LG: OLED screens that become transparent sliding doors

We've seen them in futuristic movies and video games, and now they're about to come true: LG has announced OLED screens that act as sliding, transparent doors .

The announcement appeared on LG's official page a few hours ago , but is currently no longer available. Perhaps an error in publication of the news, which remained online long enough to grasp its salient features and let us immerse ourselves in that future that we have always only seen on the screen.

LG: sliding doors with OLED screens

Imagine walking into a supermarket and seeing the sliding doors that welcome you. Two transparent OLED screens that scroll while providing information about where you are entering or the weather forecast. Or move to an airport while the sliding doors inform you about arrivals and departures. The partnership between LG and Assa Abloy Entrance Systems, which produces sliding doors and panels, aims to make this a reality.

LG had already shown its transparent displays at ISE 2019 and CES, confirming once again as an innovation leader in the display market. Now the Korean company takes a step forward, entering the sliding door market and revolutionizing the public experience.

Solutions of this type can be used for different and varied purposes. LG's idea is to start with business and advertising, making sliding doors with OLED screens that show ads and offers , both in shops and in public places. Not only that: in a business context they can be used to manage employee communications.

Transparent screen technology is already in use in the Beijing and Shenzhen subways, where LG OLED displays are used instead of windows . Passengers can look outside and at the same time have information on timetables, train status and connections on the line.

LG OLED screens used as sliding doors. Credits: LG Electronics
LG OLED screens used as sliding doors. Credits: LG Electronics

In addition to the announcement of the memorandum of understanding between the two companies, there is not much information. LG has not announced any date or period in which the technology will be officially installed, probably due to global uncertainty due to the pandemic.

Transparent OLED Signage technology

Behind the sliding screens is the OLED technology, now fundamental in innovation. Thanks to the low power consumption, the best image quality and the viewing angle of up to 84 degrees, it is now being adopted by most of the display manufacturers.

During the MEA LG Connect in Dubai 2019, the South Korean company presented its Transparent OLED Signage technology , aimed at transforming spaces, especially commercial ones, into digital environments. The OLED has been perfected by the company to meet the demands of the market, both retail and wholesale.

LG's technology allows screens to have transparency up to 38%. The aim is to revolutionize the world of advertising and ads by keeping the colors bright and the vividness of the image.

LG OLED screens used in showrooms. Credits: LG Electronics
LG OLED screens used in showrooms. Credits: LG Electronics

Transparent OLED screens succeed in the double task of separating environments and joining different areas, as needed. Transparency avoids a clear separation between spaces, but at the same time the display determines a gradual transition between different places. The installation of a display of this type is ideal for large spaces and showrooms, used during events for the presentation of new products.

The screens allow you to add an additional layer of information, accompanying the merely physical one. In fact, displays can increase user involvement in the discovery of a product, making the experience interactive.

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