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  • Lululemon's yoga pants will be replaced with “a little sweet'' plant nylon
  • Good-looking coffee is also an introduction to climate discussion
  • "Mother of Chimpanzees" will open a biological conservation elementary school in Taiwan, China
  • Levi's latest sustainable series also includes "denim kimono"
  • Specialisterne: Do you understand the unique advantages of autistic people?

Lululemon's yoga pants will be replaced with “a little sweet'' plant nylon

Sports and leisure brand Lululemon announced a partnership with biotechnology company Genomatica to replace nylon in existing sportswear with plant-based nylon materials in the future.

The raw material for this new nylon is sugar from plants such as corn, sugar beet and cassava.

Through fermentation technology, Genomatica converts plant ingredients into traditional petroleum ingredients similar to those used to make nylon, and then turns these materials into particles and yarns for making Lululemon fabrics.

This innovative plant nylon, although it can solve the problem of nylon in the production side-dependence on petrochemical raw materials-can reduce the impact on the environment, but it does not solve the problem of nylon recycling .

Just because the structure of this plant nylon is basically the same as traditional nylon, it is also not biodegradable or compostable like traditional nylon.

This is also a common problem with many innovative plant fabrics in the fashion industry.

Independent bio-based plastics expert Marc Hillmyer pointed out that the amount of research in the field of chemistry has been increasing recently, and even some scientists have developed bio-based plastics that can be degraded under professional industrial composting institutions.

He believes that scientists can also develop biodegradable plastics in the future. "We need to do research now to achieve future goals."

When asked about the limitations of the degradation of new materials, Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald emphasized that this project is only one aspect of Lululemon's sustainability plan, and the company is still investing in more new materials, such as the "mushroom leather" we have also reported before. Mylo.

▲"Mushroom leather" Yoga mat made by Mylo

More importantly, McDonald believes that we urgently need action and cannot wait any longer.

▲ Calvin McDonald

As mentioned earlier, this plant nylon is very similar to traditional nylon. Therefore, Lululemon can quickly use this new material in the supply chain and it can be added to existing products this year.

We decided to work with Genomatica because we realized that we really can't wait any longer. We need to make changes immediately, while preparing materials for the next generation.

Good-looking coffee is also an introduction to climate discussion

The plant-based beverage brand "Plantag" has teamed up with two boutique coffee shops in Shanghai, "Geographer" and "Dugout Coffee & Brunch" to launch four climate-themed products.

In the "geographer", we can see "melting earth oatmeal latte" and "expanding desert oatmeal latte".

In "Dugout Coffee & Brunch", there are "Polar Bear Oatmeal Latte" and "Sea Level Rising Oatmeal Bowl".

The well-designed coffee is pleasing to the eye and reminds us that the climate crisis is imminent.

In the past July, we experienced the hottest month on record for mankind. The temperature of the global land and ocean was 0.01 degrees Celsius higher than the previous record…

Want to know how to act? You can start by understanding the current state of our environment .

"Mother of Chimpanzees" will open a biological conservation elementary school in Taiwan, China

British biologist Jeanne Goodall, known as the "mother of chimpanzees", will set up a special elementary school in Taipei-a teaching institution focusing on biological conservation and sustainable development.

According to reports, this school will provide children with an experience of "immersing in nature" to "encourage them to love and protect the environment and the earth."

This school is part of the Conservation Projects of Asia initiative. In addition, Jenny Goodall also plans to launch different biological conservation projects in Malaysia and India.

Around us, we also saw some biodiversity experience courses for children.

In Shanghai, the Urban Wilderness Studio will hold "Urban Ecological Restoration" courses from time to time to lead children to learn about animals and plants; the studio also released popular science manuals such as "Shanghai Night Biological Observation Guide" and "Shanghai Waterbird Observation Guide". Let more people have an in-depth understanding of the animals and plants around them.

And in the Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing, we can also find a "Diverse Planet Nature School" and launch a variety of experience camps such as "Overnight in Red Mountain" and "Jungle Quest".

Over the years, China’s biodiversity protection has also been effective .

Giant pandas have been reduced from "endangered" to "vulnerable" level; snow leopards appear more frequently in places such as the Sanjiangyuan National Park; the Tibetan antelope population on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has increased significantly.

Levi's latest sustainable series actually has "denim kimono"

Levi's recently collaborated with tennis player Naomi Osaka to create a sustainable capsule series made of recycled Levi's denim. Naomi Osaka said:

For me, work on sustainability is particularly important. On the other hand, I have added my own thinking about "sports" and "feminization" in the layout and details.

The particularly special item in this series should be the rare innovative "denim kimono". Naomi Osaka said that she liked wearing kimonos when she was young, so she tried this new design combination this time.

In addition to this project, Levi's and Copenhagen brand Ganni also launched a rental capsule series made of recycled fabrics. Customers can only own this series of products for three months, after which the products will be recycled, cleaned and refurbished, and rented to the next customer.

Specialisterne: Do you understand the unique advantages of autistic people?

▲ Sonne and son Lars

In the beginning, Thorkil Sonne was particularly worried about his son-he was diagnosed with autism, is there a "future"?

The senior executive of a communications company living in Denmark decided to solve this problem by himself and set up a company called "Specialisterne".

In Danish, "Specialisterne" means "expert".

This company will provide vocational training for the "neurodiversity" groups, including "for autistic" people, to help them develop their strengths and find suitable jobs.

Neurodiversity (Neurodiversity) refers to the brain's variation in social behavior, learning ability, attention, mood and other mental functions, but it is not pathological.

In addition, Specialisterne also provides business-oriented services.

One way is to hire neurodiversity employees as their employees, and then export technical, administrative, museum-related and other functional consulting experts in a service manner, and provide inclusive workplace training for company customers.

The other way is more customized. The company can make a request to Specialisterne, who then specifically finds suitable people for this skill, customizes training and posts to provide services.

Many autistic people have advantages in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, and their concentration and sensitivity to details are higher than many people.

Many experts believe that groups such as attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, autism, dyslexia and movement disorders will encounter obstacles in traditional social activities, but their way of thinking can also bring many innovations.

At present, there is a large talent gap in the field of cyber security, and there is a point of view that the neuro-diversified community can bring innovative unique technologies and insights .

Now, Specialisterne's service has expanded to 23 different countries. Moreover, the expansion of its services has brought a more inclusive office atmosphere to more places in a chain reaction manner:

If our consultant can develop in those companies, it also means that the company basically has a good employment environment.

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