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  • Lululemon made a bag with "mushrooms", which can be bought next year
  • The "belly" sofa is one of the most popular works in the CAMC graduation exhibition
  • With it, you can draw a crayon drawing with onion flavor
  • Catch more fish and bring a thousand pairs of old jeans to start a party in Beijing
  • West Paw Design: To be the dog's best friend

Lululemon made yoga mats and bags with "mushrooms"

In our article last year, we discussed that mushrooms are becoming an innovative design medium that "contracts everything."

Recently, Lululemon also announced its first batch of "mushroom products", including a yoga mat and two bags, using Mylo materials developed by Bolt Technology.

Mylo is a patented material with "mycelium" as the raw material, with a texture similar to leather.

▲ Mycelium is a bit like the root of a fungus. Usually we have less chance to see it. The picture is from Blast Studio

The concept yoga mat made of 100% Mylo is designed with weaving craftsmanship incorporated. By adopting different weaving patterns in different positions, the yoga mat can optimize the texture of hands and feet in contact.

The other two bags only use Mylo material in some decorative parts.

The good news is that this yoga bag and canvas bucket bag will be officially on sale to the public in early 2022, while the concept yoga mat made by 100% Mylo has no plans for sale yet.

Although Stella McCartney used Mylo to design two clothes before, they are also temporarily not available for sale.

If you want to talk about other "mycelium" products that will be on sale, it should be Hermès' "mycelium version" Victoria travel bag, which is planned to be on sale at the end of this year.

The material Sylvania used by Hermès comes from MycoWorks, and the raw material is also mycelium.

In addition to making "leather," scholars are also studying the use of fungi to replace/eat plastics, and are also developing ways to build houses with fungi.

Well, next time I go to the market to buy fungi, do I have to re-examine this magical creature?

The "belly" sofa has become one of the most popular works in the CAMC graduation exhibition

When Xu Ruoxin introduced the design concept to the 50-year-old factory owner with a photo of her wrinkles, the boss was shy.

The boss did not expect that someone would want to make the sofa a "belly" look.

▲ In Xu Ruoxin's view, the wrinkles of the body are "like valleys and ravines, reminiscent of all beautiful images", so she wants to "express my body through the language of accumulation of wrinkles, and present my body to everyone."

Later, these "belly" sofas became one of the most popular works in the undergraduate graduation exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts this year.

When discussing with her friends, she found that not only did she, who "have never lost weight", "do not know what it feels like to be thin," but her friends also didn't know "how it feels to be fat" and invited friends to touch her belly.

▲ Xu Ruoxin chatting with children at the scene

Some friends will sigh unbelievably for the softness of their stomachs; some will observe them very carefully; others will put their faces against her stomach, recalling how grandma had to dig out their ears when they were young; some even said that their boyfriend’s stomach was about the same size. Every hug makes her feel very happy.

Xu Ruoxin discovered that people's negative feelings about obesity may not come from obesity itself, but from its metaphor-"Obesity = laziness, undisciplined, and corrupt moral character."

▲ Many visitors at the exhibition rested on the sofa

In fact, now, scientific research has fully pointed out that the causes of obesity are complex and multifaceted , not just the result of "lack of self-control."

More importantly, the prejudice against obesity is also considered to have a negative impact on obese people-they will not get the motivation to change, but will be pushed to a worse mental state and lifestyle.

Through the work "Touching My Belly", Xu Ruoxin wants more people to re-examine the issue of "obesity":

When I posted my work on social media, many people questioned me, thinking that being fat is unhealthy…I don't want to talk about this, but how to get along with yourself when you are obese.

No matter what, you should love your body, this does not conflict with what they say. I did not comment on whether obesity is a good or bad thing, nor do I encourage everyone to gain weight and achieve such an aesthetic state. I just hope that everyone can accept a diversified body.

If you want to know more about the thinking behind the work, you can jump to Xu Ruoxin's narrative about the work .

With it, you can draw a crayon drawing with onion flavor

Have you ever wondered why crayons have a unique "crayon smell"? That is actually paraffin wax, the main raw material of crayons.

In terms of smell, the crayons named "Oyasai Crayons" are not only very "crayons", but also "dishes".

Inspired by the various colors of vegetables in the garden, designer Naoko Kimura wanted to use vegetables to make a more environmentally friendly crayons.

She aimed at the vegetable parts that are often thrown away, such as the outermost leaf of cabbage, the outer skin of the apple (scraped off when making dried apples), the residue left over from the blackcurrant juice, etc., and used them as crayons. Color it and add up to 1/3 of food coloring to enhance the color.

As for the paraffin wax that has the most "crayon flavor", it has been replaced by rice bran wax and rice bran oil, both of which are by-products produced during the polishing process of rice. In this way, the crayons no longer need to use petroleum products.

In Kimura's view, this crayon is not only more environmentally friendly, but also has a certain educational significance.

This is a natural story. The story is about the color and smell of the vegetables themselves. Through vegetable crayons, we hope to help cultivate children's interest and love for nature.

This series of crayons currently has ten colors, and each color is named after the vegetable from which the color is derived, such as apples, cabbage, green onions, carrots, purple yam, and so on. Moreover, these crayons also have a hint of vegetable smell:

Try to draw a larger picture with crayons of the color "onion". You may be able to perceive a faint, but clear, onion taste.

Although the materials come from the fields, Oyasai Crayons emphasized that these crayons are not edible. If you accidentally eat it, you still need to see a doctor quickly.

These crayons reminded me of the "plant nail polish" formula that was passed down among children when I was a child-by pressing some very dark plant flowers/leaves out of juice, they can be used to dye nails.

Of course, my successful dyeing at that time was mostly the nail joints everywhere. However, those are still very fond memories of childhood.

Catch more fish and bring a thousand pairs of old jeans to start a party in Beijing

In the movie "Summer of Jeans", four good friends of different shapes found a pair of second-hand jeans that all four of them could wear in a second-hand clothing store.

▲ "Summer of Jeans"

The ambition to catch more fish is not that big, it just invites you to find a suitable pair of "medium jeans" for yourself.

From July 10th to the end of the month, Ducauyu prepared a thousand pairs of "medium jeans" in Beijing's store, ranging in size from XXS to XXL, covering 110 brands.

What is "medium"? To put it simply and crudely, they are second-hand products.

Just like the second-hand books that many people buy from Duchouyu, these jeans have been specially disinfected and refurbished, so you can buy them with relative confidence.

The environmentally friendly and affordable "second-hand product economy" is not only popular among young people. Recently, even the state has issued policies to support development.

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the "14th Five-Year" Circular Economy Development Plan", which requires the establishment of a waste material recycling system, a resource recycling society, and a standardized development of the second-hand commodity market.

Online, the "Development Plan" encourages the "Internet + second-hand" model, strengthens the management and supervision of the platform, and allows the platform to provide consumers with more standardized and standardized services.

Offline, the "Development Plan" supports the construction of a centralized and standardized "flea market", which can set up second-hand trading activities within schools or communities to promote the trading and circulation of idle items.

I hope that in the future, whether online or offline, we can see more fun and environmentally friendly old things "party".

West Paw Design: To be the dog's best friend

It is said that dogs are man’s best friends, and American pet products company West Paw wants to be dogs’ best friends.

Established in 1996, West Claw is known for its environmentally friendly and durable dog toys.

Just like buying toys for children, most pet owners are most concerned about safety when buying toys and supplies for their dogs.

One of the advantages of West Claw is that the company has contracted everything for toy production-independent research and development of patented materials, independent production, and independent recycling. Therefore, they can control the quality of their products well, and boldly give consumers a "lifetime bite and replacement service."

▲ Spencer Williams, CEO of West Claw

As a toy manufacturer, the plastic problem is almost impossible to hide.

In this regard, Zogoflex, one of the most widely used patented materials in West Claw, has a lot of advantages, because this flexible material can be recycled infinitely.

▲ Zogoflex material

Beginning in 2009, West Claw began to set up recycling boxes in dealer stores to collect Zogoflex toys that users' dogs were tired of playing with, and also to obtain raw materials for the production of new toys.

In 2020, West Claw recovered 525 pounds of Zogoflex materials from consumers and 130,000 of the same materials from its own production line, ultimately providing 19% of the total output.

In addition, when developing stuffing materials for plush toys, West Claw also chose to use recycled plastic bottles as raw materials to create the patented IntelliLoft material.

Responsible for the efficiency and environmental impact of the factory every year. In 2020, although the total production of products has increased from 1.34 million in the previous year to 1.71 million, the average power consumption of a single product has dropped from 0.33 kWh/piece to 0.28 kWh/piece.

Now, Xizha has "tied" the health of dogs with the health of human employees.

Beginning in 2020, Xizha will allow employees to take their dogs to work, and it also supports employees to take their dogs for a walk when they need to go for a walk.

Obviously, this disguised "anti-sedentary" reminder function makes employees and dogs happier.

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