Lynk & Co 08, which is “way ahead”, started with “Knife”

Lynk & Co 08 is finally on the market.

As expected, Lynk & Co has continued the rule of "pre-sale price is a smoke bomb". The official pricing starting from 208,800 has been significantly adjusted compared to the pre-sale price. Lynk & Co 08 offers a total of 5 model configuration options:

  • 120 Long Battery Life Pro: starting from 208,800
  • 120 long battery life Halo: starting from 215,800
  • 245 Ultra-long battery life Halo: starting from 235,800
  • 220 four-wheel drive performance Halo: starting from 261,800
  • Time limited edition: starting from 288,000

It is worth mentioning that after announcing the official selling price, Lynk & Co officially launched a limited-time discount policy of 9,000 yuan for the entire series. After the "Knife" started at 9,000 yuan, the starting price of Lynk & Co 08 dropped to less than 200,000 yuan, reaching 199,800 yuan.

After a "long" warm-up period, after tonight's Superdian Night, Lynk & Co 08 will begin to face the market and truly move towards delivery. The lengthy announcement and release rhythm may be closely related to the complex life experience of Lynk & Co 08.

This new Lynk & Co model is actually more like the product of a marriage between multiple parties.

The fruit of marriage, a new interpretation

At the beginning of the story, there are often two parallel lines.

The story of Lynk & Co cannot avoid the intersection of two parallel lines, Geely and Volvo.

▲ Li Shufu pictures from: Bloomberg

Geely is Geely, and Volvo is Volvo.

This is the "golden promise" left by Li Shufu when he was running Geely's acquisition of Volvo in 2010. Although Geely fully acquired Volvo at a cost of US$2.7 billion (currently approximately RMB 19.7 billion), Li Shufu still gave Volvo sufficient autonomy.

The high degree of autonomy is not only reflected in Geely's trust and delegation of power to Volvo's management, but also in brand operations. According to the agreement between the two parties, Geely will respect Volvo's design, technology and brand tradition to ensure that Volvo can continue to exist as an independent luxury brand.

Two unrelated parallel lines began to intersect.

Subtly, the parallelism of wholly-owned acquisitions and a high degree of independence makes these two intersecting lines seem contradictory and reasonable. Looking from a distance, Geely and Volvo move forward in parallel without interfering with each other. Looking closer, the two lines are intertwined at certain nodes. The two sets of lines are separated and intersected, intersected and separated.

Geely and Volvo are in such a strange but balanced relationship.

▲ Volvo’s current CEO Luo Wenjin

Lynk & Co was born at the intersection of one of the two sets of lines.

While ensuring the independence of the Volvo brand, Geely's cooperation with Volvo has gone deep into model technology and research and development, allowing Geely to draw on Volvo's professional knowledge and experience in areas such as automotive safety and environmental protection technology. Long-term exchanges have deepened and sparks of technology have emerged. Geely and Volvo have jointly established a technology research and development center and jointly developed a new mid-size car module architecture – CMA architecture. The CMA architecture can provide mass production solutions for models of different platforms, achieving full coverage of the development needs from A-class cars to B-class cars.

In 2016, the two parties gave birth to a "brand crystallization". Based on the CMA architecture shared by Volvo, Geely launched the high-end sub-brand Lynk & Co and released its first concept model Lynk & Co 01. The following year, Geely released the production version of Lynk & Co 01, and the Lynk & Co brand story officially began.

The CMA architecture has brought unprecedented success to the Lynk & Co story. At the press conference, Geely Automobile Vice President Lin Jie revealed the new progress of the Lynk & Co brand – 7 years after the story was told, Lynk & Co will soon become the first domestic sales breakthrough 1 million high-end brand.

Lynk & Co 08, built based on the CMA 2.0 architecture, was born out of the CMA architecture. Interestingly, for Lynk & Co, the emergence of the 08 model is a bit like "old bottles in new packaging". Compared with the family design language of the Lynk & Co brand, the Lynk & Co 08 is special.

As the key point of brand renewal, the innovation point of Lynk & Co 08 first appears in the appearance. Lynk & Co's internal team overturned the traditional family-style design and brought the pioneering design of the concept sports car The Next Day to this SUV.

▲ Lynk & Co concept car The Next Day

On the front of Lynk & Co 08, it adopts the closed front grille that is the mainstream of new energy today. The most eye-catching part is the 100% restored The Next Day headlights, with a "Y" shape in the shape of a branch. The headlight design has become the most iconic symbol of the vehicle. There are rumors that the "Dawn Light" daytime running light design is expected to appear on the mid-term facelift model of Jikrypton 001. By then, The Next Day's design concept will be applied to two high-end sub-brands, Lynk & Co and Jikrypton.

Turning their attention to the side of the car body, the Lynk & Co design team not only used a large number of straight lines to highlight the coordination of the car body, but also implemented the "boundless" design concept. Lynk & Co 08 is Lynk & Co's first model to adopt a frameless door design. The elimination of the sense of boundaries is also expressed in the left and right rearview mirrors. The new Lynk & Co 08 adopts a water-cut built-in design. After eliminating the visual frame of the rearview mirror, It can bring 15% visibility improvement to car owners.

Born out of the CMA architecture that was the result of a marriage, and inspired by The Next Day, bidding farewell to old luxury, Lynk & Co 08 opens a new chapter in brand design.

Flyme Auto empowers, transforming the core of the car

Automakers without mobile software empowerment will gradually fall behind.

At the Unbounded Ecology press conference in March this year, Shen Ziyu said with confidence.

▲ Shen Ziyu

The source of everything starts with Geely’s big moves since last year. In July 2022, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. reached a new investment strategic cooperation. Xingji Times officially held 79.09% of the shares of Meizu Technology and obtained independent control of Meizu. The driving force behind this It is auspicious.

After completing the acquisition, Li Shufu made no secret of his expectations for the integration of mobile phones and cars. Li Shufu believes that in the future, the tracks of the two industries of smart cars and smartphones will no longer be monotonous. The two industries will no longer go their own way, but will form an integrated relationship for common users. The seeds of Flyme’s empowerment of cars and phones are thus laid.

After the acquisition, Geely put forward more efficient requirements for the current structure. In March this year, Xingji Times and Meizu Technology officially merged into Xingji Meizu Group. Geely promoted the integration of Yikatong Technology and Xingji Meizu CEO. Shen Ziyu will also serve as CEO of Yikatong. CEO of Xingji Meizu. The adjustments and mergers of the architecture have opened up more usage scenarios for the Flyme system.

All the efforts are just to get Flyme Auto into the car smoothly.

At the end of March, Flyme Auto made its "debut" at the Unbounded Ecology Conference. Lynk & Co 08 became the first Lynk & Co model to be equipped with the Flyme Auto vehicle-machine system.

Meizu has brought the thinking of making mobile phones into cars. The Flyme Auto system has almost the same operating logic as a smartphone. The familiar left-swipe back, top drop-down menu bar, desktop widgets, SmartBar and even the negative screen concept that we are familiar with on mobile phones have been integrated into the Lynk & Co 08 car.

Lynk & Co officials revealed the actual progress of Flyme Auto to the outside world in June. The completion degree of Flyme Auto has reached 90%. Since the 4/20 engineering version, the internal team has fixed 9268 bugs and completed 3 major version iterations. Both Meizu and Lynk & Co have made great efforts to ensure the smoothness of the Flyme Auto system.

The excellent smoothness won applause for Flyme Auto. At the launch of Lynk & Co 08, Geely Senior Vice President Lin Jie said that Flyme Auto has obtained the five-star smooth performance certification of the Thiel Laboratory. Flyme Auto is also the first to obtain Five-star certified vehicle-mounted smart terminal.

The smooth touch screen response and real-time rendering of the car and machine status are inseparable from the hardware support behind Flyme Auto. According to the official statement, Lynk & Co 08 uses Ekatong’s Antola 1000 Pro computing platform and two self-developed 7nm process Dragon Eagle 1 chips for the first time. The total NPU computing power of the Antola 1000 Pro computing platform reaches 16TOPS, which is equivalent to two 8155 chips, and the total GPU computing power reaches 1800G FLOPS.

▲ Antora1000 Pro

Thanks to the support of powerful computing hardware, Lynk & Co uses mobile phones as the medium to extend the concept of "borderless" from outside the car to the smart cockpit, and proposes the concept of the sixth domain of electronic architecture – the mobile phone domain. The literal meaning may be a bit too abstract, but to put it simply, Geely and Meizu have brought mobile phones into the ecological closed loop of smart cars, and mobile phones have become the second extension space for Flyme Auto, the car and the machine.

The characteristics of "non-inductive connection" allow smartphones to play a good role in mobile updates. Let's take OTA as an example. Flyme Auto is connected to the smartphone. The new OTA push will be directly synchronized to the smartphone. The owner only needs to Just bring your phone into the car and complete a seamless OTA update.

The computing power of Meizu mobile phones will be shared with the car computer, and the direct calculation results will be displayed on the car computer. In the long run, this is indeed a "shortcut" to continuously maintain the advanced nature of vehicles and machines.

Compared with bulk consumer goods such as cars, mobile phones are obviously products that car owners replace more frequently. Under the mechanism of Flyme Auto, mobile phones share the computing power of the car and the computer, and changing the mobile phone is equivalent to upgrading the computing power of the car and the computer. With the current general replacement cycle of Volkswagen every two years, Flyme Auto can maintain efficient and leaping performance updates, fundamentally solving the dilemma of lagging behind in smart cockpits.

The marriage between Geely and Meizu has brought about a qualitative change in the core of the Lynk & Co 08 car.

Safety, the deepest gene

Learning from Volvo, safety is the most profound DNA of Lynk & Co.

In 1959, Volvo became the first car manufacturer to introduce three-point seat belts. This innovative safety equipment quickly became the new safety standard in the global automobile market at that time. The introduction of three-point seat belts greatly reduced the casualty rate in collisions. Since then, Volvo has continued to bring innovations in automotive safety technology, and Volvo can be regarded as the car company with the deepest safety heritage in the world.

Lynk & Co has absorbed the essence of what Geely learned from Volvo. On this Lynk & Co 08, the internal team has strengthened its safety performance from the inside out.

Lynk & Co's safety is far ahead, and you can always trust Lynk & Co's safety.

At the press conference, Geely Automobile Vice President Lin Jie said excitedly.

Lynk & Co 08 adopts a cage-type body structure. The body-in-white strength steel and aluminum alloy account for up to 75%. The anti-collision beam is made of "aviation-grade 7 series aluminum alloy" material. On the side of the car, Lynk & Co 08's "one-piece hot-formed boron steel door ring" is stamped in one go with an ultra-high strength of 1,500 MPa. The door's anti-collision beam uses the industry-leading 2,000 MPa "hot-formed steel" material. The orientation has improved the anti-collision performance of Lynk & Co 08.

Safety not only exists in the car body, Lynk & Co has also integrated safety awareness into battery components.

According to official statements, Lynk & Co's internal team has proposed new solutions for the three-electric safety of the 08 model. On the outside of the Lynk & Co 08 battery pack, in addition to using "four vertical and four horizontal" integrated frame beams and a "field-shaped" reinforced beam structure as a strong support for battery protection, Lynk & Co also uses an exclusive "Clover force transmission path" "The patented solution efficiently conducts and resolves the impact force when facing a frontal/side collision, providing double insurance for battery safety.

From the outside to the inside, we can feel the safety DNA deeply embedded in Lynk & Co 08.

Lynk & Co was born from the "marriage" of many parties. Starting from the design, smart cockpit and safety of Lynk & Co 08, Lynk & Co began to live its own life.

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