Lei Jun calls for building a more benign public opinion environment in the automobile market/Huawei BAIC Xiangjie S9 exposed/OpenAI-powered robot unveiled


Lei Jun: Let’s build a more benign and inclusive public opinion environment in the automobile market

Figure and OpenAI team up to launch new robot

Amazon and Google quietly lower expectations for generative AI

Xiaomi’s ecological chain model is undergoing a major reform, and hierarchical management will be carried out

Palm Reading Technology: Committed to creating the first true AI reading application in China

Honor says it has invested 10 billion in AI research and development

Released by Devin, the world’s first AI software engineer

Microsoft Copilot Enterprise Edition opens to Chinese market

11-inch OLED iPad Pro may have insufficient production capacity

OpenAI GPT-4.5 Turbo suspected to be leaked, may be launched in June

Huawei and BAIC jointly build Xiangjie S9 exposed

Hisense will bring foldable laser TV products to AWE

Jikrypton’s fifth model named Jikrypton MIX

Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission names jasmine yogurt


Lei Jun: Let’s build a more benign and inclusive public opinion environment in the automobile market

Yesterday, Lei Jun posted on Weibo that there has been a lot of public opinion turmoil in the automobile industry recently, and called for a healthy and inclusive public opinion environment in the automobile market. He also said, "Please lightly spray SU7." Everyone is welcome to point out the shortcomings of SU7.

He also said that he is currently preparing three things for the release of Xiaomi SU7:

  • The delivery centers, sales stores and service outlets in the first batch of 29 cities have been opened, and the locations of the second batch of cities have been determined at the same time;
  • On the premise of ensuring quality, increase factory production capacity as soon as possible to ensure early delivery after release;
  • Preparing for the Xiaomi SU7 launch conference.

Lei Jun also announced that after the official announcement of Xiaomi SU7 the day before yesterday, more than 100,000 people made reservations to the store in one day.

Figure and OpenAI team up to launch new robot

AI robot company Figure released the results of their cooperation with OpenAI, using OpenAI's large model on its robot Figure 01.

According to reports, the Figure 01 robot powered by OpenAI's large model can now fully communicate with people. The OpenAI model provides advanced vision and language capabilities for robots, while Figure's own neural network provides fast, basic, and flexible robot actions for its robots.

Figure officially released a demonstration video demonstrating how the new Figure 01 can talk to humans, understand human language and behave accordingly. For example, the demonstrator asked what he saw in Figure 01, and the robot answered the objects placed on the table; when the demonstrator asked the robot to get something to eat, the robot handed the apple on the table to the demonstrator; the robot saw the plates and dryers on the table. dish rack, you can predict when you need to put the dishes on the dish rack next.

big company

Amazon and Google quietly lower expectations for generative AI

The Information exclusively reported that several companies that provide technical support for cloud services and AI services are adjusting expectations to their sales teams, emphasizing that the current hype about generative AI technology exceeds its actual capabilities.

Senior executives, product managers and sales staff of major cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google have also privately stated that given the high prices of AI services, most of their customers are cautious about investing in new AI technologies and are worried about the high cost, Lack of accuracy and difficulty in assessing the value of technology.

Some experts pointed out that despite the huge potential of generative AI technology, it is still in the early stages of its development, and many companies are still exploring how to effectively utilize this technology.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has repeatedly told investors that generative AI will bring billions of dollars in revenue to Amazon. In a recent earnings call, he also admitted that the direct benefits brought by AI technology are "relatively small."

Xiaomi’s ecological chain model is undergoing a major reform, and hierarchical management will be carried out

36 Krypton exclusively reported that Xiaomi’s ecological chain department recently proposed a “SAN hierarchical management strategy” and made organizational changes accordingly. According to people familiar with the matter, this is the biggest reform of Xiaomi’s ecological chain model in ten years.

Specifically, Xiaomi will reclassify numerous ecological chain categories using three classification logics: S, A, and N.

Category S is a category with a potential market size of RMB 5-10 billion in the future, including speakers, routers, door locks, and cameras. It will be jointly responsible by Xiaomi Ecological Chain and Ecological Chain Company and will be the most important category of Xiaomi Ecological Chain in the future. The person in charge is Cheng Liang.

Category A is a category that has the potential to exceed 1 billion yuan in scale, including air fryers, rice cookers, water purifiers, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, etc. Not much has changed in terms of operations. The person in charge is Yang Haodong.

Category N targets categories with a scale of less than 1 billion yuan. Xiaomi will focus on the quality of N-type products in the future, but will loosen its control over pricing and project approval. The person in charge is Liu Di.

According to people familiar with the matter, the reduction from 7 business divisions to 3 business divisions is essentially to strengthen the allocation of resources to key categories. For lighter categories, the overall process will be reduced, including promoting rapid project establishment, weakening the overall process management, and abolishing Single product project approval standards, etc.

Palm Reading Technology: Committed to creating the first true AI reading application in China

It is reported that Zhangyue Technology has been connected to Kimi, the AI ​​conversation assistant product of the domestic AI startup Dark Side of the Moon.

Palm Reading Technology responded yesterday that Palm Reading Technology actively embraces AI technology and is deeply integrating AI large models and reading apps. It is committed to creating the first real AI reading app in China to allow more users to discover through AI large models. Enjoy reading and improve reading efficiency.

As for the selection of large models, Palm Reading Technology said that they will choose the AI ​​large models with the strongest support capabilities according to the needs of the scenario. For example, long text processing, interactive dialogue, Vincentian diagrams and other different scenarios, they will choose different ones that are most suitable. large model to support.

Honor says it has invested 10 billion in AI research and development

Yesterday, the Honor Notebook AI PC technical communication meeting was held in Beijing.

At this communication meeting, Honor announced its AI PC technology architecture. Honor notebooks will fully integrate AI technology and user experience, using AI to enable intelligent hardware, human-computer interaction and multi-device ecology.

Fang Fei, product line president of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., said that Honor began to deploy AI in 2016. So far, it has released the Magic Live smart system and created the Magic OS 7.0 platform-level AI capabilities. Now it has fully enabled platform-level AI. Human-computer interaction.

At present, Honor has continuously invested 10 billion in research and development expenses and completed 2,000+ AI patents.

According to reports, Honor Notebook will prioritize business acceleration through AI network scheduling, bringing lower network latency; realize global collection, document summary, search materials, article writing and other auxiliary creative capabilities on PC interaction; it will also be equipped with intent understanding-based AI-assisted capabilities such as smart recommendations, meeting minutes, and Magic Text.

On March 18, Honor will hold a spring flagship new product launch conference and will release Honor’s first “AI PC” Honor MagicBook Pro 16. Pre-sale is now open.

New product

Released by Devin, the world’s first AI software engineer

AI startup Cognition has launched Devin, an AI software engineer.

According to Bloomberg, Devin is a software development assistant similar to Copilot, built by GitHub, Microsoft and OpenAI, and is a "higher level development assistant." Not only can Devin provide coding advice and automate some tasks, he can also take on and complete entire software projects himself.

According to Cognition officials, Devin can learn to use technologies that he is "unfamiliar with", can contribute to mature code production repositories, can train and fine-tune his own AI model, and even successfully received a real job on the freelancing platform Upwork.

Microsoft Copilot Enterprise Edition opens to Chinese market

TMTpost App exclusively learned that the enterprise version of Microsoft's AI assistant Copilot has recently been opened to the Chinese (Greater China) market and has been deployed by nearly 200 enterprise customers.

Chinese users with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Edition suite can run local Copilot services in Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.

Sources revealed that regarding Bing Chat and Copilot networking, due to factors such as data compliance and the fact that the data center is not in China, the relevant services are currently unable to be opened to the Chinese market.

11-inch OLED iPad Pro may have insufficient production capacity

A new report from analyst Ross Young shows that production of the new 11-inch iPad Pro lags behind that of the 12.9-inch model.

The report shows that the 11-inch iPad Pro OLED screen is currently mainly produced by Samsung. LG will also start producing the 11-inch iPad Pro screen this month. Currently, LG is mainly responsible for the production of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro screen.

Therefore, it is speculated that the 11-inch iPad Pro may face supply shortage at the beginning of its launch, and at least the inventory will be more scarce than the 12.9-inch model.

Mark Gurman reported a few days ago that the new iPad Pro series is expected to be launched around the end of March or April.

OpenAI GPT-4.5 Turbo suspected to be leaked, may be launched in June

The decoder reports that search engines such as Bing and DuckDuck Go established link indexes before GPT-4.5 Turbo was officially announced.

Although currently clicking on these index links will result in a 404 interface, some teaser text can be seen from the search engine, saying that GPT-4.5 Turbo is OpenAI's "fastest, most accurate, and most scalable model to date."

the decoder predicts that GPT-4.5 Turbo may be officially announced this Thursday, which is also the anniversary of the release of GPT-4. However, the search engine's preview text pointed out that this model may not be officially launched to users until June.

Huawei and BAIC jointly build Xiangjie S9 exposed

According to the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a new energy vehicle named "Huazhang Brand" has passed the declaration and the manufacturer is Beijing New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. Positioned as a medium to large pure electric sedan, it comes in black, white and gray colors.

It is reported that the car is the Xiangjie S9, the first model jointly developed by BAIC Blue Valley and Huawei. The car uses an engine provided by Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. with a peak power of 227 kW. The body length is 5160 mm, the width is 1987 mm, the height is 1486 mm, and the wheelbase is 3050 mm.

Hisense will bring foldable laser TV products to AWE

From March 14 to 17, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE) will be held in Shanghai.

It is reported that Hisense will appear again at this AWE with laser display related products: the world's first foldable laser TV, the world's first 8K screen sound laser TV, the industry's first lifting and curling laser TV, ultra-black screen laser TV, and super new laser TV Starlight S1 Pro etc.

The 120-inch large screen of the foldable laser TV can be easily rolled up like a yoga mat, solving the "last mile" of large-screen TVs entering homes. The lifting and curling laser TV can freely lift and lower the screen with one click, and can be stored and hidden.

Hisense will also bring a car display solution created by laser technology: laser holographic HUD, which turns the car window into a giant screen and the windshield into a full-size large screen.

From March 14th to 17th, Ai Faner will also be at the AWE site to discover "tomorrow's products" from 1,000 companies and 1,200 brands.

If you have any home appliances you want to know about, please leave a message in the comment area  We will select the most popular products and brand visiting experiences and give you the first time evaluation reports.

Jikrypton’s fifth model named Jikrypton MIX

The fifth model of Jikrypton Intelligent Technology appeared on the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Jikrypton’s fifth product is named “Jikrypton MIX”, which means “fusion” and is an MPV model.

The vehicle is 4688 mm long, 1995 mm wide, 1755 mm high, and has a wheelbase of 3008 mm.

According to reports, Jikrypton MIX is aimed at home users and aims to integrate multiple scenarios such as family urban commuting, holiday camping, self-driving travel, outdoor fishing, and gatherings with friends into one space.

new consumption

Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission names jasmine yogurt

On the eve of "315", the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission named Jasmine Yogurt on its WeChat public account and questioned the ingredients of its mango yogurt shake.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission pointed out that by comparing the protein and lactose content in the test data, it can be found that the amount of yogurt used in the mango yogurt shake of Jasmine Yogurt is not large, but the fat content is strangely high. It is neither yogurt nor mango. inner.

At the same time, the drink labeled "No additional sugar added" was detected to contain sucrose and maltose.

At present, there is no official response from Moyo Yogurt.

Heytea x "Love of Light and Night" is online

The linkage between Heytea and the game "Love of Light and Night" officially started yesterday.

As White Day is approaching, the two parties have launched a series of joint activities such as customized products, packaging materials, peripherals and theme stores with the theme of "Pure White Pledge, Joyful Love". Combined with Heytea’s consistent gameplay of “drink Heytea and receive a wedding certificate”, it brings the sweet joy of the festival to the player base.

Heytea has launched customized packaging based on the personality traits and representative colors of the five male protagonists in the game: Xiao Yi corresponds to Jinfeng Tea King, Lu Chen corresponds to Zhizhi Meiying, Qi Sili corresponds to Green Eyed Matcha, Charlie Sue corresponds to Succulent Grapes, and Xia Mingxing corresponds to Light Mango nectar.

NOAH releases new capsule collection to pay tribute to The Pogues

After joining hands with classic bands such as The Cure and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, NOAH has launched a capsule series that pays tribute to the Irish punk band The Pogues.

The series brings a total of 8 items, with green as the core color, including a classic leather sports jacket, a crew neck sweatshirt, two long-sleeved T-shirts printed with The Pogues collective character pattern and logo, and two A short-sleeved T-shirt, a 5-Panel hat and a Zippo lighter.

The capsule collection is officially on sale.


"Venom 3" will be released on October 25

Sony Pictures announced that the North American schedule of the superhero movie "Venom 3" will be moved up from November 8 this year to October 25, and will be named "Venom 3: The Last Dance."

The film will continue the journey of the alien life form Venom and its host Eddie, with Tom Hardy returning to star, Juno Temple and Chiwetel Ejiofor newly joining the cast, and directed by Kelly Marcel, the producer and screenwriter of the first two films. , this one was also written by her and shares the story credit with Hardy.

'Ready Player One' sequel confirmed, Spielberg will only produce

Director Steven Spielberg has confirmed that the sequel to the movie "Ready Player One" "Ready Player Two" is in production.

Spielberg revealed the news to reporters at the Oscars. He also said that he would only serve as a producer for this film and would not direct it.

The movie "Ready Player One" directed by Spielberg was released in mainland China in 2018.

"Assassination Novelist 2" Project Established

According to the February national film script (summary) and project announcement notice released on the official website of the National Film Administration, the film "Assassination of Novelists 2" has been approved for filming. The filing unit is Shanghai Huace Film Co., Ltd. and the screenwriter is Li Zelin.

Plot synopsis of the project: The novelist Lu Kongwen fell into a low point in his life and decided to destroy his novel "God Killing" with his own hands. In the novel world created by Lu Kongwen, the protagonist Kongwen also embarks on a journey of resistance in order to resist the established destiny. In the end, the novelist regained his faith and worked with the people in the book to save the twin world crisis.

The movie "Assassination of Novelists" will be released in mainland China in 2021.

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