Links in Instagram Stories: from now on it is available for everyone

After years of complaining, Instagram has finally decided to listen to its users: now everyone will be able to add links in stories . Until now, in fact, the sticker was only usable by accounts with more than 10 thousand followers, or profiles already tested and considered influencers . The announcement arrived a little while ago on the Instagram blog, and Adam Mosseri himself, currently head of the company, shared the news on his profile.

The link in the Instagram stories

Anyone now, private or company, has an active Instagram account. The social network, one of the most used in the world, is the preferred platform for those who want to make themselves known by reaching a large audience in a short time. Studied photos and captivating posts are the secret of the best content creators of the social network , able to involve a very large user base.

Adam Mosseri's announcement on Instagram.
Adam Mosseri's announcement on Instagram.

Many people use Instagram to communicate important messages or make their brand known, playing on the possibility of reaching users easily. The need to reach people is also expressed through the use of links : in Instagram stories it is possible to insert a particular sticker which, if clicked, redirects the user to an external site. This mechanism is very useful for putting your business in the foreground, accompanying the navigation to your website in a simple and fast way.

Until now, only verified accounts or accounts with more than 10 thousand followers could take advantage of this feature. The choice was quite limiting, especially for those emerging accounts that, despite having a large number of followers, could not take that extra step to connect their business to the social part. Today, after years, Instagram has decided to take the plunge and make the sticker available to everyone.

How to use?

The request to extend the use of links in Instagram stories to even the smallest accounts comes directly from the social media community. A "battle" that lasted years that in the end paid off.

The community let us know that everyone wanted to share important things with friends and family. Whatever you do, from cooking, to volunteering, to shopping, you now have a place to share it in stories – regardless of followers.

Max Eulenstein – Co-head of product of Instagram

Inserting the link sticker in the stories is very simple. Once the photo has been taken or a previously acquired one has been uploaded, simply click on the sticker tool and select the one related to the link . Instagram at this point will allow you to type the url of the site to which you want to redirect users. Then just position the link sticker exactly like a normal sticker, choosing its inclination and appearance. For the moment, two color variants are available.

The link in the Instagram Stories will be available to anyone. Source: Instagram Blog
The link in the Instagram Stories will be available to anyone. Source: Instagram Blog

This way, accounts can avoid having to insert links in their bio and update them as needed. It is only in that area of ​​the profile, in fact, that until now it was possible to insert a clickable link. From now on, the stories will represent the most immediate tool to expand your network outside the social network.

When will it be available?

The enthusiasm of instagrammers must never be held back: for this reason the link in the stories is already available. According to the announcement of the official account of the social network, the update has already started and will slowly reach all accounts. A matter of days, if not a few hours, to access the new functionality.

As for the links in the comments and descriptions, there is still no news on a possible change. To date, it is not possible to insert clickable links either in the post descriptions or in the comments . Also in this case it would be a question of providing an even more immediate way to connect with the world, for example by inserting links to products or articles directly in the body of the text. For now we have to be content with the stories.

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