Lantu Automotive Technology Conference, the new platform can recharge 450km of energy in 10 minutes, and officially announced that it will join hands with Huawei

This afternoon, Lantu Automobile held the "2024 Lantu Automobile Spring Technical Communication Meeting" at the China Film Director Center in Beijing.

Although there is no new car release, looking at the entire technical communication meeting, Lantu seems to be ready to "fight a tough battle" from the inside out. You Zheng, chairman of Lantu Automobile, also said at the communication meeting: In 2024, we will strive to achieve annual sales of more than 100,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 100%.

From the new platform, new battery, new energy supplement, new smart driving, etc. released at the conference, it is not difficult to see that Lantu has completed the planning of all aspects of the new car, and everything is ready, except for the launch of the new car.

800V platform released, charging for 10 minutes to replenish energy for 450km

Lantu Auto said at the press conference that they are the only domestic automobile manufacturers that can develop their own full-stack silicon carbide platform OEMs.

The latest generation of self-developed "Lanhai Power System" just released is equipped with the world's most efficient 800V high-efficiency electric drive system. The operating efficiency under CLTC standards reaches 92.5%, which is 0.5% higher than the industry's 800V electric drive efficiency. This is a full 3.5% improvement over the first-generation electric drive system.

The biggest highlight of the high-efficiency 800V platform is that it can effectively increase the vehicle's extra range by 50km with the same amount of electricity. It is also expected that under this platform, new cars can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 2 tons for every 100,000 kilometers traveled.

The 800V silicon carbide electronic control component uses the industry's latest generation TMOS+, 160nm fine trench gate chip technology, which reduces the electronic control energy transfer loss by 20% compared to other manufacturers.

And through the patented design of hydrodynamic elliptical needle fins, the thermal resistance can be reduced by more than 10%, reducing the loss rate again.

The key to improving the battery life of electric vehicles is that other technologies can only provide promotion. In the final analysis, it depends on the battery itself.

Lantu brought a new generation of "amber batteries" at the technology conference.

The new generation Amber 2.0 battery has a TOP-level energy density of 212Wh/kg and can provide multiple levels of power of 80kWh, 110kWh, and 112kW·h.

Lantu said that the cruising range is expected to exceed 900km, and the lightweight battery pack design will also reduce the overall weight of the battery by more than 40%.

In addition, Lantu also said that this new battery adopts 16-layer hard-core structural protection and thermal safety technology. After more than 20 tests and more than 1,200 comprehensive experiments, it can achieve "no water ingress, no leakage, no fire, no explosion" , no heat diffusion", ensuring battery safety with redundant safety standards.

According to the data released at the press conference, the new amber battery 2.0 can attenuate less than 8% over one million kilometers.

The above-mentioned 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform, coupled with Lantu's self-developed 5C super fast charge, can increase the battery life by 450km in 10 minutes of charging, with an average energy replenishment of 1.3km in 1 second.

Moreover, the fast charging also has the ability to cover a wide temperature range and can be charged super fast in an environment from -10℃ to 40℃. Lantu claims that the maximum charging time does not exceed 20 minutes.

In addition, Lantu also brought megawatt-level charging piles, which support a maximum of 8C and a peak power of up to 1,000kW.

As of now, Lantu is launching a thousand-station plan. In the future, it will build a 6km energy replenishment network in the main urban areas of core cities. The first batch of 16 overcharge demonstration stations will be implemented, and cooperative ecological energy replenishment will also be implemented in 95% of cities across the country.

AI gets on board and cooperation with Huawei begins

Lantu has deployed AI in every corner of the new car this time, from the car to the cockpit, and even in the power system of the new platform.

Lanhai Power PHEV is a plug-in hybrid system based on Lantu's self-developed pure electric platform. It consists of a large battery with a range of more than 260km, large front and rear motors for four-wheel drive, and an engine with "more than 45% thermal efficiency". The comprehensive range exceeds 1,200km.

This power system uses AI algorithms to provide a comprehensive power of 420kW and 840N·m, with fuel consumption as low as 5.36L/100km and an industry-leading cruising speed without electricity.

In terms of range extension technology, Lanhai Power REEV uses a "1.5T deep Miller cycle range extender", which can provide 310km+ and a comprehensive range of 1,400km+.

In terms of smart cockpits, Lantu released a new cockpit equipped with a VCOS GPT large model. At the press conference, it was stated that the voice recognition rate in the cockpit is as high as 98%, the dialogue response time is only 550ms, and the car control response reaches the 1s level.

At the same time, Lantu has also equipped the cockpit with the first OLED sliding curved screen, realizing three-screen interaction of "AR-HUD, instrument panel, and OLED sliding curved screen", making the interaction between screens more convenient.

And the smart cockpit is also compatible with the three major systems of iOS, Android and Hongmeng.

Finally, and the most important official announcement of today’s conference: Lantu and Huawei officially joined hands to introduce Huawei’s Qiankun ADS 3.0 intelligent driving system.

Weiqiankun's ADS 3.0 intelligent driving system has multiple advantages such as new architecture, advanced safety, full-scenario connectivity, and leading cross-generation parking. You can drive when there is a road, and you can park when the parking space is visible.

Jin Yuzhi, CEO of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, said that Huawei will help Lantu accelerate the smartization process, and the cooperation between the two parties will bring users smart electric vehicles in the new era.

The new pure electric SUV model jointly built by Lantu and Huawei will be equipped with new three-electric technology, smart cockpit and smart driving system. The industry's first MPV model equipped with Huawei smart driving and smart cockpit, Lantu Dreamer, will also be launched in the first half of next year. Listed.

The battle for the new energy market has been going on for several months. Prices of high-priced cars continue to drop, and affordable cars have built-in configurations. For consumers, buying more advanced and smarter domestic electric cars at more affordable prices is the key to fierce competition in the industry. Maximum benefit.

For traditional manufacturers that entered the game late, or even participated late in the involution, rather than immediately starting self-research plans, especially in emerging technology fields such as smart driving and smart cockpits, the cooperation route is nothing more than a way to join a team. A faster, more competitive way.

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