Lost in the paddock, proud of the mall? Ferrari releases a new hybrid sports car, further electrified

In the F1 French Grand Prix last weekend, Ferrari experienced the first weekend of the season without credits. The two drivers finished 11th and 16th respectively.

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc called this race the hardest race of his career. In this race, he ran very hard and ended up dismal behind an Alfa Romeo.

▲Picture from: Ferrari

But the strange thing is that when Ferrari does not run well in the F1 paddock, its civilian cars tend to perform well and sell well.

No, another new car is here.

On June 24, Ferrari officially released its new sports car-Ferrari 296 GTB in the form of an online conference.

As Ferrari's third electrified model, this car adopts a new design in appearance. The tea tray-style front wing on the front face is flat, which is capable and crisp, and the through-type air inlet is also very visually impactful.

The headlights above the air intakes also hide mystery, with brake ventilation ducts, cooling systems and active aerodynamics hidden inside.

From the side of the body, it is still the classic shape of a Ferrari mid-engine sports car.

A smooth waistline extends from the front fender along the door and merges with the engine air intake. The raised lines at the rear of the car are also very powerful. The wheels continue the family-style five-spoke wheels.

The rear design of the Ferrari 296 GTB is very layered. Above the central double outlet exhaust, it also includes a horizontal design element composed of taillights and a foldable spoiler, with a black line running through the left and right taillights.

In addition, for better aerodynamic effects, the design of the bottom diffuser is very radical. The powerful performance of the 296 GTB is undoubtedly revealed. On the whole, it is much more fierce than the current Ferrari F8 Tributo.

In terms of power, this 296 GTB is also very different from the F8 Tributo on sale.

Ferrari did not use the 3.9T V8 engine on the F8 Tributo. Its powertrain consists of a 2.9T twin-turbocharged V6 engine and an electric motor.

This V6 engine with a cylinder angle of 120° is also Ferrari's first engine to install a turbocharger inside the V-shaped structure.

▲The power unit of 296 GTB

Don't underestimate this V6 engine. Its maximum output power is 663 horsepower, the maximum output power of the motor is 167 horsepower, the combined power is up to 610kW (830 horsepower), and the peak torque is 740N·m.

In addition, the new car will also be equipped with an electronic differential and a kinetic energy motor generator unit (MGU-K) located between the engine and the gearbox. That's right, it is the ERS energy recovery system you see in F1.

▲F1 2021 power unit

This complete set of powerful power units enables the 296 GTB to accelerate from zero to one hundred in only 2.9 seconds, and the top speed exceeds 330km/h.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a 7.45kWh battery pack, which can travel 25 kilometers in pure electric mode. It is still possible to refuel in an emergency.

At present, after major car companies gradually enter the electrification era, Ferrari will also take the initiative to embrace electrification.

Previously, Ferrari had conducted preliminary explorations of electrification through LaFerrari and SF90, and the 296 GTB, a V6 hybrid sports car, successfully pushed Ferrari's electrification process to a whole new level.

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