LG, may be the company with the most peculiar brain circuits

In life, when faced with someone who has "unexpected brain circuits", we will say that this person has "clear thinking."

Although the context in which this word is often used is ridiculous, it cannot be denied that people with clear ideas tend to be extremely creative. The positive meaning of this word also includes thoughts or behaviors that are bright, refreshing and wonderful.

In Yunyun technology company, LG may be the most consistent with this term. Many of its products or behaviors are either a clear stream of "everyone is drunk and I am alone", or a "mudslide" that makes people laugh and cry.

TV, why is it on the table or on the wall?

A living room, if there is no TV, it always feels like something is missing.

But LG doesn't think so. It wants you to hide the TV when you are not watching it to make the living room look simpler.

At the 2019 CES conference, LG showed its own "brain hole" work: a freely retractable OLED TV, LG Signature OLED TV R. "R" means Rollable, meaning bendable.

LG provides three usage modes for this TV: full view, line view and zero view.

In full view, this 65-inch TV looks no different from the ultra-thin TVs on the market. LG claims that its picture quality is the same as that of other flagship TVs in the Signature series. It also has an HDMI 2.1 interface and supports 4K/120 frame input.

Below the screen is a cuboid base and a very simple bracket. The base has a built-in high-fidelity stereo sound with a power of up to 100W and supports Dolby Atmos.

When the user selects the "line view" mode, the interesting design comes. The TV screen will be retracted into the base below, leaving only 1/4 of the screen area for users to control home appliances and view music lists.

In this mode, the TV is like an ornament, and you can place it anywhere in the room: by the window, next to the bookshelf, and look full of style.

If you turn off the TV, the screen will be completely retracted into the base. Users can also play audio content through the dock in the "zero view" mode. At this time, the TV will turn into a pure sound, making your living room more open.

From closing to raising, the entire lifting process is controlled within 10 seconds. LG's engineers stated that its service life can reach 50,000 times. Even if it goes up and down 10 times a day, it can last as long as 14 years.

At the 2020 CES exhibition, LG provided a new solution in accordance with this idea. The screen can be extended downwards from the ceiling device, and it has the smell of projection screen.

The difference is that this retractable screen is made of 65-inch OLED, and the display effect can be compared with flagship products of the same series. According to LG's idea, this type of TV can also be used as a dynamic curtain, so that you are in a busy city, but it looks like you are in a deep mountain forest.

At this year's CES conference, LG took the Signature OLED TV R one step further and made the stretchable OLED screen transparent.

In its promotional video, when the transparent TV screen slowly rises from the newly designed base, it seems to be watching a science fiction movie. Regardless of its practicality, it is cool enough to put it at home.

On novelty, LG mobile phone has never lost

Compared with the TV department, there are more "ghosts" among the engineers in the mobile phone department.

In 2020, when the folding screen mobile phone is limited to the left and right or up and down folding opening and closing, LG provides a new idea. LG Wing opens and closes by pushing it to the left, and the upper screen will flip 90 degrees, perpendicular to the lower screen.

LG has adapted many usage scenarios for this phone. For example, when a video is played on the top screen, the second screen below can be used for typing and chatting.

When the main screen is used for navigation, the secondary screen can play music.

The usage scenarios shown by LG look very good, but in fact, the weight of 260g and the battery of 4000mAh make this phone "gimmick more than practical."

Looking further ahead, LG created an "ultrasonic mosquito repellent" mobile phone LG K7i for the Indian market in 2017, which is positioned as a domestic one thousand yuan machine. Although ultrasonic mosquito repellent does not have sufficient scientific basis, LG has added this function to mobile phones, even air conditioners, refrigerators and other household appliances.

▲LG K7i

In 2014, when "big screen" and "bar" became the trend of the Android market, LG went the other way and launched a flip phone "WineSmart" equipped with Android 5.1 system and 1.1 GHz quad-core processor. "Rebellious".

▲ LG WineSmart

LG's G series is also very interesting. For example, LG G Flex uses an alternative curved screen. It is not that the left and right edges of the screen are curved toward the frame, but the top and bottom are higher than the center of the screen, like a "shoehorn face", which looks very alternative.

▲LG G Flex

In addition, LG also likes to make plastic into metal texture. Looking at the back of LG G Flex, it is hard to believe that it is a piece of plastic. LG has also applied "self-healing technology" on this back shell, and the back shell can be automatically repaired when scratches appear.

Another example is the modular design of G5. The chin of the mobile phone can be plugged and removed. Users can freely choose modules, such as B&O's HiFi base, camera handle base, etc., to make the phone more personalized.

▲LG G5

In terms of screen gameplay, LG has never disappointed. For example, LG's V10/V20 series of mobile phones, their special feature lies in the design of the bangs. The area on the right side of the camera is called the "secondary screen", and users can customize the display content of this area.

▲ LG V10. Picture from: androidcentral

For example, you can place frequently used apps to display your own personal signature. If you feel that the special-shaped screen is too awkward, you can also close this area, so that the secondary screen and the camera are "integrated" and visually more coordinated.

▲ LG V10. Picture from: notebookreview

The concept of dual screens was actually praised by LG in the era of feature phones. For example, LG Venus (KF600) is equipped with two upper and lower screens.

▲ LG KF600. Picture from: niora

Both screens support touch operation. The upper screen is 2 inches in size, and the lower secondary screen is 1.49 inches. Users can use this small screen to realize navigation and function key operations.

However, due to the small screen, touch input is not realistic. Therefore, the mobile phone adopts a sliding cover design, and the keyboard can be exposed by pushing upward, which is convenient for users to input text.

▲LG KF600.

In the era of feature phones, LG has many other weird designs like Venus. For example, on the back of KF690, there is a large silver roller. This rotating scroll wheel is called the "navigation wheel" and is used to control the phone. It also emits a blue halo when rotating.

▲LG KF690

LG BL40 is also impressive. The 21:9 "fish screen" has a very special design and looks like a remote control.

▲LG BL40

There is also LG GD900. It uses a sliding cover design. When the screen is pushed up, the keyboard exposed below is the highlight. The keyboard part uses a transparent "crystal design." When the backlight is on, you can see the layout of the buttons.

▲LG GD900

These buttons are not physical, but a touch design. When browsing the web, this area can also be touched to move the cursor, a bit like a touchpad on a notebook. At the time, it seemed a bit sci-fi.

GD910 was released in the same year as GD900. This phone uses a watch-like design, but because it does not have a smart operating system, it is essentially a "phone watch". The 1.6-inch screen is a test of sight for viewing text messages. It is destined to be an electronic toy for a few people.

▲LG GD910

Willfulness is not only reflected in the product

In addition to the "wonderful" product, LG's business strategy, especially in the mobile sector, is really confusing.

In 2007, after HTC released its first Android phone, Samsung and Motorola followed suit and launched Android models. In contrast, LG only released its first Android phone, Optimus One, in 2010, three years later than its rivals.

▲LG Optimus One

And these three years have also been a period when domestic brands are gaining momentum. For LG, these three years are like a golden developmental period for children. Missing can never be repeated.

If you follow the normal thinking, LG should speed up at this time and try to save the market. After all, LG was still well-known in China at that time. Its chocolate, ice cream and other models were once a generation of arcade machines, and its presence was comparable to that of Nokia next door.

▲ LG Chocolate Series

However, LG took the lead and began to shift its business center to overseas markets. It can be seen from the update and maintenance of its official website. For example, the LG Optimus G Pro and LG Optimus GJ launched in 2013 have not been launched on the official website of China, and the official website products still remain on the old models before 2011.

Since then, LG's mobile phone business has gone from bad to worse, with continuous losses in 2015. In 2017, LG's new flagship G6 and V30 were not released in China, and the response in overseas markets was also very average. In February of the following year, LG's mobile phone business announced its full withdrawal from China.

▲ When leaving China, LG will sell in the Gemini Tower built by itself in Beijing, the transaction price is about 8 billion yuan. Picture from: ceosuite

On the other hand, the quality control of LG mobile phones has also been poor. Broken-touch doors, tail-plug doors, motherboard doors… endless quality problems have gradually eroded consumers' favor.

What is even more criticized is that LG's flagship machines are often not equipped with flagships. Especially after losing the priority supply of Qualcomm chips in 2015, LG has let it go. On the flagship LG G6 in 2017, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 released in 2016 is still used, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 next door is simply a laugh.

▲ LG G6

Now LG's mobile department and Sony's mobile department can be called "difficult brothers." Although the commercial performance is difficult to say, its maverick personality has deeply penetrated into the brand's tone. What makes people look forward to is that LG’s next innovation will be a clear stream or a mudslide?

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