented.

The heavy responsibility falls on pure electric models.

Nowadays, all new energy products have basically the same face. If the logo is removed, there is no recognition at all, and you don’t know which manufacturer’s product it is. Designs are all homogenized, and everyone is comparing configurations.

Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile Group, believes that for Lynk & Co, leadership in styling is definitely necessary. “Lynk & Co’s pure electricity must look like Lynk & Co.” he said.

Because of this, we can find all the elements of Lynk & Co’s new generation family design language on the Lynk & Co Z10, including “dawn light” daytime running lights and through-type headlight groups. The rear of the car is also in line with The Next Day concept. The through-type taillights are very similar to the car.

Not only that, the Lynk & Co Z10's 5-meter length, nearly 2-meter width and 3-meter wheelbase also better demonstrate the slenderness and sharpness of the concept model.

Lynk & Co perfectly combines European design and art with Chinese manufacturing digitization and electrification.

Lynk & Co said that the Z10 is not only a collaboration between China and Sweden. There are cutting-edge design talents from more than 20 countries in the Lynk & Co design center. Different countries, different nationalities, and different backgrounds have integrated during the work process.

For Lynk & Co, the Z10 is not only Lynk & Co’s first pure electric model, but also Lynk & Co’s new thinking on tomorrow’s lifestyle and mobility –

A masterpiece that combines art and technology, connecting sensibility and reason.

In it, Lynk & Co perfectly restores the essence of Lynk & Co’s second-generation design language, and also embodies Lynk & Co’s new design chapter.

Open the door, and the Lynk & Co Z10's interior also emphasizes humanistic care and technological perception.

The sub-instrument panel of the starship bridge is both beautiful and practical, the double-width technological steering wheel is exquisitely shaped, and the 12.3:1 long instrument panel in front is also futuristic and practical.

In terms of comfort configuration, the cloud-sensing zero-pressure seats in the front row come standard with heating, ventilation and massage. What is rare is that these configurations are also available in the rear row.

At the same time, the 23-speaker panoramic sound system can also provide a good audio-visual experience, which has been verified on the Lynk & Co 07 EM-P.

As a young brand that Geely is proud of, Lynk & Co's pure electric models are also built on Geely's SEA vast architecture with the largest bandwidth and highest efficiency. Under the combined effect of the 800V architecture and dual silicon carbide high-performance electric drives, the Lynk & Co Z10 can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 3.5 seconds.

However, Lynk & Co wants the Z10 to be more than just fast.

"It's not difficult to make a fast electric car, but it's difficult to adjust and control it," Lin Jie said. "Lynk & Co not only wants to build a fast car, but also a car that's easy to drive without getting dizzy."

Therefore, we can see a configuration such as dual-chamber air suspension + CDC on the Lynk & Co Z10 to ensure riding comfort.

As for tuning, I don’t think anyone will doubt Lynk & Co’s chassis tuning. Performance has always been Lynk & Co’s most distinctive label.

In terms of safety, the Lynk & Co Z10 also inherits Volvo's safety genes. The proportion of high-strength steel and aluminum reaches 84.65%, and the torsional stiffness of the body is as high as 45,500 Nm per degree, which is "8% higher than a million-level luxury car." ," Lin Jie said.

Lynk & Co Z10 also uses a Geely Gold Brick battery, uses a "ten-grid" anti-collision structure to buffer collisions, and adopts a side pillar collision standard that is 15 times the national standard, which can withstand an impact of 65 tons.

There is no suspense in terms of intelligence. LYNK Flyme Auto is definitely a must-have. However, Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue told Dong Auto Club in an interview after the meeting that the Z10's machine is "very worth looking forward to."

What is currently known is that Lynk & Co Z10 will use Geely’s most powerful computing platform, the Macalu chip, which has 1.8 times the computing power of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295. The high-end intelligent driving solution relies on lidar and Nvidia Orin-X chips.

Lynk & Co is still very expensive.

Finally, let’s talk about the positioning of Lynk & Co Z10. I believe many people have two doubts in their minds:

  1. Why does Lynk & Co want to make pure electric vehicles?
  2. What is the difference between Lynk & Co pure electric and Ji Krypton?

In this regard, Lin Jie’s answer is: This is not just Lynk & Co’s choice, it is also the market’s choice and the user’s choice.

According to Lynk & Co's user survey, nearly 60% of Lynk & Co's existing users expressed expectations for Lynk & Co's pure electric vehicles, and 40% were willing to choose pure electric vehicles when purchasing additional products.

Therefore, Lynk & Co pure electric is not a variable, but an increment that arises as the times require. The launch of pure electric has enriched the Lynk & Co brand and enriched users' choices.

The pure electric market has developed to this day, and both designs and products have entered a dilemma of only quantitative changes but no qualitative changes. What Lynk & Co has been doing is to continue to change, and the market and users are also looking forward to a change.

Regarding the second question, Lin Jie summarized "one thing and three differences". The same thing is that they all use SEA's vast architecture. As for the differences, they need to be discussed one by one.

The first is that the brand positioning is different.

The entire group has a clear positioning for the Lynk & Co brand and several other brands. Because the Lynk & Co brand covers a variety of energy modes, in terms of positioning, Lynk & Co is still positioned as a global high-end new energy brand, while Ji Krypton’s It is positioned as a luxury technology brand.

Secondly, the groups faced by the two brands are also different.

Lynk & Co is more of an urban crowd with an open personality, while Ji Krypton is positioned at the new urban middle class who are loyal to themselves, pursue perfection, and believe in beauty, so the group positioning is also different.

The final difference is also the most critical difference – styling.

Lynk & Co designs by challenging conventions and open-mindedness. This is the starting point of our design. So you can see that the styling design of our vehicles is quite full.

So, is it finally time to return to design? Yes, but no.

Chen Xiaofei, deputy general manager of Lynk & Co Auto Sales Company, believes that the feelings a product brings to users can be divided into functional value and emotional value. The reason why the press conference is held in Gothenburg is related to this.

Nowadays, many smart electric vehicles are talking about parameters and configurations, but they seem to ignore the feelings and emotional value of many users, and design can often bring very unique emotional value to everyone.

In a time when cars are becoming more and more like digital products and fast-selling products, this kind of emotional value has become very scarce, and this is what Lynk & Co has been doing since it founded the brand 7 years ago.

Chen Xiaofei believes that while Z10 is technologically advanced, it also incorporates Lynk & Co’s unique brand cultural tone, which is also an emotional value for users.

To put it bluntly, it means "happy". Whether it is Lynk & Co or Ji Krypton, you can buy whoever you like.

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