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So rich, I really want to hate the rich.

After my former colleague sent me the news that Wei Ya was fined 1.341 billion for tax evasion of 643 million yuan, I joined the team of "Melon Eaters" with everyone. This news about taxes also brought the normalized live broadcast of goods to the forefront once again. Simba and Kuaishou went to court. Someone in Li Jiaqi's live broadcast room said "be lenient and resist strict." Luo Yonghao issued a statement overnight.

In recent years, the top anchors have been up and down like a roller coaster in their careers. A few years ago, it was a shuangwen-like plot. After years of accumulation, he made a leap over the long gate with a monthly income of over 100 million. Brands are vying to cooperate, and celebrities have to put down their bodies to learn from the live broadcast together, and it is only a matter of minutes to bring more than 100 million goods. As a result, as soon as the style of painting changed, he entered the rule of law channel, and tax evasion was blocked on the whole network.

The live broadcast has gone through several years vigorously, and controversy about it has always existed. Does the live broadcast of goods create new value? What is the magic of the live broadcast of goods? Is the live broadcast of goods overestimated?

The tide hasn't receded yet, but it's time to talk about live delivery.

Ai Faner Content Officer He Zongcheng:

As an ordinary person who has had a sales volume of tens of millions of live broadcasts, but has never spent a cent from the live broadcast room, I still have a relatively positive attitude towards live broadcasts. From the ancient barter exchange, to store sales, to e-commerce, the form of sales is always changing with the times.

As for the fact that I have never spent money from the live broadcast room, it is purely because my desire to consume is relatively low and my consumption purpose is very strong.

Former live broadcast employee Huo:

I buy it quite often in the live broadcast room. I usually only watch the top anchor, and basically only watched the live broadcast of two people before. In terms of price, they finally compared the prices of other channels. In fact, 60% to 70% of the brands they get are still low.

If some people insist on comparing with Pinduoduo, they may not be so low. But from my own point of view, what they sell live must be genuine products. They are all shipped from flagship stores, and the dates are all up to date. So skin care products and 3c products, even if the prices on other platforms are lower, I tend to prefer such big anchors in live broadcast rooms. Because the platform still has some risks of fake products, the live broadcast room is more reliable.

I still trust this kind of top anchor. I have seen some of their promotional videos and interviews, and I feel that their quality control is relatively strict. As long as I need this product, I will consider buying it if I see it in the live broadcast studio.

Zhan Qing, the person in charge of the live broadcast of Playthings:

Yes, I usually choose to buy in the live broadcast rooms of major broadcasters. Sometimes I visit the brands I care about or other live broadcast rooms. When I encounter products with beautiful prices, I can't help but choose. Live streaming is indeed a hot track that many brands enter. However, there have been frequent negative news recently, and it seems that strong supervision of this industry has begun.

I personally think that the pace of live streaming will be faster, starting broadcast-downloading-replay-starting broadcast. The early stage selection work is very important. The live broadcast price to the fans must be strong, and the work before the start of the broadcast will pay more attention to the benefits of the live broadcast. There are also some details about the product inventory, gifts, etc., which need to be verified with the brand or the docking company, in order to strive for the best "good" discounts for our fans.

At the same time, I think live streaming is still a direction that can be used. Although some giants have fallen, this provides more space and opportunities for small and medium-sized anchors and brands. I believe that more and more brands will choose to broadcast by themselves in the future. The strength competition of its own products has been done again.

Live user Weiwei:

I have bought it. I think it’s very convenient. It’s fast and cheap. You can quickly understand the product and similar products based on the introduction of the anchor, but you must pay attention to rational consumption.

I usually pay attention to the live broadcast during the big promotion. If I want to see Li's live broadcast room, I will watch the live broadcast preview on Weibo in advance. For some interesting things, I will pick a time to watch it in the evening, except for double 11 events. I watch it for a long time, but I just watch it by the way.

Leng Sizhen, editor of Ai Faner:

Yes, every time I write articles related to live streaming, I basically buy things when I go to watch live streaming. I am an impulsive shopping person. Both Lao Luo and Wei Ya have succeeded in Amway. But I haven't had the habit of staying in the live broadcast room until now. I don't think there is anything wrong with watching the live broadcast. In fact, I can't control the pace of the live broadcast. Many live broadcasts are actually uncertain. There is only one thing you want to buy, and you have to wait seven or eight. It is easy to forget the time when playing games and reading novels.

But I still think it makes sense to bring the goods live. The unclear time that I hate is also someone's answer to "I don't know how to buy so much". The anchor is like a brand super shopping guide. They sell well enough, and the Amway effect is beyond imagination. The classic story that I have heard is that with 10 shopping guides in a store, 60% of the sales are brought by the ace shopping guide. Therefore, this form of live broadcast can make super shopping guides shine, and this ability is actually underestimated.

I think it's easy to bring the goods, and I think what they think is also very simple.

Ai Faner Content Officer He Zongcheng:

In fact, in my opinion, 90% of live streaming products on the market belong to the category of content e-commerce, which is an iteration of traditional graphic sales, and the threshold is lower.

However, Superhead’s live broadcasts with goods are of different nature. They have strong bargaining power for upstream brands and are actually a kind of "discount e-commerce."

For the brand, the value of brand promotion may be greater than the value of actual sales conversion.

Former live broadcast employee Huo:

Live broadcast is actually a common form. Many live broadcast platform anchors will also bring goods, but they may bring relatively low-priced, game-oriented peripherals. Taobao is actually a full category. So I think in this scenario, live streaming is actually a new e-commerce model.

The value of this model is that it narrows the distance between the audience and the brand. As a bridge, the anchor has the value of channels, and its value is that the products are screened. The products we can come into contact with may have been through advertisements before, but advertisements are actually placed. As for the anchor, the quality is guaranteed. At least I think only products with medium or high quality can enter the live broadcast room of such a big anchor. In this scenario, I think it is convenient for consumers, and endorsement helps consumers make a quick choice.

If you trust this anchor, then your stickiness with him will actually be much stronger than the advertisement. Because you and him meet every day in the live broadcast room, and you will also interact. In this scenario, you will actually trust the anchor more and more. This makes it easier for consumers to choose some brands that they may not have been exposed to before.

Zhan Qing, the person in charge of the live broadcast of Playthings:

For us, live streaming is more of an attempt and breakthrough.

We used to communicate with readers and fans mainly relying on the form of text, and now we can also use the new live broadcast function of WeChat video account to have closer communication and contact with our readers and fans, which not only allows them to understand more intuitively With our products, we can also get closer to the fans, understand more what they need, and constantly optimize ourselves to provide them with better products and services.

Live user Weiwei:

I think live streaming means that you just want to buy something, and the anchor will help you select the right one. Although you have to know it on your own, it will be more convenient and clear to understand based on the introduction of the anchor. Like Li Jiaqi’s previous facial mask class and essence class, it’s clear after reading the anchor’s explanation, you can just make supplementary understanding based on the situation. In general, it saves time, is cheaper, and the information is more transparent.

Leng Sizhen, editor of Ai Faner:

Many people think that live-streaming sales are actually just a transfer. The original promotional activities were moved to the live-streaming room, which did not create new value, but I don’t think it is. On the one hand, the super shopping guide mentioned earlier, on the other hand, there are actually very few platforms like this. I feel that the head anchor is like replacing the TV station of the year. In the past, the brand wanted to get off the ground quickly by investing in CCTV, but now it is to take a walk on the platform of the head anchor.

I still think the way this product is presented, the interaction between this product and the user, and this new form are meaningful.

Ai Faner Content Officer He Zongcheng:

From the perspective of elitism, there are many prejudices against live delivery of goods: low information density, use of information gaps to fool the audience, TV shopping in the Internet age, and so on. However, at least for the moment, live e-commerce is still meaningful for inclusive e-commerce, expanding domestic demand, and consumer poverty alleviation.

In fact, many emerging models catalyzed by capital will take detours and bubble. In the short term, it is often overestimated, but in the long term, it is underestimated.

Former live broadcast employee Huo:

The live streaming industry is very new, including head anchors that have become popular in recent years, so many of his specifications are imperfect.

As a consumer, I can also feel some exaggerated publicity. There will still be some differences between what the head anchor said and the product itself, because after all, he is also broadcasting this advertisement. Okay. In addition, their share of the top anchors, including commissions, is very high, and their right to speak can be said to be too obvious for the head benefits.

Sometimes merchants need to request anchors. Like this year's L'Oreal mask event, Li Jiaqi Weiya directly issued an announcement that the price of the head anchor is the lowest, and brands cannot do double eleven at a lower price. This logic is very scary. All the price control power is actually controlled by the head anchor. The head feels a little bit monopolistic, and consumers certainly don't want to see monopoly, because competition will benefit consumers.

Merchants also need to make more profits to have more money to do research and development. In fact, in this case, giving all the money to the head anchor is not necessarily a very good thing. In the early stage, it may be a way to sell explosive products, but in the long run, the merchants are not particularly good here.

I think the recent changes in live streaming are a good thing, and the increasingly regulated industry is getting better and better for consumers. Because the platform cannot rely too much on the head anchor, the current transaction volume of Li Jiaqi and Wei is a bit too exaggerated for the entire Taobao live broadcast, which is not necessarily a bad thing for Taobao. From the perspective of the three parties, I think that as long as it is competition, the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages. I just say that this kind of competition scene is more standardized.

Live user Weiwei:

So far-reaching, I always feel that history is always cyclical, and it will always be replaced. But as a normal user, I just stand on the present. Today’s live broadcast, I watch it if I need it, and don’t watch it if I don’t need it.

Leng Sizhen, editor of Ai Faner:

Live streaming brings in goods, so many brands enter the game, so many brands rely on it to become famous, and will not stop developing because of a problem with an anchor. Because its potential and capabilities have been revealed over the past few years, I think the overall situation will continue to improve.

In the past few years, I have interviewed some brands, many of which have live broadcasts. Not only are they cooperating with the top anchors, they are also building their own live broadcast channels. For these brands, live broadcast is a new way to communicate with users, and for brands, it must be grasped. And after the rise of live broadcasting, many brands will use it as a way to clear inventory. Low-priced and explosive products in the live broadcast room will bring new products. Some discount apps have heard that there is a shortage of supply.

Although many problems have been exposed, I think it is the same as the emergence of a new form, but it takes time to sort it out. Then the new becomes the old, and we will eventually witness new outlets.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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