Less than a thousand yuan and fine sound quality, Green Factory pays tribute to itself with this acoustic flagship

Sound travels through the medium.

Sound itself can also be used as a medium to spread emotions.

The movie uses background music to mobilize the audience’s sad, happy, and fearful reactions; the speaker speeds up or slows down, both of which can make the audience more immersed; even the simplest, repetitive horn sound can also Let the driver or passer-by have an instant physiological reaction, and the fist will be hard.

It can be seen that the magic of the sound is so great that it can be used in two ways.

Last month, OPPO launched the new flagship headset, OPPO Enco X (hereinafter referred to as Enco X). I have been looking forward to it for a long time. This article will talk about its quality.

In the Enco X introduction section of the conference, most of the space was devoted to the sound quality of this new flagship wireless headset, so let me start with this part.

OPPO Acoustics Department x Dynaudio, it's in good time

Bluetooth headsets have been born a long time ago, but they still haven't got rid of the label of "flat sound quality", but after I use Enco X, I feel that wireless headphones are also qualified to start "talking about sound quality".

The cooperation between OPPO's acoustics department and well-known audio manufacturer Dynaudio is one of Enco X's most attention-grabbing selling points.

The glorious history of OPPO’s acoustic department can be traced back to 2004. OPPO Digital was established in California, USA, focusing on Blu-ray and Hi-Fi audiophile products. The reputation in the industry has been very good, and many foreign audio enthusiasts remember the OPPO brand. However, he chose to retire at a high position and announced the suspension of the Hi-Fi product line in 2018.

▲ OPPO PM-3 flagship headset image source: oppodigital.pl

OPPO China, which was also established in 2004, has launched many impressive MP3/MP4 products in the country. At that time, Sennheiser MX400 earphones were included, which became the enlightening Hi-Fi earphones for that generation of young people. However, due to the introduction of smart phones, MP3 products are declining, and the era is soon to be parted.

When people thought it would be difficult to see OPPO focusing on acoustic products, they launched the TWS true wireless headset product line. OPPO Enco X is the latest flagship and is also its master.

Let me talk about the coaxial dual unit structure design. Previously, it was mostly used in audio products. The units were on the same line and the midpoints were overlapped. In this way, the sound source could be concentrated at one point. In the actual sense of hearing, it is reflected in the accurate sound field positioning, and the mixed voiced sound is not easy to appear.

OPPO then reconstructed the flat diaphragm, the core technology of its flagship headset PM-1, and made a miniature superconducting magnetic flat diaphragm that fits the size of Enco X, sandwiched between the magnetic circuit voice coil to suppress the diaphragm. The film produces split vibration, which can relatively make the high frequency part more pure.

There are many reasons for the split vibration phenomenon, and the higher the frequency, the more serious the dynamic loss and distortion caused by the split vibration. The major acoustic brands have done a lot of work to suppress the segmentation vibration phenomenon, and OPPO sacrificed the flat diaphragm technology.

Behind the coaxial dual unit and flat diaphragm technology, there is also Dynaudio's "Joint Performance". Dynaudio has participated in the joint research in terms of material selection, internal design, and finished product tuning.

In the end, the "dish" of Enco X was quite fragrant.

The sound is distinctive

I first got Enco X, and of course I couldn’t wait to put my ears on to listen. I used to adjust the volume to 60-70% on the commute (on the subway). I didn’t remember to turn down the volume before pairing. In the first earphone audition, Its high frequency almost didn't pierce my eardrum.

Yes, the high frequency of Enco X is too harsh. It is recommended to control the volume at 40% at the beginning.

The ear-piercing problems have gradually diminished or even disappeared over time. It seems that Enco X does not have a burn-in link before leaving the factory. This will have the opposite effect of dissuading offline users.

After 20 hours of listening to music, Enco X showed its best condition.

The first thing I feel is the thickness and crispness of the low-frequency unit, and then the clearly separated mid-to-high frequency, which is not much stained and resistant to hearing; the sound field is wider and wider than ordinary TWS headphones; there are more instruments in the interpretation of classical music It can accurately locate the type and position of the instrument. Perhaps among TWS headphones, Enco X is the closest to the evaluation of "transparent".

When performing rock music/rap music, Beat's drums are crisp and neat, and the drums are powerful and powerful; the female voice is gentler, and the whole is still tuned towards "more endurance."

For this reason, OPPO has launched an "OPPO Enco X Platinum Audition Disc" in QQ Music. The representative ones are "Dust Drum", "Partita No3. in E Major, BMW 1006: I. Preludio". First tune.

When playing the dust drum, I specially compared it with W51. Enco X clearly showed a wider sound field, the positioning of the drum was clearer, the distance was distinct, and the drum sound repeatedly jumped horizontally in the left and right channels, and the sound level also fluctuated. , Enco X grasped the lingering feeling of drum sound created by the song just right, highlighting the advantages of the coaxial dual unit.

And "Partita No3. in E Major, BMW 1006: I. Preludio" interprets the sound of the violin more realistically, without too much rendering, as if the player is performing in front of you. Friends can go to QQ Music to search for these two songs and listen to them with existing equipment.

(The above parts of the sense of hearing are all experienced in the strong noise reduction mode, and the sense of hearing will be slightly affected in different modes)

Noise reduction performance, poor ignition time

The previous W51 took nearly four months, and it was amazing when I first used it, because it achieved 90% of the noise reduction effect of AirPods Pro with a price of less than 500 yuan. It is recommended as a replacement product for the latter. Started.

However, on Enco X, there is no surprise experience of first listening to W51. It is not that the noise reduction ability of the former is not good, but that there is not much improvement in the front and back comparison, and it is slightly disappointed.

By default, the headset can be switched back and forth between the two modes of "strong noise reduction" and "transparent" by long pressing (not really pressing, more like a long touch) on the headphone handle. If you are using an iPhone, It can only be used in these two modes. If it is a newer OPPO model, you can see four modes of "Strong", "Weak", "Transparent" and "Off" in the settings, and can be set When you press and hold the headset, it will switch between the two modes.

If you are a friend who has used AirPods Pro, you can basically apply its noise reduction ability to Enco X. In the strong noise reduction mode, when no music is played, it can block the rumbling of the railroad tracks in the subway, leaving the site to broadcast the audio , When listening to teacher Shen Yi’s video or some podcast-like audio content, you can still hear a little background sound. And Enco X uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which makes it almost impossible to feel the time delay when used to play.

The noise reduction is weaker than it is in the closed state. It is suitable for use in some relatively quiet places such as offices. The transparent mode can amplify the outside sound so that I can hear what is happening outside while wearing headphones.

However, this is based on the fact that the volume of the music being played does not exceed 50%. As long as this volume is exceeded, the sound of the music can easily overwhelm the external sound.

All in all, Enco X's noise reduction performance is not bad, but it can be better. In order to isolate noise, some users will choose to increase the volume. With Enco X, you don't need to raise the volume, which can protect your ears.

There is tribute and innovation

Finally came to the appearance part, which is also one of the selling points highlighted at the press conference. It was mentioned that OPPO China was once the leader in domestic MP3, naturally because it launched many impressive products, including The OPPO X3 that Enco X reproduced this time.

A touch of silver on the X3 middle frame is called a star ring design. This classic element is also reproduced on the Enco X headphone box. There are also some minor changes. The shiny metal was used before. After being reborn on Enco X, it has been frosted, with a little cold touch and a more delicate and moist touch.

This one is in the color of "Bamboo Rhyme", and there are also two colors of black and white, which are called "Nocturne" and "White Song" respectively.

I have seen these three color matching real objects at the press conference. The nocturne is too dark and easily stained with fingerprints. The white is too common. The bamboo rhyme is a joint customized color scheme jointly launched by OPPO and the "Love of Love" Charity Foundation. Green and red The blend is very beautiful, but you have to wait.

Finally, waited for it this month.

The overall design of the earphone box is very round and there are no straight lines. Holding it in your hand is like holding a pebble washed by water for a long time, full and soft.

A light green star ring surrounds the earphone box, an LED indicator on the front, an OPPO laser LOGO on the top, a bright red pairing button on the right, a USB-C charging port at the bottom, and a hinge position on the back. Printed with the words "Created with Dynaudio".

Open the headphone box, you can feel the damping effect it creates, with full stamina. When you open it halfway, the hinge will come out with a force to help you open the lid completely, the whole process is neat and not blurred. The closing of the lid feels crisp, without a loose click. The overall process is still good.

The appearance of the earphone body is also like the earphone box with a bright surface design, plus this elegant green, sleek like jade, the inside of the ear cap has a light red as an embellishment, a little more lively, and the red is also the "decibel of love" The main color of the brand emphasizes the identity of the joint model.

The handling of the earphone handle is obviously different from other positions of the earphone because the touch area is set at the earphone handle, double-click to skip the song, long press to switch the noise reduction mode, slide up and down to adjust the volume, and there is a hidden egg function.

You can set a long press in the OPPO mobile phone, so that the headset can switch between the two devices, without the need to tap the Bluetooth device in the control center to switch. This is mainly for OPPO mobile phone users who have an OPPO TV at home. In about three seconds or more, you can connect Enco X, which was originally connected to a mobile phone, to an OPPO TV. Watching football late at night will not disturb the family.

The functionality is there, but the faults that are easy to touch by mistake are still "inherited" from W51. When adjusting the earphone with fingers, it is very easy to touch by mistake. Sometimes it triggers the noise reduction mode switch function, and sometimes it is turned up/ Turn down the volume.

In fact, if you want to go deeper, this can't be regarded as a false touch. The touch algorithm dictates that the user needs to get used to adjusting the earphone's gestures. It is recommended to pinch the earphone cavity with two fingers, as long as you avoid the earphone handle. Try to avoid accidental touches.

Finally, let’s talk about wearing feelings and battery life. If the wearing feeling of AirPods is nonsensical, then my evaluation of Enco X is almost nonsensical. After choosing a suitable ear cap, there is no feeling of ear bulging even after wearing it for 3 hours, and it will be a little tired for about four hours. At this time, the power of the earphone is almost scarce, and it is time to take it off and charge it.

Although the earphone has IP54 dustproof and waterproof rating, it is still a bit difficult to exercise with it, and it is easy to fall off. When I wear Enco X for jogging, I have to adjust it every 2 minutes, so I often encounter the above mentioned The situation of accidental touch.

However, the structure of each user’s ear canal is different. If you are careful enough, you can see that the left and right ear caps in the picture are different in size (three pairs of S/M/L ear caps are included at random), the left ear is S code, the right The ear size is M, and it shows good fit in the earphone fit test, which also matches the size of my ear canal.

Such a lot of words are just to emphasize that "the feeling of wearing varies from person to person, and the above description is for reference only."

In terms of battery life, when the noise reduction is turned on, the earphone can listen to music for 4 hours at a time, and the headphone box provides a total of 20 hours of battery life. If the noise reduction is turned off, it can provide 25 hours of battery life for listening to songs. There is no need to consider charging for short business trips. The problem is that even if you want to charge, the headset box can be fully charged in less than two hours after plugging in the USB-C. It also supports Qi wireless charging, so there is no need for battery anxiety.

After experiencing this period of time, you can see OPPO’s accomplishments in acoustic research, which have been intensively presented in Enco X. The sound quality and noise reduction are remarkable; the interior and exterior design is also dazzling; plus the positioning flagship but not At a four-digit price, it would be a good choice for TWS wireless headphones.

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