Leopao launches new car C10, costing 151,800 yuan, making it a “more ideal home”

A more ideal home for young people.

During Leapao’s Global Self-Research Day last night, Leapao shouted this slogan for the newly released C10. The key words here are obviously “youth” and “home”.

If Li Auto is an important way to help middle-level companies balance work and family, and is the best choice for returning home to reunite with family on weekends, then Leapmoon C10 is a daily worry-free companion for young families, and it is also a powerful guarantee for family travel.

Although the economic conditions are different, the needs of family users are often similar. As the saying goes, "One world, one parents." Despite this, not every family can afford the "best SUV under 5 million", especially those new parents who have just started a family.

From this perspective, there is no problem with the slogan of zero running C10.

What does a young man’s home look like?

What kind of car do young families want? Lingpao has obviously thought about this issue carefully.

Different from the previous rounded Leapmotor models, Leapmotor has injected more flat straight lines into the C10 to highlight the sense of strength. The balanced style is stable and unobtrusive. Coupled with the black hem, it is stable, reliable and safe, forming a car that is stable, reliable and safe. First impressions of the family SUV.

According to Dong Auto Club, the biggest advantage of the C10's appearance is the removal of the "freckles" on the front face of the extended range version of the C11. Although the C11 is highly recognizable, it is not really good-looking. The air intake of the zero-running C10 is square. Capable, the entire front face is much cleaner.

At the same time, the C10 also has a capable body. In fact, it is just a medium-sized SUV, with a length of only 4739mm, which is one circle smaller than the C11, and a wheelbase of only 2825mm.

In many people's minds, family SUVs tend to be larger in size because size is an important guarantee of internal space. The essence of the C10 is that it maintains restraint in size while maximizing space.

Ignoring the mythical words like "occupancy rate 66.3%", the second row of Leapmoon C10 does have good space performance, especially the horizontal space. After connecting the child seat, it can still ensure the comfortable ride of two adults. To cope with the scenario of 5 people traveling.

There was another scene that Lingpao thought about very clearly, which was feeding the baby. For their young target users, this is something that cannot be avoided.

When feeding a baby in the back row, two questions are particularly common: Where should the kettle be placed? Where should I put the bowl?

Generally speaking, insulated water bottles for babies are relatively large and cannot be accommodated in conventional cup holders. C10 has prepared an oversized cup holder for parents and nannies. There is also a small platform in front of which a suction cup can be placed. food supplement bowl, the perfect solution to the problem. I would like to call it the "baby dining table".

In addition, the C10 also provides two conventional cup holders in the armrest box in front of the rear seats for functional use.

In addition to these, on the road of "family SUV", the Leapmoon C10 also has other small ideas, such as the child seat interface further outside to facilitate the installation of child seats, such as the regular tail compartment, the height of the floor and the door sill. , making it easier to pick up and place the stroller. Oh, and it has sunshades.

Considering the C10's pre-sale price of 151,800 yuan, Liapao did not equip the rear with a large refrigerator or a large color TV, but with the help of these small details, a "more ideal home" seems to have appeared.

In addition, for moms and dads, health and safety are also factors that must be considered when buying a car. On the Leapmoon C10, you can choose baby-gnawable grade silicone as the seat fabric, which is also a common material for pacifiers. At the same time, Leipao also uses ultrasonic welding sound insulation cotton instead of glue to ensure the air quality in the cabin as much as possible.

In terms of safety, the C10 uses a large amount of high-performance materials containing aluminum alloys (73.6%) and 21.8% hot-formed steel, supplemented by CTC 2.0's more integrated one-piece frame structure. The torsional stiffness of the entire vehicle is as high as 42500N. m/deg.

Not only that, due to the elimination of the battery cover and module, the battery layout space can be increased by 17.5%, which also creates more space for battery capacity and cruising range. Because of this, the CLTC cruising range of the C10 extended-range version reaches 210km, and the pure electric version can reach up to 530km.

At the press conference, Leapmotor CEO Zhu Jiangming summarized the C10 as "the best product, the most appropriate price." In his eyes, the C10 is the "more ideal home for young people."

New technology, new stage

After the LEAP C10 made its debut at the Munich Motor Show (IAA Mobility) in September last year, some people questioned that it was an "international reskinned version" of the C11. In fact, it was not the case. The former was the first model based on the LEAP3.0 architecture, which is similar to the C11. There is a big difference.

At that time, Leapmotor announced that it would release five new cars to the global market in the next two years, mainly in four overseas markets: Europe, Asia Pacific, America and the Middle East. The C10 was the beginning of its global strategy. What supports Lingpao to go global is technology.

Leapao's insistence on "full-stack self-research" began to reap rewards after the release of the new pure electric architecture.

Zhu Jiangming said that all the core technologies of the C10 have been fully installed on the car, and this is inseparable from the efforts of the Leapmo R&D team. During the 8 years that Leapao has invested in self-research in all areas, six R&D leaders have maintained the originality of Leapao's core technical team. A stable team naturally brings efficient research and development. In the past 8 years, Leapmotor has obtained a total of 443 electronic patents and 230 invention patents.

In fact, the four-leaf clover central integrated electronic and electrical architecture used in the Leapmoon C10 was publicly revealed as early as July last year. According to the official statement, the "four-leaf clover" uses a SOC and an MCU chip to integrate the cockpit. domain, intelligent driving domain, power domain and body domain to realize the "four domain central supercomputing".

To give a simple and easy-to-understand analogy, the centrally integrated architecture is equivalent to putting all computing chips into a box, efficiently transmitting decisions directly to the dispersed parts of the car in a brain-like manner, reducing the reuse of smart parts such as chips. Achieve high efficiency and cost reduction.

What makes the Clover central integrated architecture special is its flexibility.

The Clover architecture provides different solutions for models with different configurations. The standard solution is equipped with 8155+NXP S32G, the mid-range solution uses 8295+S32G high-end chip, and the high-end solution is equipped with an OrinX chip on this basis. Really realize the effect of "one fish to eat more" and one structure to be used for many purposes.

Today’s protagonist, Zero Running C10, uses one of the high-end solutions. Yes, it even has an OrinX. Using this piece of OrinX, Leapo launched NAC navigation-assisted cruise on the C10.

Without high-precision maps, the C10 can accurately identify road elements through a large multi-modal sensing model, thereby automatically adjusting the vehicle speed. The driver does not need to control the pedals during the whole process, only the steering wheel, and the vehicle will autonomously complete the "traffic light adaptive activation". A series of operations such as "stop", "automatically adjust the vehicle speed at zebra crossings and intersections", "automatically adjust the vehicle speed when turning" and "turn around to adjust the vehicle speed".

To deal with relatively simple road conditions on elevated highways and highways, Leapao has launched the NAP high-speed intelligent pilot mode based on high-precision maps, which can complete autonomous overtaking, up and down ramps, micro-obstacle avoidance and other actions on highways and elevated highways.

In addition, Wang Yaonong, head of intelligent driving research and development of Leapao, also revealed that Leapao is accelerating the development of intelligent driving 3.0 solutions, and higher-level intelligent driving functions such as memory parking and urban NOA are also on the way.

Lingpao’s technology “wholesale”

In 2021, Zhu Jiangming proposed an ambitious "Five-Year Plan" to enter the top three domestic new forces in 2023 and further gain as much as 10% of the domestic new energy market share in 2025. At the time, this seemed like an impossible task.

From 2021 to 2022, Leapao's cumulative loss is approximately 8 billion yuan. In this year's mid-year financial report, Leapao's half-year loss reached 2.276 billion. In nearly four and a half years, the net loss expanded to 12.2 billion Yuan.

However, Leapao still showed signs of recovery in its financial report for the first half of 2023. In the second quarter, its gross profit margin narrowed to -5.2%, which has been significantly improved compared to -26% in the same period of 2022.

Facts have proved that Leopao's "cost-effective multi-energy" strategy has worked. From the overall delivery structure, the delivery proportion of C series models has exceeded 80% for a long time. The sales baton has been passed from the T03 series models to the C series models. The sales focus of Paopao has been smoothly completed, and the average price of a bicycle has increased to 130,000.

The rebound in sales has had a continued positive impact on Leapao's gross profit margin performance.

Looking back on the entire year of 2023, Leapmotor has indeed embarked on a low-opening and high-rising curve, with a total of 144,155 units delivered throughout the year. With an advantage of 2,554 units, it overtook Xpeng Motors and became the "third flower" in sales of new forces in 2023, successfully completing the " The first goal of the Five-Year Plan.

In addition to the good news in terms of sales, Stellantis Group’s investment also caused a whirlwind.

In October last year, Stellantis Group and Leapmotor officially reached a strategic cooperation. Stellantis Group announced that it would invest 1.5 billion euros (approximately RMB 11.6 billion) to acquire 20% of the equity of Leapmotor and become a strategic shareholder. Just over a month later, the two parties completed the transaction.

What is even more surprising is that this cooperation between the two parties can be called a "flash marriage". From the beginning of contact in February to the completion of delivery in November, it only took 278 days, setting a new industry speed.

As part of the transaction, Stellantis and Leapmotor plan to jointly form a joint venture "Leapao International" in a 51:49 ratio. The cooperative relationship between the two parties will allow the Stellantis Group to import, sell and even produce zero-running cars in overseas markets.

It was this C10 that fired the "first shot" at Zero Escape.

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