Li Kaixin enters the game, will OnePlus mobile phones be the next tens of millions of manufacturers?

Kaixin Li, who has been in the mobile phone industry for 16 years, has just unlocked a new achievement: the first live broadcast of his career.

Perhaps his name is the opposite of "conservative." Li Kaixin is not uncomfortable with the new trend of live broadcasting. On the contrary, this cheerful northern man is very natural when facing the camera.

Li Kaixin, who has entered the mobile phone industry since 2005, has gradually moved from behind the scenes to the front of the stage. This live broadcast is the closest he and consumers have been.

At the same time, his new identity has begun to be known by more people: the vice president of OnePlus Mobile, responsible for the market business of OnePlus China.

This year's OnePlus is about to change.

Ten million sales of Li Kaixin, with Yijia’s ten million goal

On May 20, 2021, Liu Zuohu, founder and CEO of OnePlus, announced on Weibo that Li Kaixin had joined OnePlus:

Today I will introduce my new partner @李开新. He previously successfully led Huawei in China and achieved tens of millions of sales from scratch. He is a veritable "veteran" in the field of mobile phone sales. In the future, I can focus more on making products with confidence and leave the work of selling mobile phones to him!

Kaixin Li joined Huawei in 1996 and started serving as the Vice President of Huawei China Mobile Sales in 2005. During the five years from 2005 to 2010, Kaixin Li led Huawei China and achieved a performance of 10 million from zero.

After the independent operation of the Honor brand, Li Kaixin came to Honor as the vice president of sales, and continued to lead Honor from 300,000 sales to 10 million sales in a year. Then he was the president of the 360 ​​mobile phone business.

As an absolutely senior mobile phone industry veteran in the industry, Li Kaixin has achieved annual sales of tens of millions in all three professional experiences, crossing the budding period, rapid growth period and current inventory competition period of China's smartphone industry. Among them, the most commendable is of course the pioneering work of mobile phones at Huawei more than ten years ago, which achieved 10 million sales from zero.

At that time, Huawei was far different from Huawei's recent boom. In the Chinese market where foreign mobile phone brands have an absolute dominant position, it is no easy task to pry out a market size of 10 million.

This is similar to the high-level average performance in the career of NBA Hall of Fame players, which may be the reason for OnePlus to choose Li Kaixin.

From the beginning of a machine, the market relied on its initial entrepreneurship, to the growing product line, and increasingly aggressive market strategies, all of which prove that OnePlus has begun to pursue scale.

The most direct evidence is the two Weibo interactions between Liu Zuohu and Li Kaixin:

Liu Zuohu: In the future, I can focus more on making products with confidence and leave the work of selling mobile phones to him!
Li Kaixin: You build the best product, and I will be responsible for the sales volume of tens of millions!

Liu Zuohu, who has always appeared at the press conference as the chief product manager of OnePlus, has not used "sales" as a key word to publicize before. More often, he still has a simple idea of ​​"when the product is ready, sales will come naturally."

Facts have also proved that this kind of "straight male thinking" in the early market outbreak period really worked, but in the final analysis, the smartphone business is still a business with rigid requirements for scale. Once the hardware is good, the system can be good. The survival logic of survival, in the era of ecological coordination and stock competition, has begun to have limitations.

Why at this time, OnePlus started to talk clearly about sales volume and scale in the "Sale of Ten Thousands of Li Kaixin"?

In an interview with a few media such as Ai Faner, Li Kaixin, who has the dual identity of an industry veteran and a newcomer of OnePlus, said:

Why are you talking about sales today? It’s not that we don’t talk about it in the past. For mobile phone companies, sales are a very important factor. It’s just that we started to talk about it at this stage.

From a market perspective, the Chinese mobile phone market is undergoing a process of transforming from a pure incremental market to a stock market, and the mobile phone market is still a massive market. However, with the increasing demand for use, the requirements for product performance, function, and satisfaction are much higher than before. At this time, I think the market is more worthy of cultivation.

Since its establishment, OnePlus has been making high-end products, and now everyone is using more and more expensive mobile phones with better performance. Everyone is talking about consumption upgrades. In fact, it is not an upgrade of prices, but an upgrade of usage functions. Compared with the past, many functions of today's mobile phones have higher and higher requirements for products at the same price, which are consistent with the positioning of OnePlus products.

The trend of time has changed. The mobile phone increment era has given OnePlus the space to make high-end products from 0 to 1, while the demand for consumer upgrades in the stock era has given OnePlus the opportunity to change the high-end from 1 to 100.

To put it bluntly, the logic of this passage is that fewer people buy mobile phones now, it takes longer to change mobile phones, and they are more picky about mobile phones, but they are more willing to spend money on mobile phones. This trend is not good news for low-end impulse brands, but it is good for brands that are already high-end brands like OnePlus. Although "the product is ready, the sales will come naturally" is more difficult, but "if you want sales to come" , The product must be good" is an eternal general principle.

Before the announcement of the ten million goal, OnePlus has already begun to change

How to achieve an annual sales volume of tens of millions in the Chinese market is a complicated issue, and more effort is needed beyond the products.

First of all, in the past 2020, excluding the top five Huami OV fruits, the remaining Others have a total shipment of 16.9 million. The data comes from the market research agency Canalys. This means that OnePlus, currently in Others, faces extremely strong competitors and extremely fierce market competition.

Second, when thinking about the question of "How does OnePlus achieve 10 million domestic sales", you might as well think about it differently. OnePlus thinks that finding a market trader who has sold tens of millions of times before can make sense. To achieve tens of millions of sales, or did Li Kaixin think that OnePlus has the potential of tens of millions of sales before he decided to join OnePlus?

We don’t know the former possibility. Of course, the latter possibility can be answered positively by Li Kaixin:

I have been doing the mobile phone business for so many years. I still hope that I can rely on the mobile phone platform to continue to do the mobile phone business and fulfill my dream-to bring out the abilities and experience I have accumulated before, challenge myself, and hope to make good results. OnePlus is a better platform, especially after the mobile phone competition is now highly centralized, the advantages of OnePlus are very obvious, and the research and development is also done very well.

Therefore, the answer to the matter is likely to be that Liu Zuohu, who is focused on products, and OnePlus, who is weak in marketing, needs an experienced and accomplished industry veteran to handle the entire market business at this stage of market changes; and ends the previous career. In his career, Kaixin Li also needs a platform with a solid foundation in product development to realize his professional value.

Of course, time does not wait. In fact, OnePlus pave the way for tens of millions of sales, not counting from the entry of Li Kaixin, but the foundation of many actions earlier, especially this year.

First of all, in the promotion of products and functions, Yijia gradually pays attention to the perception of the public, and is no longer limited to the geek circle.

To sum up, it is "one new, one continuation, one change, one increase."

One new: ushered in a new partner Hasselblad, OnePlus 9 series positioning "video machine king", the first one plus 丨 Hasselblad mobile phone imaging system. Video has become a new core selling point of OnePlus and has been on the track for a long time.

One continuation: Continuing the screen quality advantages starting from OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro adopts the next-generation screen technology LTPO, which can dynamically adjust the refresh rate of 1Hz-120Hz according to the screen content. At the same time, the screen of OnePlus 9 Pro has also obtained the double A+ level certification from the authoritative screen testing organization DisplayMate, and has refreshed 13 display records.

One change: The OnePlus 9 series pre-installed system is switched to the Color OS system. The Color OS, which has been repeatedly verified by the mass mainstream market, is conducive to new users to accept OnePlus more quickly and is more friendly to mass users.

One increase: OnePlus mobile phone breaks the industry's warranty conventions, and increases the warranty period of OnePlus 9 series from one year to two years, which is common in the industry.

Different from the original rhythm of one phone per year and two phones per year, OnePlus' product line is also enriched. In the first half of this year, OnePlus has already released three products, OnePlus 9 Pro, 9 and 9R in China. IoT products including headsets and watches also revolve around mobile phones to form a wingman formation. And overseas, there are also products such as OnePlus Nord and OnePlus TV.

In response to the expansion of new products, we have more opportunities to see the OnePlus brand online and offline, whether it is the increasingly dense offline authorized stores, offline advertising in core locations, or Hu Ge, Zhou Xun and the two The attention flow brought by the spokespersons all reveals a fact: This year's OnePlus has become active.

It can be said that from Geek OnePlus to the current OnePlus that is breaking the circle, it is exactly what Li Kaixin needs: OnePlus that still puts products in the first place, but has begun to consider broadening its product categories and reaching more people.

What kind of OnePlus is the future OnePlus?

We can’t predict whether Li Kaixin will be able to report to Liu Zuohu with a sales volume of tens of millions in the three-year period. However, regarding sales volume, the product has been built before, and now the marketing channel is holding the salary. Li Kaixin’s joining is the ignition, and it’s waiting for the start of the fire. .

If one sentence sums up the main contradictions of OnePlus, what Li Kaixin said in the interview is: OnePlus’ biggest challenge is to make a good product, but others don’t know that we have to solve this problem first.

Many years ago, foreign media’s description of OnePlus was very interesting: its mobile phone was only half the price of the Samsung S series, but it had a similar experience.

In China or India, OnePlus mobile phones will undoubtedly be classified as high-end phones. This impression of the contradiction between high-end and cost-effectiveness is also a manifestation of OnePlus's competitiveness. So, if you want to add more competitiveness, it is better to be more cost-effective.

The 618 close at hand may be a window period for OnePlus to start a price war and continue to break the circle.

There is a shortage of chips in the international market, and mainstream consumer electronics products have increased prices or discounted 618 stalls. Only the mobile phone industry is still fierce. OnePlus also announced a high-profile promotional plan during this period: the maximum discount is 500 yuan, and the maximum is 24 issues. Interest-free.

A glimpse and know the whole thing: From this official preferential promotion plan, we can draw two conclusions: First, OnePlus wants the market; second, OnePlus wants the mid-to-high-end market more than 3,000 yuan.

The price cut of up to 500 yuan is the biggest discount in the history of OnePlus, but the main model is still around the 3000-5000 gear. This will also be the market range for OnePlus to continue to increase in the future. In the interview, Li Kaixin also confirmed at this point.

What is more concerning is actually how to define OnePlus' product line, and will OnePlus become a Jihai brand in the future? Li Kaixin said:

(Bigger) At this stage, we still have to do it through rich products. It is indeed tempting to achieve 10 million for a single product. Everyone who makes a mobile phone has this dream, but it is very difficult.

Of course, we are not blindly expanding the product line for the sake of making 10 million. There must be trade-offs in the choice of product series, which must be in line with the brand's tone and positioning. In addition, from the perspective of company resources, it is impossible to make multiple products at once. This is unrealistic, but the overall product is definitely a bit richer than today's products.

This means that the future expansion of OnePlus' product line will be mild, similar to the supplementary rhythm of 9R to the 9 series.

As mentioned earlier, the main contradiction of OnePlus is that "the smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley." Now Li Kaixin is the salesman who goes out to shout.

As a result, compared to the market range that it has always adhered to, and the mildly expanded product line, OnePlus' future actions will be more obvious in channel construction and investment in breaking the circle.

Li Kaixin said that in the future, consumers will see OnePlus’ brands exposed in more online and offline channels, and they will see OnePlus’s stores and counters in more shopping malls, that is, they can see it and buy it. .

After all, the small test of combined boxing in the first half of this year has already benefited OnePlus a lot: the OnePlus 9 series was officially launched at the end of March. The sales of the whole network exceeded 300 million in 10 seconds, and 500 million in 5 minutes. The three major e-commerce platforms in the full price segment of mobile phone single product sales, brand sales and sales are the three champions. OnePlus' domestic market sales from January to April this year increased by 142% year-on-year.

With this growth rate and the subsequent driving force, the probability that Li Kaixin will sell tens of millions of sales again is very high, and if such results are achieved in the high-end market, OnePlus can be said to "open new", really " Happy".

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