Luo Yonghao does a special show to bring goods, why Xiaomi Youpin will become the base camp for product selection?

Moving is a very frustrating thing. After "disappearance" tries to throw away a lot of things, many things will eventually buy them back.

It may be an ultrasonic glasses cleaner, a light bulb, a countertop instant water dispenser, a cup-washing brush, a bottle of sleeping essential oil, a pair of slippers… the order keeps accumulating.

Fortunately, although you will face many difficult choices when you throw it away, when you buy these products, there are already better e-commerce platforms to discover one by one.

The more "novel and cool" and "quality" life good things, the easier it is to see in Xiaomi Youpin.

Xiaomi Youpin, the home base for live broadcast and product selection

If you find many surprises, new and exotic products in the live broadcast today, most of them are brought by Xiaomi Youpin.

On the evening of October 31, former New Oriental teacher, founder of, Siemens Destroyer, non-famous crosstalk performer, founder of Hammer Technology, and live broadcast anchor Luo Yonghao, opened the live broadcast of Xiaomi Youpin.

The total transaction value of this live broadcast: 28.48 million.

Luo Yonghao, we all know, he brought up the word "craftsman" in the technology circle, not to mention how many hammer phones are sold, the details are demanding to the point of nitpicking, how obsessed with white, how to talk about symmetrical and balanced design. In theory, he may be the first mobile phone company founder who often emphasized this on social platforms.

On March 31 this year, Luo Yonghao, who had faded out of the technology circle for a while, returned to the public’s field of vision. Luo Yonghao, who was standing in the spotlight again, had a new identity-the host of live streaming.

People's curiosity about Luo Yonghao lies not only in how he sells things, but also in what things he sells. Luo Yonghao announced the strategy for selecting products early:

  • Digital technology products with innovative features
  • Excellent cultural and creative products
  • books
  • Household miscellaneous goods with design and practicality
  • Interspersed with some cost-effective daily necessities and snacks

Click inside and you will find many familiar products. The first product to be delivered in the live broadcast is Xiaomi Juneng Writing Gel Pen, followed by Xiaomi 10, Roborock T7, Mijia Inflatable Bao…

Suddenly, people think that Luo Yonghao hosted a new Xiaomi product launch conference, but it also clarified the fact that the frequency of Xiaomi ecological chain products is rare in other products, and Xiaomi Youpin is almost Luo Yonghao's selection base camp.

Luo Yonghao said proudly: "I want to say something to my friends in the live broadcast room, to Xiaomi Youpin, it's good to mention you Brother Luo!"

How does a young e-commerce platform gain the favor of consumers

Xiaomi Youpin has not only won the trust of Luo Yonghao, but also the trust of consumers.

In 2019, Miyoupin's GMV reached 3.8 billion in the first half of the year, and the annual GMV exceeded 10 billion. Surprisingly, 65% of users are from non-Xiaomi mobile phone users.

Xiaomi Youpin has only been established for more than 3 years. In April 2017, the "Wejia Mall" section was unique from the Mijia App, and was renamed "Ximiyoupin" in May 2018.

The person in charge of Xiaomi Youpin once said, "The birth of Youpin is essentially our thinking about what Xiaomi has been doing for so many years, and whether the Xiaomi model can affect more people."

And how can a young e-commerce platform gain the favor of consumers?

Lu Ji of the Jin Dynasty once used "either to vibrate the leaves because of the branches, or to discuss the source along the waves" in his "Wen Fu" to explain the reason of coming to the master and searching for the source. In terms of tracing the source, it is still in the product.

Xiaomi himself summarized the "four heights":

  • high quality
  • high tech
  • High value
  • Cost-effective

Xiaomi Youpin tells Aifan'er that high quality does not mean to achieve full marks, but to surpass similar products on the market and be recognized by most people. High technology is not limited to "technology" itself, but to seek breakthroughs in materials, technology, design, etc. For example, antibacterial and breathable technology can be added to the sale of underwear. Even if it is toilet paper, Xiaomi Youpin will also prefer environmental protection. Spiritual paper. In the end, it was Lei Jun's words, "Persist in making good products that move people's hearts and are at a good price."

Under the guidance of returning to Xiaomi's values, Xiaomi Youpin, a boutique e-commerce company, will inevitably have to take out the "true fragrance" advantage in pricing.

In fact, Xiaomi Youpin’s theme for this year's Double 11 is "True Fragrance", which can be "true fragrance" from the product itself or "true fragrance" from the price point of view. In Luo Yonghao's words, "Everything is black, so the price is not black!"

The effect of this set of strategies is obvious. It has drawn a higher "pass line" for Youpin in all aspects than other e-commerce platforms, and thus has gained more trust from consumers.

In addition to cultivating trust, eye-catching is also a way to attract users. Xiaomi Youpin's approach is to create a lot of "novel cool" products for Youpin crowdfunding.

Electric bed, mosquito anti-itch stick, smart heating down jacket, mini fascia gun, walking shoes, litter box… can all be seen in Youpin crowdfunding.

This makes Youpin have a kind of attractive magic power. Every time people can’t help but click in to check it out. What new and interesting things are in crowdfunding. With the accumulation of time, Youpin has launched 512 issues, close to 300 Ten thousand people participated, and the total amount reached 1.3 billion.

More people start to use Xiaomi Youpin, which also means more pressure on product selection and quality control.

Good selection requirements are the biggest support for the development of Xiaomi Youpin

Offline stores have become the largest products of technology companies, carrying the invisible communication needs between communities and people, the vitality of communities is renewed, and even the city's economic and cultural changes.

It is also a window for expressing and delivering technology and art to cities and consumers.

"The metaphysical is the Tao, and the metaphysical is the tool." When offline stores are intertwined with design, concept, and art thinking, online e-commerce platforms focus on actual products, what to sell, how to sell, and to sell. To whom is the most considered issue.

But before choosing products, the first thing to take away is the misunderstanding of "Xiaomi Youpin=Xiaomi Ecological Chain=Xiaomi Self-operated". In an interview with Tencent, the person in charge of Xiaomi Youpin also mentioned:

"Is everything in Xiaomi Youpin belonging to Xiaomi? The perception of users is actually very troublesome for us. We don’t want users to think that the products of Youpin are Xiaomi’s. For example, we don’t want it When selling a pair of underwear, users say that Xiaomi sells underwear, which is very strange."

The stricter the control over product selection and the deeper the participation, the tighter Xiaomi Youpin will bind with excellent suppliers. As a result, Xiaomi Youpin will gradually form an ecological proportion. As the number of products accumulate, this barrier will be created. Build higher and higher.

The person in charge of Xiaomi Youpin also bluntly said in previous interviews: "It is easy to copy a good product, but it is very difficult to make 10,000 products with good quality."

Returning from Mijia to Xiaomi, the strategy of endorsing the main brand has not become a hindrance to the development of Xiaomi Youpin. In fact, the proportion of third-party products is close to 80%, and the total of its own products and ecological chain products is only more than 20%. This is still the case when Xiaomi restricts the number of products in the same category.

Xiaomi Youpin has even attracted popular brands such as Dyson vacuum cleaners and curling irons. But in fact, the products under these top brands are more important. Xiaomi Youpin will not put many products of the same type on the shelves. Although the choices are limited, it can reduce the difficulty of consumers' decision-making, but they must be more responsible for the products they can choose.

In dealing with these products, Xiaomi Youpin told Aifaner that they will play the role of discovering needs and defining products. Carry out deeper cooperation with manufacturers, use Xiaomi's industrial design team to radiate design, and product selection team to control quality.

In fact, Xiaomi Youpin’s initial starting point is to use the Xiaomi model to make a variety of consumer goods, and hope to use the Xiaomi model to extend to all aspects of life.

From Xiaomi's own products to Xiaomi's ecological chain and then to Xiaomi Youpin's boutique e-commerce, such as the triple wall of loops in the animation "Attack on Giant", the barriers formed by them have formed Xiaomi's stable ecosystem.

In actual use, I actually feel that these products, from design to actual experience, are very much like the hands of a family, and perhaps this feeling is what Xiaomi Youpin hopes to achieve.

However, this is only the first step. The next goal of Xiaomi Youpin is to survive the fittest as the products are layered, and the remaining products will be high-quality products that can withstand the test of the market. At that time, consumers will not care about who the products are. For manufacturing, just look for Xiaomi's products.

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