Looking back on what we know and moving towards the unknown, what has vivo done in the past year?

Although the road is far away, it will come soon, although it is hard to do it will be done

Vivo CEO Shen Wei gave this sentence to all vivo people in his New Year speech in 2021.

2021 is the 26th year of this company and also the 10th anniversary of the vivo brand. People always like to summarize the past and look forward to the future at the end of the year.

Because summing up the past is a review and reflection on oneself; and looking to the future is a prediction and a plan for the future. Combining the two dialectically is the thinking of an enterprise. The answers are nothing more than these two questions:

What will vivo do in 2020; what will vivo do in 2021?

In the past year, vivo has set up four long tracks

To answer what vivo has done in the past year, in fact, you can use the summary of the four long tracks previously built by vivo. According to vivo, the four long tracks are: design, imaging, system, and performance.

These four tracks are the four directions that vivo mentioned the most in the past year, but it is rare that each track vivo has given outstanding results.

Design: I tried plain leather, the legendary version is a surprise

In terms of design, vivo received a lot of praise last year. Among them, the design of the two "Legend Editions" of the iQOO series brought surprises that exceeded expectations. For the iQOO series, it was the first time that the design language was raised to a new level. In addition, it is a new attempt to apply ribbon decoration to plain leather and glass respectively.

The best embodiment of the design in the X50 and X60 series is the dual-layer cloud-level design of the camera matrix. It is not only the most harmonious camera matrix design in 2020, but also a wave of imitation in the market, which can be used in some later models. See the shadow of the design.

Video: Outsole + Micro PTZ, also cooperated with Zeiss

The imaging ability is the part that vivo has been emphasizing in the past few years, and it has been enhancing the public's awareness of imaging with its unique ability. For example, the micro gimbal design used on the vivo X50 Pro has improved the anti-shake capability of the mobile phone to a level close to that of a handheld gimbal.

X50 Pro+ uses a more powerful sensor and multi-camera combination. The Samsung GN1 sensor has a 1/1.3-inch outsole, and it is still one of the top sensors in the mobile phone market.

The latest vivo X60 Pro+ takes it a step further, integrating the Samsung GN1 super-outsole sensor and micro-pan 2.0 technology into a mobile phone at the same time. The 50-megapixel super-outsole main camera and the 48-megapixel micro-panel super-wide-angle main camera are in vivo. The X60 Pro+ has an ultra-sensitive and ultra-clear "dual main camera" imaging system.

For this phone, we also think that it has the ability to take pictures in the first half of the year.

In addition, vivo has also carried out a strategic cooperation with Zeiss of Germany, not only using T* coating and "Zeiss Biotar Portrait Style", but also set up a joint imaging laboratory, which will further enhance vivo's competitiveness in the imaging field in the future.

System: a makeover

The protagonist of the system is obvious. OriginOS can be said to be a redesign of vivo. The system interface not only subverts Funtouch OS greatly, but also has a unique design in the entire mobile phone market.

For this system, not only the online response was very enthusiastic, and several public beta recruitments were quickly full, but Ai Faner also had an offline sharing session about OriginOS, and the small partners who came to experience it on the spot were also in an endless stream.

OriginOS still has a long way to go today, and many details still need to be polished in several iterations, but it is undoubtedly a corner overtaking. It can be said that it is the last come first on the four tracks of vivo.

Performance: fast performance, fast to market

As for performance, the joint research and development of Exynos 1080 with Samsung will complement the mid-to-high end, and the iQOO series will ship the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor. These users are all in their eyes.

In addition to the fluency that vivo has always been good at, there are many latest optimizations worth mentioning. For example, when the storage space is sufficient, 3GB can be divided into virtual running memory, and the original 8GB of memory has suddenly become 11GB.

Behind the four tracks are long-termism, altruism and win-win, design-driven methodology

The four long tracks can be said to be the persistence of vivo guided by "long-termism", and it is also the direction of vivo products in the future.

If “permanence” is the goal set by vivo for itself and belongs to the internal policy strategy, then “altruism and win-win” are the “diplomatic” strategy of vivo.

Vivo’s altruistic win-win situation in the past year was mainly reflected in two cooperations.

One is to cooperate with Samsung to jointly develop a new generation of processors. After the processor has entered a steady pace of research and development, the highlight of this year's cooperation has shifted to the imaging field where vivo is better.

In December last year, vivo once again had a major strategic cooperation in imaging, and the partner was Zeiss, a century-old optical company in Germany. The two have launched further in-depth cooperation in imaging.

The cooperation between vivo and Zeiss can be said to be a model of "mutual choice and mutual achievement". One has hardcore technology in optical manufacturing, and the other has deep accumulation in user base and digital technology. The two can be said to be a perfect match. This forms a win-win situation.

And "design-driven" is actually the design and mining of user scenarios and needs. The most obvious manifestation of this point may be the launch of OriginOS, inspired by the unique design of Huarong Road, as well as information acquisition, manipulation, size deformation and free combination directly on the desktop, all of which are re-excavating user scenarios and needs.

Through three methodologies and four tracks, vivo has not only achieved continuous progress last year, but in my opinion, another huge improvement is achieving balance.

Balance refers to the four tracks going hand in hand, which allowed vivo's products to gradually make up for the shortcomings last year. For example, advances in design and systems have made vivo's products more complete. The hardware and software have their own design language, and the overall degree of completion is quite high.

Processors and imaging, the two most important parts for consumers, implement the concept of win-win. It cooperates with Samsung in high-end processors. The flagship closely follows Qualcomm. In imaging, there is both self-developed micro-panel technology and Zeiss. Bring new changes visible to the naked eye.

From a product perspective, vivo's products achieved a leap-forward upgrade in product power last year. The current domestic mobile phone market is fiercely competitive, and it can be said that "going against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat." It is not even whether the competition has improved, but whether it has improved more than others.

The X50 and X60 continue to balance and adjust the two generations. From the launch of the "Super Big Cup" to the continued upward push of the "Super Big Cup" product strength, vivo has used its own methods to establish a firm foothold in the high-end market.

In the future

In 2021, the headline of vivo CEO Shen Wei's New Year speech is "Don't forget your original aspirations, bury your head in the cause."

"Don't forget the original aspiration", every company will more or less mention in the prospect of the new year, the key is how to do it so that you can not forget the original aspiration. The second half of the sentence "buried in the cause" is the answer given by vivo.

After establishing four long-term tracks and methodology, the next thing for vivo is to use a normal mind, adhere to the long-termism, altruism and win-win, and design-driven methodology, bury its head and avoid short-term temptations and external noise.

What causes and results. According to vivo, in order to harvest more users on the fruit and bring greater value to users, it is necessary to adhere to "design-driven and user-oriented" in terms of causes. The so-called design-driven is not designer-driven, vivo explained:

The bottom layer of design-driven is driven by values. The most important manifestation of design-driven is that we have to think about the meaning of the product, what we can change and what we can give, and then put aside distractions, use perfect and elegant ways to achieve, create value for users and society, as we launched last year. OriginOS' initial thinking.

Technology is always advancing, and parameters are always changing. What remains unchanged is the pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of achievement and pleasure, and the pursuit of self-meaning.

As far as vivo is concerned, we should not stick to the competition parameters. In essence, technology is not to let people enjoy technology better, but to enjoy life better. We need to listen to users, understand their needs, and create exciting products and services for them with user-oriented and design-driven values ​​to improve user satisfaction.

These words do sound official, but they are also correct. Most of the time, people do not lack the methodology and values ​​of how to do it, but the determination to stick to them.

If you bury your head, the future can be expected. This may be an expectation that vivo has promised to itself, just like the flower in OriginsOS, as long as you walk down the road steadily, it will bloom.

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