Li Dan’s endorsement advertisement “Let women lie to win”? Behind is a new world wrapped in underwear

A device that allows women to easily lie down and win the workplace.

I said that there are no goods that I can't bring, so just believe it or not.

This is a piece of underwear promotion content that was recently searched on Weibo.

Li Dan and underwear brand Ubras may not have thought that a Weibo copy could also cause a major public relations crisis. After all, similar copywriting content on the Weibo of other celebrities has not overturned. But the combination of male celebrities and suggestive content makes many potential users feel offended. For a new underwear consumer brand like Ubras, the "mistake" this time is to send similar brands to the next level.

From praise to group ridicule, competitors laughed out loud

Looking back at this Weibo that was scolded on hot searches, you can hardly imagine that a writer like Li Dan, who often needs to self-evaluate the content scale, did not see the copywriting problem. It is also hard to imagine a comfortable and free-oriented brand like Ubras. Brands will make such low-level mistakes.

Previously, Ubras brand spokesperson Ouyang Nana's Weibo copy to promote the same product also mentioned "Easy Lying to Win", but it did not receive much criticism. A big reason is that she didn't associate her underwear with the lie-win workplace, but instead focused on playing comfortably and welcoming new possibilities.

▲ Ouyang Nana and Yang Li's promotional Weibo also mentioned similar content of "Lie Win", but it did not cause controversy. At present, this promotion Weibo of Ouyang Nana has been deleted.

When a man jokingly mentions that women are winning in the workplace and the product they are promoting is underwear, it is easy for people to have bad associations. Even if the brand's own products do not focus on sexy temptations, it is still very uncomfortable for the brand's target users.

A Ubras consumer next to her said that this promotion made her "passerby fans turn passersby black" to Li Dan. After this incident, it was a bit annoying to see this person. As a practitioner in the marketing department of a brand, she doesn't quite understand why she finds a male artist to speak for women's underwear.

​But she also said that failed advertisements will not affect her normal purchases because of the high cost of brand trial and error. And she really likes Ubras products.

▲ Ubras ads are focused on comfort, and they don’t look like underwear ads that most people are familiar with

Another consumer said that he would definitely not buy it again. "The production cost of underwear is very low. Brands are bought at premium prices. The brand makes you unhappy and you don't have to continue." In her opinion, one mistake can explain a lot of things. This brand marketing made her feel that the brand itself is not So respect women.

Today, the main non-size underwear is not the only Ubras family. I made up my mind not to consume (Ubras) anymore.

Because there are people around me who think this is a successful marketing, and the whole values ​​make me very disgusting. This is a very dangerous case. I think it shouldn't be just a condemnation. As a consumer, I am very mindful and can only vote with actions.

But contrary to Li Dan’s promotion, Ubras asked Yang Li to promote it not long ago but received a lot of praise. The promotion content of "women in the workplace can bear the pressure and deserve to breathe freedom" has also been voluntarily reposted by many users. At that time, the brand's decision to choose Yang Li as a product promoter also attracted a lot of fans.

▲ This promotion got a good evaluation

Who knows that the employee did not overturn the car, but the boss overturned the car. In the comment section under Ubras's apology Weibo, the brand received a lot of negative comments. There are also users who actively look for new alternative brands after overturning and are willing to become the "tap water" of other brands. At this time, the inner and outer underwear brands endorsed by Faye Wong received more attention because of the same positioning and better advertising.

The internal and external copywriting focuses on tolerance, which has been praised by many people in the advertising circle.

Living in a comfortable state is already a challenge to stereotypes.

Very good big breasts and big buttocks, the flesh on the body is full of energy.

I love, use, consume, and appreciate my body

▲ Out-of-the-ordinary underwear ads

After Victoria's Secret, new brands no longer try to squeeze out the "swipe ditch"

The good advertisements both inside and outside and Ubars' rollover promotion are actually just the epitome of the upgrade of the underwear brand.

If you want to talk about the rise of new brands and the decline of old brands, nothing is more representative than the suspension of the Victoria's Secret show. Since Victoria's Secret shut down 53 stores in 2019, the poor operation of this underwear brand has become an established fact.

Victoria's Secret originally promoted "The Prefect Body" many times in big shows and advertisements, and it has completely become history. What is popular now is authenticity, diversity, comfort and tolerance.

Global underwear brands are aware of this change in consumption trends, and they have all made their own response in advertising the fastest, and the most out of the circle may be this huge CK advertisement on the streets of New York.

The protagonist of the advertisement is the transgender female model Jari Jones. This model is considered to be one of the most politically correct underwear models in history because of her own label of black, LGBT, and large size. In China, this advertisement that most people cannot see in person has also caused a huge aesthetic controversy.

▲ Jari Jones' CK advertisement

The changes in the marketing of Chinese underwear brands have not triggered large-scale discussions like CK, but the changes are already happening quietly.

The more obvious change is that brands like inside and outside have invited more models of different ages and bodies. These models may be pregnant, have fat on their stomachs, have thick thighs, and have sagging skin, but they can all show confident smiles to the camera in their underwear.

When models are no longer supermodels with terribly low BMI, these real models also relax the target users.

▲ Middle-aged and elderly women who are absent from public discussions can also be models

Even the underwear model chosen by the brand still has a good figure, and the copywriting must encourage consumers to accept their figure. Ubras’ previous ads were:

The cup is easy to pass word of mouth.

You don't need to look at my appearance.

I look directly at the discrimination of others.

▲ Ubras advertisement

In addition to these two new brands featuring no cups, the original underwear brands are also changing.

For example, Lin Chiling's previous advertisements for Urban Beauty are trying to show the model's curvy figure and make the cleavage attract attention. The recent Guan Xiaotong version of the advertisement focuses on comfort, but the cleavage that was originally regarded as a sex symbol has been diminished.

▲ The styles of underwear in the two periods are completely different, not just the difference in the body shape of the models

For toffee pie who focuses on making large-size underwear, "big breasts show small" is the key word in the promotion. It's just that the big cup underwear product promotion image itself is very similar to traditional underwear advertisements, so the way toffee pie chooses is to popularize more underwear and breast knowledge in the community or knowledge sharing platform. In a community of toffee pie, you can see a lot of common sense that was previously thought to be right is defeated by knowledge.

For example, many underwears with steel ring sponge pads are designed to squeeze out the "swiping groove" that men like. Wearing such underwear for a long time will cause breast deformation. Whether women have cleavage is actually more related to chest distance and breast shape, but is limited to underwear cups. Men think that the E cup is a very big breast, but in fact, when assessing a woman's figure visually, the bottom circumference number in front of the letter is also very important. The breasts of 65E women may look very obvious than those of 80B women…

▲ Toffee pie looks more like a traditional underwear brand, but its cup selection is not.

From Tingmei to sizeless, China's underwear market is changing

Putting on Tingmei, the hip line immediately increased by two centimeters.

Twenty years ago, Tingmei's long underwear advertisement might make many adolescent boys and girls blush. The protagonist of the advertisement, Ni Hongjie, became our first sexy idol. Thanks to this classic advertisement, for a long time, raising the hips, tightening the waist, and upgrading the cup have become a generation of imagination for the functionality of underwear.

Twenty years have passed. When female consumers are becoming more and more personal and want to take the initiative to fight against the original sexy symbols in advertisements, this kind of sexy underwear is not suitable. At this stage, the focus of the new underwear brand promotion has changed from pleasing others to pleasing oneself. It is as comfortable as not wearing underwear, and steady peace of mind has become the key point.

While the original underwear brand has a huge advantage offline, the new brand has made a big fight online with its distinctive positioning and product form.

Ubras and the non-steel-rim and non-size underwear, which are the main products inside and outside, are the pioneers among them. Unlike ordinary underwear brands, which follow the traditional AG cup size, these two new brands allow consumers to wear underwear of the same size. They have standardized the output of underwear. The brand only produces one-size underwear, but it can take into account the different body types of AD cups and 80-140 kg users.

This form of underwear, which is contrary to people's consumer behavior, will of course face many consumers' doubts at the beginning. But as more and more users tried, more and more young consumers accepted this new underwear concept. Industry data shows that in the first half of 2020, non-steel-rim underwear accounted for 70% of Tmall underwear sales, while Ubras and other non-size vest-style bras grew by 995%.

On the one hand, non-size underwear products are more prominent, and on the other hand, the selection of some brand cups is richer. The largest cup size of traditional underwear brands is mostly D, but many new underwear brands have begun to actively launch F cup products, and at the same time help women re-evaluate their suitable cup size.

Under the new brand science popularization, "the cup rising" has become a very common thing. Consumers who originally wore B cup underwear began to try 70D, and some of the main big cup underwear brands have even expanded to J cups. Of course, small can also become infinitely small. In recent years, domestic underwear brands have also begun to appear the original Japanese brand exclusive AA cup (smaller than the A cup).

From the more subdivided underwear cup size to the sizeless underwear without rims, the new brand of women's underwear has embarked on two completely different roads. It's hard to say which way is better, but subdivided cup underwear is obviously more pleasing to personalized users. It is also true that sizeless underwear will reduce the pressure on stocking.

There is a moat between men's and women's underwear. Apart from industry insiders, there may be few male users who understand women's underwear, and women's understanding of men's underwear is limited to the most well-known brands.

Perhaps only when similar new underwear brands roll over the hot search, male users will realize that these new brands do not match the underwear brands in their impressions. They may not be able to tell the difference between these brands and ordinary brands, but they must be able to confirm that these brands are not the same style as Tingmei’s underwear back then.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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