Lynk & Co 07 EM-P unveiled! Regarding the price war, Lynk & Co gave their answer

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P makes its first public appearance tonight.

It comes in two colors, Sunshine Silver and Dawn Blue. The Next Day concept car previously released by Lynk & Co chose these two colors to express its "urban opposition aesthetics."

As the first mass-produced sedan to use Lynk & Co's urban opposition aesthetics, the Lynk & Co 07 EM-P has more The Next Day charm than its big brother 08 EM-P. After all, it was originally a four-door coupe.

The Next Day concept car

Perhaps due to the low body, the Daybreak Light daytime running lights of Lynk & Co 07 EM-P are sharper than those of Lynk & Co 08, and the flatter and graphic design gives it a more modern feel. 26 LED light sources are arranged radially from the inside to the outside, from small to large, making the entire front face simple and bright.

Although compared with the concept car, the Lynk & Co 07 EM-P looks slightly bloated from the side, but its dawn carving peak line still highly restores the lines of the concept car. The Dawn Blade located on the C-pillar follows the classic Lynk & Co collar design. The trendy corner design does not affect the overall model, but also takes care of the rear space and visibility.

At the rear of the car body, there are crystal taillights that are similar to those of the concept car. They are integrated with dots and lines and embedded with red crystals with a sense of technology, making them highly recognizable.

Nowadays, all new energy products have basically the same face. If the logo is removed, there is no recognition at all, and you don’t know which manufacturer’s product it is. Designs are all homogenized, and everyone is comparing configurations.

Lin Jie, general manager of Lynk & Co Auto Sales Company, believes that it is very important for Lynk & Co to adhere to original artistic design.

In the interior, Lynk & Co 07 EM-P continues the overall design style of 08. The center pendant of the seat, door panels, central armrest box and other places adopt minimalist contrasting designs, and bright orange is used to embellish the white interior to enhance the overall sophistication. feel.

The four front and rear seats are all wrapped in a whole piece of NAPPA leather, which not only matches the overall interior style, but also continues the excellent performance of 08 in terms of wrapping and support, and perhaps even more outstanding.

Lynk & Co said in the press conference: "This is the most comfortable seat ever made by Lynk & Co."

It is a pity that everyone in front of the screen cannot go to the store immediately to experience it. Lynk & Co said that the first batch of 100 exhibition cars will not arrive in the store until the end of this month, test drives will start at the end of April, and delivery will not be available until May.

Although it has not yet been officially launched, Lynk & Co has still disclosed some core parameters of the 07 EM-P.

It follows the 1.5T four-cylinder engine + DHT Evo dual-motor electric drive system from the front-wheel drive version of the 08 EM-P, with one motor on the flywheel and one on the front axle. The maximum power of the entire system is 375 horsepower and the combined maximum torque is 615 N·m.

For now, it looks like this will be a stylish and fun electric hybrid car.

Ji Krypton goes first, Lynk & Co will not fall behind

At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, Lynk & Co held a grand press conference, bringing their first pure electric concept car, Lynk & Co ZERO Concept.

Under the gorgeous stage lights, no one in the media present could tell what color the car on the stage was, whether it was purple, blue, or silver. What is clear is that despite the different energy forms, this concept car still follows the Lynk & Co family design: split headlights, sharp lines, and the familiar sense of honesty from Lynk & Co.

At that time, Lynk & Co said that if they were given less than a year, they could build this car. As a result, a year later, the car was released, but its owner changed from Lynk & Co to Ji Krypton.

▲2021 JiKrypton 001

Overnight, the electrified Krypton became the darling of the times. It seems that Lynk & Co can only generate the last bit of residual heat for Geely in the fuel vehicle market. All kinds of bad-mouthing arguments have flooded all major platforms.

Finally, Lynk & Co couldn't bear it anymore and shouted "new energy is not equal to pure electric power". At the same time, Geely Automobile Group CEO Gan Jiayue brought a brand new concept car to the center of the stage——

The Next Day Concept.

Lynk & Co specifically emphasizes that this is a four-door GT model powered by "new energy power" and is also an important carrier of Lynk & Co's smart electric hybrid technology. Although that conference did not launch a mass-produced product that could actually hit the road, the signals released by the words "smart" and "electric hybrid" were still needed.

As a brand that has been established for 8 years, Lynk & Co, like the entire Geely Group, is facing a critical period of new energy transformation. In the same year, Lynk & Co publicly stated:

Starting from 2023, Lynk & Co will stop product research and development of pure fuel models and devote itself entirely to the research and development of new energy products.

The urban opposition aesthetics and smart electric hybrid of The Next Day concept car are Lynk & Co’s banner for the new energy era.

But concept cars alone are not enough. Lin Jie believes that Lynk & Co needs some popular models to drive the development of the brand.

The ones responsible for this important task are Lynk & Co 08 EM-P and Lynk & Co 07 EM-P.

Although the body shapes are different, there is almost no difference in the length and width of the two cars (the length, width and height of the Lynk & Co 07 EM-P are 4827mm, 1900mm, 1480mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2843mm). The entry point chosen by Lynk & Co is exactly The mid-size car market they were previously best at.

However, regarding the final performance of the two vehicles, Mu Jun, deputy general manager of Lynk & Co Auto Sales Company, is still very cautious. "The current new energy market is changing too fast, and friends are launching new products very quickly."

Lynk & Co, not afraid of price war

Last week, BYD's Seal DM-i Honor Edition was officially launched, bringing an end to this intensive round of price cuts by BYD – 8 main models had price cuts within 12 days.

BYD has successfully detonated the auto market in 2024, making "increasing volume and reducing prices" the main theme this year.

But in Lin Jie’s view, as long as the product is competitive enough, it is not impossible to break through .

Xiao Ping is a Lynk & Co owner. The Lynk & Co 03 he bought in May last year has traveled more than 12,000 kilometers with him. It is easy to drive and comfortable. These are his evaluations of his car.

"When I first chose Lynk & Co 03, I just thought it had a good-looking front face. Later, the more I drove the car, the more I liked it. Although I didn't buy a 2.0T, it was much easier to drive than other models in the same price range," Xiao Ping said.

As he said, the power output is smooth and linear, and the chassis is tough and sporty. They are the "traditional skills" of the Lynk & Co brand. At the same time, the unique design is also the advantage of Lynk & Co.

In February 2013, Geely Holding Group announced the establishment of the China-Europe Automotive Technology Center and the European Styling Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is not only part of Lynk & Co's globalization, but also a new possibility for Lynk & Co to explore cutting-edge design.

The success of Lynk & Co 08 EM-P has given Lynk & Co a lot of confidence. It is obvious that 08’s attempts in design, new energy and intelligence are almost based on experience and there are no lessons learned.

The Lynk & Co 07 is the sister model of the 08. The design is inherited, the energy consumption performance will be better, and the intelligence will be further improved. There is no doubt that this car is Lynk & Co's strategic model in the first half of the year.

Different from its competitors in terms of size and space, Lynk & Co's competitive positioning of the 07 is more value-oriented, such as more avant-garde design, better exterior and interior materials, and new developments in intelligence. Lin Jie also revealed that they and Meizu jointly developed a tablet that will be linked to the cockpit, which may mean that the 07 has the best rear entertainment experience in its class.

"If it were launched a year earlier, I would bite the bullet (to buy the 07 EM-P)." After seeing the appearance of the new car, Xiao Ping said that even if its price is higher than the Lynk & Co 03, he would buy the 07.

This is Lynk & Co’s answer to the price war: design-driven, texture-driven, and experience-driven, rather than size and price-driven.

*Liu Xuewen also contributed to this article.

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