Li Xiang said that ideal is a luxury brand, why?

"The best SUV within 5 million"

Li Xiang's self-proclaimed name still sounds like a thunderbolt to this day.

At the press conference of Ideal L9 in 2022, Li Xiang took out Ideal L9 to compare Cullinan, Maybach, Range Rover and other top luxury SUVs, and claimed to be "the best family SUV within 5 million", which caused an uproar on the scene .

However, thanks to this "shocking" speech, Ideal has entered the luxury car market at the level of public opinion at least since its release.

Today, one year later, Ideal is the first to "break the game" with the L series. In the second quarter of this year, the ideal performance can be said to be overwhelming. Not only has the monthly sales of more than 10,000 have been achieved for three consecutive months, the monthly sales of the new model L7 bicycles have exceeded 10,000, and the ideal delivery banner has been successfully carried.

In one go, Ideal is determined to carry out the role-playing of the "luxury brand" to the end. It is reported that Ideal will soon open a brand center store, which will be positioned similar to a traditional 4S store.

Interestingly, the ideal location conditions for central stores are closely related to "luxury". According to Ideal's official site selection requirements, not only is the city where the first central store will be located, but Ideal also requires that the specific location of the central store must be in the local auto market, and priority should be given to locations surrounded by luxury brands.

There is no doubt that in the ideal mind, it has already regarded itself as a serious luxury car brand. However, whether Ideal's self-proclaimed luxury and high-end car brand is well-known or self-indulgent is worth discussing.

"History of Evolution" of Luxury Brands

To judge whether an ideal is a luxury brand, you must first understand what a luxury brand is.

In the past, it was not easy for an automobile brand to enter the "luxury hall". Luxury brands in the era of internal combustion engines have always been defined by "BBA".

I think most people have a similar understanding of the "luxury car brand". A model belonging to a luxury brand needs to have a high price, elegant and calm power, attention to detail in the quality of workmanship, and excellent driving quality.

But as a luxury car company, the core value lies in the pursuit of technology, and being able to propose innovative solutions and promote the development of the auto industry is the ultimate interpretation of "luxury".

Mercedes-Benz, the leading brother of "BBA", has set an example in the innovation of automobile technology. Mercedes-Benz has left its own thick and colorful "strokes" in the history of the automobile industry, and accumulated its own "luxury" heritage.

In 1885, Karl Benz designed and manufactured the world's first mass-produced car, the predecessor of Mercedes-Benz Patent-Motorwagen.

It is of cross-age significance that the "heart" of Benz Patent-Motorwagen is a single-cylinder four-stroke internal combustion engine. This engine uses the pressure generated in the process of burning gasoline to drive the piston, which is finally transformed into The rotational motion propels the car forward.

The first appearance of internal combustion engine power has changed the previous driving method using steam and electricity, completely subverted the power structure of the automobile industry, and the global automobile industry has officially entered the era of internal combustion engines.

In fact, in addition to the revolution in energy and power, Benz Patent-Motorwagen also laid the foundation for modern car design. Rear engine, differential and coil spring suspension have become the basic layout of modern car design, providing the following car manufacturers New ideas for reference.

Benz Patent-Motorwagen is the direct impetus for Karl Benz to found Mercedes-Benz. While reaping milestone success, Mercedes-Benz has not stopped its pace of innovation.

In 1903, Mercedes-Benz continued to innovate in internal combustion engine technology and launched the world's first mass-produced inline six-cylinder engine, with smoother power output, lower frequency engine vibration and more powerful power. The emergence of the internal combustion engine marked the beginning of the era of high horsepower.

In 1936, Mercedes-Benz launched the world's first mass-produced four-stroke diesel engine. Its high efficiency, economy and durability made this diesel engine the first choice for diesel models.

On high-performance models, Mercedes-Benz has developed a variable-geometry turbocharger for turbocharged engines. The interior of the turbocharger can achieve different engine speeds according to the adjustment of the blade angle. This technology has been reused in the Mercedes-Benz AMG. High performance branch.

So, what has the ideal of a self-proclaimed "luxury brand" created? The simple power structure of series range extenders and the "matryoshka" model design are quite reluctant to say that it is a luxury car brand with "genuine roots". Looking around, only the average price of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan meets the conditions of "luxury".

Of course, I have no intention of using the epoch-making Mercedes-Benz "family history" to belittle ideals, which makes me feel like a feudal moralist who talks about "three cardinal principles and five constant principles" all day long. To be honest, Ideal is really lackluster in promoting technological innovation in the automotive industry.

However, looking at the problem from the perspective of development, Ideal does not mean that it cannot claim to be a luxury brand.

My lord, times have indeed changed. Nowadays, when electric motors realize cornering overtaking, the structure of internal combustion engines is being subverted, and the definition standards of traditional luxury brands cannot escape change.

Different from the traditional luxury standards in the past, in the new energy era, meeting the needs of users is the real luxury. The subversion of new energy is not only as simple as eliminating internal combustion engines, but also subverts the market's attitude towards traditional luxury.

You laugh and buy ideals to buy a big color TV and take it home, but in fact, behind the success of "big color TV" is the huge demand of the entire market. It is Li Xiang's vicious market insight that really makes the ideal L series shine.

Unlike the high-ranking traditional luxury car companies, Ideal has not spared the functional configuration, and has directly built the L series into a nearly all-round "dad car", which is almost "totally different" from the models that advertise traditional luxury.

It's like you go to eat high-end cuisine with the same price. One of the time-honored brands provides the ingredients, and you still haven't enjoyed it after spending the money; After eating "cool point", I think most people will choose to be the "repeat customer" of the latter.

Ideally, it is the latter.

In the luxury standard of the new era, the sudden emergence of the motor has let the market let go of its prejudice against the power structure. Even a simple series range extender structure, as long as it is easy to use and meets the demand, can also win the "heart" of the money holders.

What is commendable is that Ideal has never stopped listening to the voice of the market. In May of this year, Ideal listened to the voice of "power loss" on the market, and officially launched a new high-performance mode OTA, which solved the "old problem" of power loss and fatigue with a solution similar to series, and made up for " This short board of "luxury power".

Consider the ideal in the luxury standard of the new era, and the ideal is worthy of becoming one of the luxury car brands.

The center store is the next card of "luxury"

For Ideal, the establishment of the brand center store is of great significance, which marks that Ideal has entered the next stage of "New Era Luxury Brand".

The three consecutive months of delivery have broken 10,000, declaring that Ideal has gained a firm foothold in the 300,000-400,000 luxury market. Ideal still needs to do some new actions to radiate its strong performance to farther places.

Opening a central store in an area where luxury brands gather can help Ideal deliver a stronger "luxury" signal and enhance the overall brand value. Secondly, choosing road sections where luxury brands gather is also a means of screening. Ideally, by virtue of location advantages, it will be easier to reach groups with luxury car spending power and optimize group penetration.

The opening of the center store shows the absolute confidence of Ideal's internal products. Ideal does not seem to be afraid of direct "collision competition" with traditional luxury models.

What's more interesting is that Ideal may think that its excellent household attributes can complete the "century cut" of potential customers of traditional luxury brands.

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