Let’s go back to “underage” and see how to prevent addiction in childhood|The topic selection will be a small difference

Another school season is here, and with it, there are also the "most stringent" online game anti-addiction regulations.

Recently, the National Press and Publication Administration issued the “Notice on Further Strict Management and Effective Prevention of Minors’ Indulging in Online Games”, requiring all online game companies to only be allowed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays at 20 o’clock each day. Provide one-hour service to minors until 21:00.

In other words, minors can only play online games for up to 3 hours a week.

The regulations have caused heated discussions on several occasions. Some people think that this can prevent minors from indulging in online games and returning to the sea of ​​book learning; some people think that this is too strict and one-size-fits-all. After all, the essence of the problem is education and guidance.

In the first week of the regulation, the King of Glory "crashed" due to a one-hour surge in traffic, and the app store was swept by one-star negative reviews. Minors also took a different approach, either borrowing their parents’ accounts to play online games, or going to various places. Big e-commerce platforms spend money to rent accounts, and scam gangs once again target minors…

When minors "struggle" under the new regulations, today's adults actually have in the past either free and casual, or crazy all night, or strictly restricted, but they were full of memories of the game of childhood.

What has changed, and what has not changed?

This week, the editorial department of Aifaner will chat with you about childhood games.

Learning and play are never opposites

@爱范儿 Reader REX

From Street Fighter to King of Fighters, from Red Alert to Interstellar, from Stone Tool to Millennium, from Legend to Miracle, from Overlord Continent to World of Warcraft, the childhood of the late 1980s and early 1990s can be said to be the childhood of video games, and parents also hate it. , Regard the game as a scourge, hearing about Internet cafes is the same as hearing who sucks* now.

In order not to let parents find out about pleading with the owner of the Internet cafe, the one-hour Internet fee is divided into two and a half hours, one is to leave early before school, and the other is to go home late after school, riding a bicycle along the way, sweating profusely, and after arriving at the Internet cafe Take the shower cap out and put it on your head. If it’s summer, take off your jacket and put it in another plastic bag, because Internet cafes at that time can really be said to be smoky, and parents don’t smoke. It’s very easy. aware.

The gains and losses of the virtual world are so direct and joyful. I used to go out to play games in the middle of the night while my family was asleep. I only came back after four o'clock. I was dozing off during class during the day. Another classmate, his parents bought him a computer. Let him play at home, the game is average, and his studies are poor. There is another classmate whose family is a teacher, who is also addicted to playing games, but he is also very good at learning.

From the stories of my three children, I found a phenomenon that the children can't stop them as long as they have hands and feet. The self-control of minors who grow up freely is definitely not as strong as you think. It is the right way to be able to play and learn, and to guide well. Indulging in games has never been the cause of poor students, but just a superficial phenomenon, and the real problem is that he will not devote himself to learning at all. Learning and games are never opposites. There are such a group of children who are not addicted to games, but their studies are still very poor. Learning habits are the most important thing.

Play and have fun! Invest in work (study)! The things that are at your fingertips, you won’t think about it, and the “accidental” indulgence under high pressure prohibits people from being overwhelmed.

ha? What is game addiction?


In the summer vacation, wearing a vest and blowing a fan before eating watermelon, playing "Super Mario" with Xiaobawang seems to have happened yesterday, but when I look at the calendar, it is already 18 years ago. In addition to feeling that time flies, I also want to sigh for the paleness of my life, as if there are no other games except "Super Mario".

It's not about how miserable my material life is. When I was a kid, the computer and PSP in middle school, and later PS4/PS4 Pro, I have never lacked these game equipment. Even now, because of the nature of the work, I carry more than four flagship machines on my body at any time. Just click on any mobile phone, there are no games in it, and naturally I haven't spent a cent on mobile games… Think about it carefully, I am too disgusted with slightly more complicated gameplay. BUFF? Skill? Attributes? Can't remember at all.

After the "strictest in history" anti-addiction regulations were implemented, the children had to become "not addicted to games" like me. But it is said that this will not affect the earnings of the game giants, because minors have little recharge, but they take up a lot of server resources.

The implementation of such strict anti-addiction measures is bad news for minors who like to play mobile games, but it is not necessarily a good thing for minor parents. At least after the anti-addiction measures have taken effect, game manufacturers still have matching and cumbersome real-name authentication. If parents want to refund the game system on the grounds of underage recharge, the difficulty is visibly increased.

Is it a bad boy who likes to play games? But kids will like to play games


I have been taught since I was a child that "bad kids are the ones who like to play games." Perhaps because of this reason, I had very little experience in playing games when I was young.

I have watched other people play World of Warcraft and League of Legends, but these games still have thresholds. I just don’t feel the fun when I watch them.

The first games I came into contact with were three-dimensional pinball, card, minesweeper on Windows computers…it were really simple games, but what I look forward to most in every computer class is to play these games.

Later, the computer can be connected to the Internet, and I have 4399 happiness. Gold miners and ten drops of water are all my love. When someone handed me the phone for me to play games, I fell in love with Temple Escape and subway parkour.

▲ I can never be so flexible in real life, but in games I can

Did you find out? Even if someone tells me that "bad kids like to play games," they will still like games when they come into contact with them.

Play is the nature of humans (including adults). I hope that children love learning every day, and extracurricular activities are the "healthy" hobbies of reading and sports. It is unrealistic to not touch the things that adults see as "not helpful to children's growth."

For many parents, preventing their children from playing games is result-oriented.

Is there any benefit to playing games? Playing games hurts your eyes, and playing games is fruitless.

But for many children, playing games is process-oriented, because "games are really fun!"

The game can be a scourge


When I was 7 years old, my uncle bought me the first game console in my life, Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance SP. Since then, I have become a Game Boy.

"Pokemon", "Kabi of the Stars" and "Sonic" these GBA games constitute my childhood. I have done a lot of crazy things to play games.

For example, playing "Pokemon Sapphire" in a bed without sleeping all night, but my eyes were short-sighted (600 degrees); in order to share the latest cassette I bought with my playmates, I ran to his house without eating for lunch, but I stepped on the road. The rusty nail, my mother was afraid that I might be infected with tetanus, so she hurriedly took me to break the puncture needle, and she shed a lot of tears…

I think that my self-control is very poor, and I am very grateful that I was restrained by my parents when I was growing up. I was not obsessed with the game world and could not extricate myself. What about other children?

When I was in college, I went to a small remote town to participate in educational activities. The children there were mostly taken care of by grandparents, while the parents worked outside and went home only once a year. Many children have only two after-school entertainment projects-"Glory of the King" and "Peace Elite".

Internet, games, addiction… these words are too far away for the elders who take care of their lives. These children are like runaway horses galloping in the game world, while the parents who can hold the reins are entangled in their livelihoods. No time to take care of.

I always feel helpless and pessimistic every time I see them holding their phones and not letting go, but grandparents are helpless. What makes people even more pessimistic is that they, who are silent on the Internet, constitute the majority of the new group.

Forbidden to play online games ≠ Forbidden to play games, in fact, we still have many choices


Before the regulations came out, I and my husband had repeatedly proposed the "single-player or online first" game baby-raising strategy:

When the two of us have a baby, you should start first and take him to play home game consoles such as Switch, PS, and Xbox, so that online games can't be used.

I am not opposed to minors playing games, and even uphold an encouraging attitude, but online games have not yet obtained my license.

Although I have done the embarrassment of taking landline phone bills to charge game currency in elementary school, being cheated of buying props by hall speakers in junior high school, playing ARPG in high school and engaging in online dating. When the mind is still immature, experience the big social dyeing vat ahead of time.

Therefore, as a "comer", I support this regulation. After all, it is forbidden to play online games ≠ play games. We obviously have many choices. Board games are educational and social exercises. Family game consoles are both controllable and sophisticated.

Of course, I also have an immature little suggestion for substituting the role of a child: The age classification within the regulations can be more refined, giving minors of different age groups different lengths of available time.

▲ The ideal scene where two generations play games together

The best way for minors to prevent addiction is to "defeat magic with magic"


As a mediocre post-90s, I have a typical and atypical childhood at the same time, but they are basically inseparable from games.

Before junior high school, the popular games among friends were basically determined by the animations played on TV. Four-wheel drive, yo-yo, top and other games were social currency for us little boys.

▲ How many people started to learn Yo-Yo because of this S2 TV series

On the contrary, I have less contact with video games. When I was young, I played two metal bullets with my friends occasionally. Until I had a computer at home, I used to vent my most primitive desires in GTA with the mood of stealing forbidden fruits. I also mastered fighting against my parents. Spy skills.

I don't know why, there is almost no game that can make me "indulge". I have little interest in popular mobile games such as "Glory of the King" and "Onmyoji". The memory of being black in an Internet cafe is even more unfamiliar with me. I may be an older young man in the editorial department who has never been to an Internet cafe so far.

But I still can't imagine a childhood without games. The media of games may change, but the needs of social and entertainment cannot avoid the development of digital technology, and the boundaries between online and offline are inevitably blurred.

Nowadays, children have more choices and are more likely to have access to various games that are "addictive" through careful design, but is it really effective to "anti-addiction" by blocking the channels for playing games? After many years of struggle experience, children's countermeasures may be far beyond the imagination of adults.

I am still impressed by an article two years ago. It is about a parent who is engaged in game planning and guides the growth of children through the mechanism of the game. "Using magic to defeat magic" should be the best way for minors to prevent addiction.

As an addicted personality, what have I learned in addicted to games


For the memories of playing games before adulthood, it seems that I can only remember a few vague events.

When I was very young, I used to play Cassidy for too long, which caused the power adapter to burn out.

▲ Picture cut from Shiye @ B站

When I was in the middle and upper grades of elementary school, my family bought Gameboy, and of course I also liked playing it. I like to play secretly when I review in the room with the door closed before the final exam.

▲ I still remember that my black and white Gameboy shell is transparent, and I can’t find the picture now

When I started playing on the computer when I was older, there was an inexplicable time in an Internet cafe. At that time, I loved playing "Stone Age". Not only did I have to spend money to buy an account, but I also had to buy a point card. The degree of addiction was probably that I didn't go to the hobby class on Saturday and went straight to the Internet cafe.

▲Which kid can refuse to keep a dinosaur as a pet? !

These little experiences, plus other experiences of indulging in other things, let me know in middle school that I have a strong tendency to addiction. From then on, I have been more cautious when touching anything that might be addictive, or in other words, more consciously to observe my own state.

Of course, this does not mean that adults should let their children go, regardless of everything.

Although I have forgotten how the incident happened when I went to Internet cafes, I can clearly remember how my aunt handled me when I was addicted to watching TV-told the head teacher the matter, and asked the teacher to persuade me to go to bed early in the evening and not chase TV. (Teacher: "These TVs will be rebroadcast in the future").

Looking back today, I can’t help but sigh that my aunt understands me too well (I am so afraid of the teacher).

It’s a pity that I didn’t play games in my childhood.


It was about a weekend when I was 11 or 12 years old. The male classmates came to my house with a CD-ROM of the Red Police and said that this game was very enjoyable and we played together.

The CD was stuffed into the computer, and the buddies started to explain the deployment of the base in a sudden noise. The intoxicated expression seemed to introduce a masterpiece of the century.

I didn't listen at all, because I discovered from the light and shadow changes in the door that my dad was listening carefully outside the door.

About 20 minutes later, the male classmate retreated with the CD, and my dad finally couldn't help but raise the volume and hurriedly taught me: "When did you learn badly! Playing games will degenerate!"

After that day, I always wore an invisible red scarf on my chest.

Later, I would secretly play three-dimensional pinball and card games of Windows, raise electronic pets in the bed, and go to the game hall a few times with my friends (playing with friends and taiko masters). It's just that every time I'm worried, for fear that my dad will suddenly appear from another corner.

When I grew up, I heard that some people had buried their dream of becoming an urban planner because of playing "Sim City", and gradually realized that games are not necessarily all scourges. A good game can have a positive meaning in real life, and you can play it happily, but at the same time you also need the ability to think, plan and stop at any time.

Looking back now, my "anti-addiction mechanism" is probably my dad's roar.

When the ignorant boy enters the game hall for the first time…


When I was pushed and shoved into the game hall by my neighbor's brother for the first time, I felt like a chicken to be slaughtered.

"Come to play, come to play, just play for a while," the little brother winked and smiled. Although I knew that my mother wanted me to go home for dinner, I also knew that I couldn't stand it anymore.

Suddenly the New Year’s bell seemed to ring, they opened the curtain of the game hall, and I stepped in ignorantly. Behind the door of the game hall, there is a magical and colorful world: there are neon eyes, colorful lights, wonderful scrolling music, and small zeros. When yelling, the little brothers and sisters were all attentive and intently. When the game wins, the sound of screams, shouts, and exclamations is endless.

I tremblingly caught the game coins handed by my little brother, and I was about to start my first happy experience in my life. My mother also opened the curtain. She was like a policeman. She dragged me back home, cursing and talking a lot of things on the road. I didn't hear a word clearly, only the brain was roaring-I didn't expect when I walked out of the game hall. , Still like a chicken that can be slaughtered.

As soon as I entered the house, my mother yelled at me to stand in the corner. She rushed up and twisted my inner thigh. I twisted like a twist, crying and crying in pain. My mother said, "Is it wrong!" Staring fiercely, she continued to shout, "Is it wrong!" I gritted my teeth without saying a word.

I saw my mother took out a pair of fire tongs and inserted it into the coal stove, but within a few minutes, the fire tongs came out of the stove and burned all over. My mother raised a bucket of water and slammed the fire tongs in it—bubbles hissed and screamed, and blue smoke rose straight up.

I howled and yelled, "Mom, I was wrong!"

▲ Coal stove, fire tongs, and a dog like me

I know my mother was just to scare me, but in memory, I never went to the game hall again.

Later, the younger brother who took me to the game hall seemed to have stopped reading. More younger brothers and sisters began to become obsessed with the Cassidy game console, but they could not escape the fate of being beaten like me. They were all caught playing secretly while being caught. Live, just like this, grow up between obsession and restraint.

Looking back now, like the current "anti-addiction", I know two things:

1. The game will be addictive, so you need to be cautious when entering the industry. Once you enter the deep sea, you must be moderately happy.
2. The game is fun, but it is fun without the tongs.

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