Lantu dreamer’s stress and will

The domestic MPV market has always been solidified.

The top floor is the unshakable Toyota Alphard and Lexus LM, and further down is the perennial sales king Buick GL8. In the past, domestic independent brands basically would not challenge these models with good reputation. They may have ideas, but their strengths do not allow them.

The strength referred to here is not only the hard power of the product, but also the brand power. Excellent product strength is indeed one of the factors that prompt consumers to place an order, but for users with business reception needs, it may be more important to win a good first impression of partners through a "handy" brand. important.

Good reputation and brand value cannot be obtained overnight, and domestic car companies are also well aware of this. In order to seize users during the initial establishment of the electric vehicle market, domestic independent brands have launched their own "pure electric high-end brands". Lantu is undoubtedly the one that moves faster.

In May 2022, Lantu Dreamer went public amidst a lot of exclamations. Seeing the price of RMB 369,900 to RMB 439,900, many people were sweating for Lantu——Domestic MPV can really be sold so expensive ?

After spending a week with the low-carbon version of the Lantu Dreamer, Dong Chehui got the answer: domestic MPVs are fine, but this one is not necessarily.

MPV born in the era of electrification

From the perspective of vehicle tonality, MPVs in the current market can basically be divided into two categories.

The first category is a business model represented by Toyota Alphard, which has a square shape, a taller body, and better space performance. If you drive this car to work, before you get off the car, the waiter from a nearby house (a high-end restaurant next to Ai Faner) will rush over to open the door for you.

The other is similar to the Toyota Sienna, with lively lines, wide and low body, and more friendly. At the same time, it can provide a relatively good driving experience, and the power is relatively abundant. If you drive this car to work, your colleagues will just come and pat you on the shoulder and say, "You have sacrificed too much for this family."

Obviously, Lantu Dreamer belongs to the latter.

The first is its power. The dual-motor system of Lantu Dreamer low-carbon version has a total power of 290kW, a peak torque of 610N·m, and an acceleration of 100 kilometers in 6.6 seconds.

Of course, the zero-hundred-thousand score is of little significance to this MPV. The biggest contribution of the front and rear dual motors is to bring an extremely brisk accelerator to this Lantu Dreamer. One person drives it in the morning rush hour traffic flow Shuttle in the car also feels handy, you must know that this is a large car with a length of 5 meters 3 and a weight of 2.5 tons.

Sitting in the driver's seat of the dreamer, the accelerator under my feet reminds me all the time that this is an MPV born in the electrification era, which is completely different from those traditional MPVs. At least, you will not have the "change into a driver in seconds" Feel. Even if you can't control the passenger sitting in the back seat, you can at least control the car as you like.

Such characteristics are also reflected in the suspension system of Lantu Dreamer.

Different from the common MPVs on the market, Lantu Dreamer uses a more expensive aluminum alloy double wishbone front suspension, combined with air springs and CDC shock absorbers, it feels very smooth when passing through bumpy roads.

The key lies in the shock absorbers in it. When the air spring filters the excitation from the road surface, it will be continuously compressed and stretched, reciprocating, and then slowly decayed. The addition of the shock absorber greatly shortens the vibration attenuation period of the spring.

Lantu stated in the official information that when the Dreamer is driving, the front camera will actively identify the speed bumps and bumps in front, and then output control current to the solenoid valve on the CDC shock absorber according to the internal control algorithm, thereby controlling The size of the damping.

How this whole system identifies and classifies special road conditions, Lantu did not give a more detailed interpretation of technical documents, but in these five days, it is not only the Dreamer’s vibration filtering performance that has been praised. Me, and the passengers behind me.

In order to evaluate the ride experience of Lantu Dreamer more objectively, I pulled many colleagues into the back row of Dreamer, including editor-in-chief Ai Faner Liu who did not want to be named, and Chief Content Officer Jonathan He.

It must be a special fate, the three of us lived very close together, and it was a coincidence that when we left the community, we were greeted by a bad road full of stones and potholes. When driving in and out on weekdays, shaking is inevitable. But that morning, we sat in the Lantu Dreamer, and we were even a little unaccustomed to the comfort.

In a word, Lantu Dreamer is a rare MPV that is easy to drive and ride.

The Precautions and Fulfillment of a Dreamer

In fact, what I am most satisfied with about Lantu Dreamer is not the power and suspension mentioned above, but its appearance.

Obviously, the body proportions of Lantu Dreamer are very different from common MPVs. Nearly half of the 5.3-meter body is occupied by the engine compartment. At the same time, the 20-inch aluminum wheels well match the huge body, and it will not feel "top-heavy" like Denza D9 and Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

But this also leads to a bad result – lack of space. Based on the body of more than 5 meters, the space performance of Lantu Dreamer should be its advantage, but it is not the case.

Sitting in the second row of the Dreamer, the first thing you can feel is the high-touch leather seat. In it, you can really feel the relaxation from head to toe. The thick headrest and large seat can well support The bodies of the occupants, even in the "most inhuman" third row, are the same.

However, if the occupants sitting in the third row want to sit a little more stretched, I am afraid that the brothers sitting in the second row have to move forward. It was this move that exposed the dreamer's first shortcoming.

"Hey, how do I adjust the seat forward?" Jonathan Ho said.

In an MPV of this price, the front and rear movement of the second row of seats is usually adjusted through the buttons on the side, but the dreamer still uses the traditional mechanical structure to achieve this function, and when moving, you need both feet Pushing on the ground and exerting force on the waist and abdomen can move this bulky seat. This action is really not decent.

There is also a slightly awkward operation when using it, and that is to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner.

The air-conditioning panel of Lantu Dreamer is set at the very front of the top. Every time you adjust the temperature of the air-conditioning, you have to go up hard to get it. If the seat is adjusted to the rear, you even need to leave your chair to This is done.

At the same time, since the third row has no slide rails and the angle of the seat back cannot be adjusted, even if nothing is placed in the luggage compartment behind, the space behind cannot be fully utilized, which is a pity.

On the other hand, if you completely abandon the three-row space and adjust the second-row seats to the most comfortable state, after a period of time, you will find that you have nothing to do in the back row—the hot refrigerators, color TVs, Big sofa, it only takes up the same.

Yes, apart from the most basic comfort configurations such as seat massage, ventilation, and heating, Lantu Dreamer has nothing, no refrigerator, and no multi-functional entertainment screen. There are only two small tables in front of you. .

Therefore, your best pastime is to look at the scenery outside the window when you take this Lantu Dreamer for a long trip.

Everything makes way for safety

At the end of 2022, @一鹿有车 used a Toyota Erffa dual-engine hybrid version with a starting price of 839,000 yuan and a Lantu Dreamer plug-in hybrid version to conduct a 50% bias on the driver’s side. In the crash test, the vehicle speed at the time of the collision was 66km/h.

After the collision, Lantu Dreamer’s driver’s dummy’s leg was injured, but there was still room for movement. The airbag successfully caught the dummy’s head, the center console was intact, and the car engine was still working normally; None of the injuries sustained by the third-row child dummies were fatal.

The dummies on Alpha were not so lucky:

The center console split on the spot and hit the dummy. The legs of the dummy were severely compressed, the head penetrated the airbag, and hit the steering wheel together with the chest. If the dummy was replaced with a real person, the consequences would be disastrous.

Due to the poor restraint of the seat belt, the female dummy in the second row rushed forward first, and then fell heavily on the seat. The back of the head directly hit the hard shoulder of the left seat, and the neck was also severely damaged. .

The head of the child dummy in the third row was hit hard by the external force of the collision. Since it is impossible to confirm whether it is a quality problem or an installation problem of the safety seat, the specific damage value has not been announced. .

In general, the family of three sitting in the Lantu Dreamer can still be neat and tidy after being discharged from the hospital. The three on the Toyota Alphard have already gone west.

It is not difficult to see that in terms of safety, Lantu has worked hard.

The engine compartment in front of Lantu Dreamer and the luggage compartment at the rear leave enough space for collisions. At the same time, the world's first 2000Mpa one-piece thermoformed laser tailor-welded door knocker and 2000Mpa aluminum-silicon-coated anti-collision beams are ideal for occupants. Said, is a guarantee.

new era, new attempt

Finally, let's talk about energy consumption.

Although Lantu said that Dreamer uses Dongfeng's self-developed 1.5T GDI "China Heart" top ten engine with a thermal efficiency of 41.07%, the fuel consumption of this car still reaches 8L-9L, and the power consumption is also quite high. To 30kWh per 100 kilometers.

During the five days of use, Dong Che will find that the range extender of the Dreamer intervenes very frequently, and the movement when intervening is not small.

But even if the range extender intervenes so frequently, the battery with a capacity of only 25.5kWh will basically not reach a high power state. On the other hand, the lack of fast charging also proves that this Lantu Dreamer is indeed a fuel-oriented car. car models.

It can be seen that Lantu Dreamer cannot get rid of the shadow of Dongfeng Motor as a "traditional brand" in many aspects, but it is still Dongfeng's new attempt in the electric era. It is not like the pure electric MPV of new power car companies, which can give users more usage scenarios, but it has really brought Dongfeng Group to a new level.

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