Life is not “elsewhere”, but in every recorded “moment”

Your own life is the same, but the lives of others are one in a thousand.

Many people have this feeling, good life is in the circle of friends. Traveling as soon as you say it, and trying to challenge yourself, the nine-to-six migrant workers are envious, but rarely have the opportunity to try.

Instead of being anxious about life under various filters on social media, it is better to pay attention to the moment, record every moment in life, and leave more evidence of living.

One day you can tell your grandchildren: "Life gave me a sour lemon and I made lemonade."

It is not difficult to love life and then record it.

In the "Create a Paperless World" electronic note collection we held together with OPPO Pad 2, one contestant said: "I haven't tried drawing for 12 years, but I don't think it's difficult to get started this time." His entries make it clear that the craftsmanship is still there.

There are many similar creators. More than one hundred creators who participated in this event picked up a stylus and wrote one stroke after another on the "paper" that can never be written on the tablet.

Every note is their own story.

Fried Moeko: Tablet is a "job bowl" and you have to take it with you wherever you go

During the day, Moeko was chatting in the cafe while drawing a sketch of an illustration with the OPPO Pad. Go home at night, export the sketch to the computer, color it, and complete an illustration.

Clients are also very appreciative of her use of tablets to draw illustrations. "Clients don't think that computers are more advanced than tablets. I usually take the tablet with me when I communicate with Party A offline. They think it's cool." As a freelancer, the tablet satisfies Zamoezi's needs. High demands on lightness. The tablet is like her rice bowl. It is light and portable and can work at any time. She has to carry it with her wherever she goes.

After hearing that the OPPO Pad 2 was adjusted to a 7:5 golden ratio, Moeko started praying for a prize.

Chen Xiaoshan: Take a tablet to sketch outdoors, and "catch" the geese in the community into the screen

Two months ago, Chen Xiaoshan learned to draw from scratch by watching the video. Two months later, she painted all the cats in the community and the fish in the nearby lake.

"Smooth, fast, and quick gestures are easy to use, and its colors are unlimited." Chen Xiaoshan thinks that the experience of OPPO Pad 2 is very good, but the biggest advantage is that its threshold is very low. When you want to draw, you can just pick up the tablet and draw without buying painting materials.

That's how the big goose in the lake was drawn. After finishing the painting, the goose has not yet reacted.

-: Every grid is a unique life

In the schedule planner, life is nothing more than 30,000 grids, and each grid seems to be repeating.

It's different in the hands of "-". "The electronic version will be easy to modify, more beautiful, and better preserved." The characteristics of the tablet, which is suitable for painting and drawing, and the convenience of split-screen operation on a large screen, make her creation particularly free and relaxed. She has an illustration for each day: the sunset on Friday is so beautiful, draw it down; eat an egg waffle, of course she must draw a chick; go home for a home-cooked meal, she also draws a small crown for herself, and declares herself a day Princess.

Living in the present, every day of "-" is extraordinarily vivid.

Commercial illustrations, big white geese, schedule illustrations, reading notes…these are not the only contents collected in this paperless creation. We have collected a total of 119 works, and the various themes are dazzling.

Study Notes: Case sharing of interior decoration, brainstorming records, copying of English words, study notes not only have personal spontaneous learning records, but are also very suitable for the review stage.
Similar to sliding form reference.

Schedule planning: from travel schedule planning to what to eat today to lose weight, the filled grid is the sense of control in our life.

Life journal: photo collection of pets, favorite movies, experience in cooking, commemoration of one’s e-sports experience, these loves of life can be condensed in a delicate booklet.

Graffiti painting: favorite anime, first illustrations, stray cats in the company, sketching and coloring practice…every novice Xiaobai becomes more and more powerful in practice day after day.

Since the first electronic note collection event was held in 2021, we have continued to share high-quality tools and efficient applications with users, and we have also seen wonderful works created by different users. Every work is special and every creator is different.

We have always believed that the charm of creation comes from the uniqueness of this person at this moment. Things created by hand have more vigorous vitality and a closer bond with the creator. The few strokes sketched casually are all beautiful moments in our lives that are worthy of being recorded.

Creation is not difficult.

Just pick up a pen and record what you want on paper, we are creating. This is the most basic form of creation. Every stroke and painting is the feeling of the moment, and every line is the moment I want to record. It’s just that in the digital age, both pen and paper have been upgraded. The pen can change thickness and have unlimited colors, and the paper can change and extend and have different textures.

New products like OPPO Pad 2 give greater freedom to creation and are helping more and more creators to record their unique lives.

Lightweight and portable, it supports Zha Mengzi to be a freelance illustrator; it has almost unlimited colors, so that beginners like Chen Xiaoshan can easily draw cats and big geese in the community; split the screen on the big screen, "-" can more calmly describe the beauty that is not repeated every day; it approximates the proportion of paper, allowing us to regain the feeling of creating with paper and pen.

This is the paperless creation of the new era, which does not require you to have beautiful handwriting or superb painters to create. It makes the threshold of creation lower, and the tools are all ready, just waiting for you to record the moments you want to remember the most.

Let us start with a pen and a piece of "paper" to write down a new stroke for our person at this moment.

Not too funny, not too upbeat.

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