Liu Cixin’s novel is adapted from Japanese comics for the first time, written by a well-known Japanese cartoonist

When it comes to Chinese science fiction writers, most people think of Liu Cixin at the first time. The classic and best-selling phenomenon-level work "Three-Body Problem" series is the representative work of this science-fiction writer, the first in the "Three-Body Problem" series. He also won the Best Long Story Award at the Hugo Award, the highest award for science fiction in the world.

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In fact, among Liu Cixin's many works, not only the "Three-Body Problem" series is popular, but many short stories are also widely praised by readers, such as "Rural Teacher", "Earth Cannon", "Chao Wen Dao"…

Some of these works are not only sci-fi enlightenment for children, but also appear in learning materials, such as "Bring Her Eyes", which was selected as the seventh grade textbook of Chinese (Personal Education Edition), and "Micro Era" in the test questions. " and "Festivals That Can't Coexist".

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Many classic works are usually inseparable from the "destiny" that has been changed in various forms. The film and televisionization of "Three-Body Problem" has attracted many people's favor, but due to various reasons, it has not been realized so far. Although I can't see the "Three-Body Problem" that was put on the screen for the time being, I can see that Liu Cixin has been turned into a cartoon.

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From June 19, 2022, Liu Cixin's short story "Supporting God" (Japanese name: God's Care Department) will be written by well-known Japanese cartoonist Shun Yokoyama, and will be published in "COMIC Hu", "ComicWalker", "Nikoniko Jinghua", etc. The platform has started serialization, and some pictures have been released.

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The outline of the comic's story is as follows: One day, about 20,000 strange-shaped spaceships flew in the synchronous orbit of the earth and parked there quietly. Half a year later, in a village in Asia, the girl Zhihan suddenly encountered a strange old man who fell from the sky. Soon, people all over the world have also witnessed many similar elderly homeless people, the number of which is more than 2 billion! What is their purpose…?

"Supporting God" is a short science fiction novel written by Liu Cixin in 2005 (the name on WeChat reading is "Supporting God"). Compared with the novel, the plot characters of the comic should be slightly changed.

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Although Liu Cixin's writing is a science fiction work, it is also about what happens in the real world between the lines. "Supporting God" is no exception. In fact, from the word "supporting" in the title, you can guess the theme of this novel. In fact, it is not only related to support, but also related to the universe, related to aging, and related to survival…

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There is a passage in the novel: "Everyone will experience childhood, youth, middle age and old age, and eventually die. The same is true for stars, everything in the universe is the same, and even the universe itself has an end. Why is it unique? Can civilization grow all the time? No, civilization also has a day when it grows old, and of course there is a day when it dies.”

Liu Cixin also sent a message to the Japanese comic version of "Supporting God": "This is not the first time my work has been released in Japan, but it is the first time I have met you in the form of Japanese comics. How will it be presented in the pen? I am looking forward to it more than anyone.”

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In 2017, shortly after the Japanese version of Liu Cixin's "Three-Body Problem" officially went on sale, it triggered a "Three-Body Problem" in Japan, and it was reprinted 10 times in less than a week. The Japanese version of "Supporting God" also makes people wonder what kind of effect Chinese writers' science fiction stories will have when encountering Japanese comics.

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