Li Ning also sells coffee, and there may be more stores than Starbucks Ruixing

If you go to Li Ning's physical store for shopping in the future, in addition to seeing all kinds of sportswear and supplies, you may also see coffee in the store. That's right, Li Ning is also entering the coffee market.

According to the information of Tianyancha, Li Ning Sports (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has applied for registration of a trademark classified as catering and accommodation in April 2022 – "Ning Coffee NING COFFEE".

▲ Picture from: Li Ning's official Weibo

In the same month, when the flagship store of Li Ning Xiamen China Town opened, the real scene of the store announced by Li Ning's official Weibo had already appeared the signboard of "Ning Coffee" and the corner opened up for catering in the store.

▲ Picture from: Li Ning's official Weibo

In the Li Ning store in Zhanjiang in February this year, a "combination" of Li Ning and coffee has already appeared. As early as November 2021, when Li-Ning 1990 (LI-NING 1990) opened its first store in the world in Beijing, Xiaohongshu also wrote that the shopping guide in the store will provide freshly ground coffee, and the cup of coffee is also printed with the logo of Li-Ning.

▲ Picture from: Xiaohongshu

Li Ning Company said that in the future, it will provide coffee service in the store to improve the comfort and experience of customers when shopping.

▲ Picture from: Xiaohongshu

Li Ning is not the only sports brand targeting coffee. New Balance also opened a New Balance X CAFE!N joint coffee shop in Taipei not long ago.

▲ Picture from: MILKX

In addition to coffee and meals inspired by New Balance's iconic grey, the store also has a New Balance 2022 Grey Day crossover exhibition.

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In 2022, the wave of the coffee market is even more turbulent. Freeze-dried, hanging ears, cold brewing, instant brewing, etc. of brands such as Sandunban, Sumidagawa, Hougu, Zhongka, etc. online are endless in forms and new flavors.

▲Pictures from: Yongpu, San Dun and a half

Offline freshly ground coffee is even more "a hundred flowers blooming". Not only Starbucks, Luckin, Manner, Tims, Costa and other brands that specialize in coffee are "beating", but Hey Tea, Nai Xue's tea and honey New tea brands such as Xuebingcheng also want to have both coffee and tea.

▲ Picture from: Michelle Ice City, Hey Tea

Today, Li Ning’s Ning Coffee, China Post’s Post Office Coffee, Sinopec’s Easyjet Coffee, PetroChina’s Hospitality Coffee, and even Goubuli’s acquisition of Gao Leya, these entities relying on the brand also want to share in the coffee market a cup of soup.

Although the coffee market is hot, domestic coffee consumption is actually not high, which means that this is not a red sea, and many brands have entered the coffee market because of this.

▲ Picture from: Post Office Coffee WeChat Official Account

In addition, compared with other brands, Li Ning, China Post and other brands have deep roots in the physical industry and have advantages in supply chain, stores or sites, and brand coverage.

For example, Li Ning has more than 7,000 stores, including franchised dealers. Compared with Starbucks, which has more than 5,500 stores, and Luckin, which has about 6,000 stores, adding coffee services in stores will not be too much of a burden. .

In addition, after Li Ning broke through with the "national tide" in recent years, it has attracted the attention of many young people, and this also overlaps with some consumers in the current coffee market. These are all likely to "pay" for Li Ning coffee in the future. potential customer.

▲ Picture from: Li Ning's official Weibo

Being able to shop or take a break while drinking coffee in the store may also allow customers to have a different shopping experience (maybe they can experience the feeling of drinking champagne and choosing in a luxury store in a movie). The packaging or taste of coffee may also be co-branded with the IP obtained by Li Ning to expand the brand's influence.

Sports brands selling coffee is a kind of crossover, but coffee is more like a "sideline" that adds traffic and topics like icing on the cake.

▲ Picture from: Xiaohongshu

Of course, for Li Ning and other brands who want to sell coffee, this "sideline" is not only an advantage. The taste and quality of coffee, the supply of raw materials, and the acceptance of customers also need to be considered.

At present, it is not clear about the types and prices of drinks that "NING COFFEE" will provide, but presumably in the future, many people will go to the store to "check in" and have a cup of "Li Ning Coffee".

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