Leapao released an “Ideal L8” priced at only 150,000 yuan

A more ideal home for young people.

In January this year, Leapao shouted this slogan for the newly released five-seat SUV C10. Judging from the starting price of 151,600 yuan, there is no problem with this slogan.

If Li Auto is an important way to help middle-level companies balance work and family, and is the best choice for returning home to reunite with family on weekends, then Leapmoon C10 is a daily worry-free companion for young families, and it is also a powerful guarantee for family travel.

Not every family can afford "the best SUV under 5 million", especially those new parents who have just started a family. Although the economic conditions are different, the needs of home users are often similar. There is a saying that goes, "One world, one parents."

Now, after settling down the young people’s affairs, I decided to take care of the middle-aged people again.

Lingpao, consider the users thoroughly

The Leapmo C16, which was a smash hit at this year's Beijing Auto Show, is finally on the market tonight.

Like the C10, the C16 also has an affordable price. The starting price is only 155,800 yuan, and the top version is only 185,800 yuan. It has two versions: pure electric and extended range. The difference is that the C16 is a large six-seater model. "A C16 for a family of 6" is Lingpao's new slogan for this new car.

At the press conference, Cao Li, senior vice president of Leapmotor Technology, said that modern Chinese families have great demand for 6-seater cars. He listed a set of data:

  • Families with two children or more account for 50%
  • Three-generation families account for 65%

A six-seat SUV that is comfortable to ride, spacious inside, smart and easy to use can be said to be a "rigorous need" for these groups. Unfortunately, it seems that such a car cannot be found in the price range of 100,000-200,000 yuan.

Now pick up your mobile phone and set the filtering range in the car model library of Autohome to "100,000-200,000 yuan", "six-seater", and "SUV". The only ones you can see are Dongfeng Xiaokang Fengguang 580, Beijing Warrior, and Jiangling Motors. A car like the Ford Linyu. If we narrow the screening scope to new energy sources, then you have no choice. There is only one Rui Lan 9 that meets the requirements.

▲Ruilan 9

Who will meet the needs? Lingpao said he was coming.

The Leapmo C16 has a length of 4915mm and a wheelbase of 2850mm. It is not too large and is even shorter than the five-seater L6. But the small size does not mean the cabin is small. In order to lay a good space foundation for the passengers in the front and rear three rows, Zero Run has put a lot of thought into it.

C16 uses the same CTC2.0 battery-chassis integration technology as C11. The low and completely flat floor of C16 is the result of this technology.

In order to be able to visually demonstrate the vertical space of the C16 at the press conference, Leapmotor threw six football players with a height of 185cm into the car. The headroom was roughly like this. ⬇

It can be seen that even if athletes sit in the third row, which has the most cramped space, there is still considerable headroom. This is due to the rear flip-up motor arrangement adopted by the C16. Not only that, the third row occupants can also use more space. Thick cushion for more comfort.

However, due to the short wheelbase, the legroom in the third row of the C16 can only be called adequate. If a person with a height of 175cm sits in it, there is still about 1 fist of space left. Fortunately, in the second row in front There is a wide enough aisle in the middle that passengers in the third row can use to stretch their long legs.

Some people like to sit in the aisle seat when flying, just because of this.

In terms of configuration, C16 has prepared a USB-A and a USB-C for the three rows of passengers, independent air conditioning outlets, reading lights, cup holders, a backrest with an adjustment range of 10°, height-adjustable headrests, and a side table for one person. of speakers.

Speaking of speakers, I just want to mention that audio is also a highlight of the C16. Its high-end models use a 21-speaker audio system with a total power of 2160W, using a 7.1.4 sound field layout and supporting Dolby Atmos. Cao Li said that the C16's audio can be compared with the Genelec mixing room monitor audio. The team conducted 800 hours and 60 rounds of repeated tuning and optimization to build a sophisticated sound field.

Of course, everyone here should not have too high expectations for this set of speakers. No matter what, this is a car that costs less than 200,000 yuan. The Leap-Moon just improves some functions that are highly perceived by users. , such as audio and space, and the configurations that the second row should have, including the 15.6-inch large screen overhead.

But at this price, there are always some trade-offs. For example, Li Auto’s refrigerator, which is touted by many people, is not available in the C16. Another example is the large entertainment screen above your head, which you have to open manually. By the way, there are things underneath. A single motor is inevitable, and the front suspension also uses MacPherson.

But don’t you think these configurations should be cut down? Of course it should. Although it is a single motor, the 287 horsepower, 360 Nm, and 0-6.37 seconds are indeed enough; although it is MacPherson, it gives more space to the cockpit.

Today's C16 has a more mature appearance and interior, stable and efficient cruise assistance, and the smoothness brought by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295. The global 800V platform also brings good fast charging performance, which can charge from 30% to 30% in 15 minutes. to 80%.

It can be said that C16 targets the main pain points of most people. "Whatever you want, C16 can basically provide you." Cao Li said.

Xiaomi's comprehensive hardware profit margin will never exceed 5%.

In 2018, Lei Jun wrote this in an internal letter from Xiaomi.

In 2023, after Xiaomi obtained the qualification to build cars from the National Development and Reform Commission, Lei Jun renewed his promise of "5% profit" to Xiaomi Motors, and he wanted to do it even more.

But currently, in the field of automobiles, Leapao is even more "Xiaomi" than Xiaomi.

Leapao insists on cost-based pricing, low brand premium, and high product value.

Cao Li said at the press conference.

Lingpao wants to show the world

The debut of Leapmoor C16 was at this year’s Beijing Auto Show. At that time, Leapmoor CEO Zhu Jiangming summed up the C16 car very well:

The C16 not only has excellent space performance, but also has a number of cutting-edge technologies. We believe it will become a new value reference for six-seat SUVs.

After the LEAP C10 made its debut at the Munich Motor Show (IAA Mobility) in September last year, some people questioned that it was an "international reskinned version" of the C11. In fact, it was not the case. The former is the first model based on the LEAP3.0 architecture and is similar to the C11. There is a big difference.

At that time, Leopao announced that it would release 5 new cars to the global market in the next two years, mainly in four overseas markets: Europe, Asia-Pacific, America and the Middle East. The C16 released today is the first of these 5 models. 2 styles.

During the eight years that Leapao has invested in self-research in all areas, six R&D leaders have maintained the originality of Leapao's core technical team. A stable team naturally brings efficient research and development. In the past 8 years, Leapmotor has obtained a total of 443 electronic patents and 230 invention patents.

The four-leaf clover centrally integrated electronic and electrical architecture used by Leapmotor C16 has been publicly revealed as early as July last year. According to the official statement, the "four-leaf clover" uses a SOC and an MCU chip to integrate the cockpit domain, intelligence Driving domain, power domain and body domain realize "four domain central supercomputing".

It can be seen that self-research in all areas is the confidence to move towards the world. Now, Leapao, which insists on self-research, has begun to reap rewards after releasing a new pure electric architecture.

In October last year, Stellantis Group and Leapmotor officially reached a strategic cooperation. Stellantis Group announced that it would invest 1.5 billion euros (approximately RMB 11.6 billion) to acquire 20% of the equity of Leapmotor and become a strategic shareholder. Just over a month later, the two parties completed the transaction.

What is even more surprising is that this cooperation between the two parties can be called a "flash marriage". From the beginning of contact in February to the completion of delivery in November, it only took 278 days, setting a new industry speed.

As part of the transaction, Stellantis and Leapmotor plan to jointly form a joint venture "Leapao International" in a 51:49 ratio. The cooperative relationship between the two parties will allow the Stellantis Group to import, sell and even produce zero-running cars in overseas markets.

At this year’s Beijing Auto Show, a dealer group of 100 people from Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America led by representatives of the Stellantis Group, the General Representative of the French National Automobile Industry Council, the Chairman of the French Automobile Industry Alliance, and the President of the French Automobile Dealers Association also came to Zero Run. booth.

The C16 on the stage is the best carrier for zero-running technology to go overseas.

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