LG gram 17 experience: “heterogeneous” in thin and light notebooks

There are many thin and light notebooks, and thin and light is their biggest feature. The compact size is portable and there is almost no burden. However, if the screen size of 17 inches is added to the specifications of a thin and light notebook, will it still be thin and unburdened?

LG, which has always liked brainstorming, has also opened a "big" brainstorm on thin and light notebooks. On the premise of maintaining the "lightness" and "thinness" of the same type of notebook computers in the industry, as much as possible with a large screen, so that the product has a considerable degree of recognition.

LG's thin and light notebook series is named gram, which translates to the unit of measurement "gram", which implies that the gram series will have extreme weight control.

In the beginning of 2021, LG gram is routinely updated. LG has made some adjustments to it, replacing 15.6-inch with a 16-inch version. The entire gram series is 14-inch, 16-inch and 17-inch versions, but overall, it still maintains enough "Thin and light."

17-inch screen: more than just big

LG has controlled the 14-inch regular size gram to within 1kg, the other 16-inch version is controlled at 1.19kg, and the 17-inch version is only 1.35kg.

▲ Easily lift with one hand without pressure

For comparison, the weight of Apple's MacBook Pro series is about 1.4kg for 13 inches and 2kg for 16 inches. This means that the 17-inch version of the LG gram series has the weight of a 13-inch ordinary laptop, but its size is similar to that of the MacBook Pro 16.

This contrast between volume and weight carries a sense of "subversion", especially with this rare 17-inch version.

When I opened the lid, it caused a crowd of 13-inch MacBook Pro users in the editorial department to exclaim. The huge 17-inch screen has an extremely wide field of vision, and the 27-inch monitor that I use frequently is almost idle.

For daily work, the 17-inch screen brings great convenience. As an editor, there is a need for multi-tasking and multi-windows. Naturally, the larger the screen, the more convenient it is. On LG gram 17, it can also be handled calmly by expanding three windows at the same time.

With the 125% zoom of Windows, there is no need to switch windows. You can also refer to the content on the webpage and Word while the codeword. (You can even open a YouTube to quietly fish)

At the same time, the 17-inch large screen is also easy to share content with friends, such as watching a movie and viewing documents together. It's just that if you travel alone, on high-speed trains or airplanes, it is still not recommended to browse some more private content.

LG gram 17 has a 16:10 screen ratio. Compared with the 16:9 ratio, it can show more space (11% more) when editing documents and processing images. Compared with the 3:2 ratio, the 16:10 screen has better entertainment compatibility, that is, when playing games and watching videos, it will not lose too much screen space.

The 16:10 screen is a screen ratio that can take into account both entertainment and work, and it has strong applicability.

The 2021 LG gram 17 has a WQXGA (2560*1600) resolution and a 99% DCI-P3 color gamut. With a 17-inch screen, to be honest, the 2K resolution is not high. It’s easier to see the "graininess" when you look closer to the screen, but when you "sit upright" and extend the normal distance, everything becomes delicate As always.

The color of LG gram 17 screen is more realistic, the color is not excessively gorgeous, natural and comfortable. Use it to edit pictures, with the 17-inch large screen, it will give people a sense of calmness.

However, this 17-inch screen is a bright screen, and the area is huge, and it has a brightness of about 450 nits, which means that the "mirror reflection" is more serious in the sunshine in Guangzhou in February, especially in use "Dark" theme. Outdoors, I usually use light-colored themes and add a white background wallpaper to greatly alleviate this situation.

The 17-inch large screen can be said to be the deepest impression that LG gram 17 has experienced so far. The large screen brings many advantages, a larger field of view, and a more calm response to multi-tasking. At the same time, while retaining this large screen, it does not bring too much burden to other aspects. The volume and weight are moderately controlled. Although it is not as good as 13, 14 inches, it is similar to ordinary 15, 16 inch products. Quite easy to adapt and accept.

Plain design style

In my impression, the 3C products launched by LG are quite simple, and the design is simple. The same is true for LG gram 17. Overall, there is nothing unique at the beginning, and the style is "flat".

In addition to black and white, the 2021 LG gram also adds silver, which will be available later. In order to reduce the weight of LG gram, the fuselage does not use aluminum alloy, but uses aviation-grade magnesium alloy, which guarantees lightness and robustness.

I have a 17-inch white version. The surface of LG gram is a bit similar to "pearl white". It has a matte texture to the touch. It can resist scratches and fingerprints. It has a certain degree of anti-fouling ability. I want to use it in normal days If you do, you don’t need to protect too much, it can still maintain a relatively smooth surface.

LG gram 17 has only a "gram" logo on the A side, while the B side is a large 17-inch glossy screen with the camera set above the traditional screen.

The C side is equipped with a full-size keyboard. Compared with the previous generation, the 2021 LG gram has a larger keyboard area, with an increase of 0.1mm in keystroke, and a stronger sense of paragraph when you type, and a larger keycap is easier After positioning and adapting to the key position, there will be almost no mistakes.

The power button in the upper right corner takes into account the fingerprint recognition. Unlike the overall protrusion of the keyboard, the power button is flush with the body, which is convenient for blind operation.

Just below the keyboard is the touchpad. Similar to the keyboard, LG gram's touchpad has also been upgraded, with an area increased by 17%, and the surface material is similar to the body, all made of frosted material and well-tuned , Single designated position, two-finger zoom, multi-finger drag, very comfortable, and even have an illusion of using MacBook Pro.

If you want to be "critical", the position of the LG gram 17 touchpad is too centered. If you place it directly below the main keyboard area, the experience may be better. When typing in the main keyboard area, the right hand can easily touch the touchpad by mistake (But it will not be triggered, the false touch mechanism has played a lot of function).

The 2021 LG gram 17 has also been upgraded in terms of interface richness and quantity. The whole machine has 7 interfaces, including two Thunderbolt 4 interfaces, two USB 3.1 interfaces, a full-size HDMI interface, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a UFS card slot.

These 7 interfaces can almost meet the expansion needs of 90% of users. LG gram 17 is also one of the few products that will not cut the number of interfaces while upgrading, and will increase the richness of interfaces.

The D side is also a monolithic magnesium alloy base plate, surrounded by foot pads, the air inlet is horizontal, and the two sides are equipped with DTS:X Ultra. Compared with other notebook products, LG gram 17's foot pads are a bit "grabbing", which may be for better support and heat dissipation, but it also indirectly increases the overall thickness, especially when it is placed in a backpack, the presence is slightly stronger.

Among the many products, the design of the 2021 LG gram 17 may not be so eye-catching, not the most maverick, nor the most distinctive one, but this plain design style is more attractive and not So easily obsolete.

Intel EVO certification blessing, performance and battery life are guaranteed

All 2021 LG gram series have obtained Intel Evo platform certification. Certified laptops, regardless of brand, have the three characteristics of "fast, long, and dazzling" that they want to approach, and they will also provide a closer experience.

Before this, I have experienced Intel EVO platform notebook computer products. This time the LG gram 17 has a very familiar feeling in terms of performance, battery life, and expansion, as if I have experienced it before. If it weren't for the 17-inch large screen, in a daze, there might be an illusion of using other Intel EVO platform products.

The 2021 LG gram 17 uses the 11th generation Core 4-core i7-1165G7 processor, with a base frequency of 2.4GHz, a maximum turbo frequency of 4.2GHz, and a built-in Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics card.

In addition, it also has LPDDR4X memory, 512GB NVMe SSD, 80Wh capacity battery, and new WiFi 6 technology specifications. However, it is a pity that there is no 1TB SSD version for the 17-inch version.

In terms of experience, LG gram can be said to be a very typical Intel EVO certified platform product, regardless of the "advantages" brought by the 17-inch large screen.

Two Thunderbolt 4 ports are enough for me to expand the screen, charge and add some peripherals (after all, the most indispensable thing for MacBook Pro users is the Thunderbolt docking station).

And LG gram 17 is additionally equipped with a lot of expansion interfaces, such as HDMI, USB 3.1, it can almost calmly face many peripherals and external devices. The only regret is that it is not equipped with a full-size SD card slot. Friends who like to take pictures may still need an additional SD card reader.

During the experience, I turned on the 2K resolution by default, the screen brightness was adjusted to 80%, the keyboard light was turned off, and the power strategy was adjusted to "better performance" to facilitate picture adjustments when you turn on the PS at any time. Chrome and Edge browsers are dual-open, each with a dozen web pages, mainly for word processing.

About 75% of the electricity at 10 am, and about 25% of the electricity until 17 pm, and it is reminded that it can be used for about an hour and a half. With such endurance and full firepower, LG gram 17 should not be a problem. Of course, if you need better battery life, you can adjust the power strategy to "longer battery life" and appropriately lower the screen brightness.

LG gram 17 has enough volume and naturally has certain advantages in heat dissipation. Regardless of light or heavy use, the fuselage only has the air inlet on the D side and the air outlet on the screen hinge. There will be more obvious heat, and the temperature at the keyboard, palm rest and touchpad is the same.

The size of 17 inches is still unique in the field of thin and light books. Previously, I rarely had the opportunity to experience a 17-inch laptop, thinking that it was just a larger screen, but during this period of experience, I completely subverted this perception, and the screen area of ​​an inch larger is enough to bring a difference. Experience.

It has brought me a lot of convenience, especially on multi-windows, which makes work and entertainment more efficient. Sometimes I jokingly call LG gram 17 a laptop with a "display". Open the lid, just like Turn on a desktop PC.

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